Friday, April 13, 2012

18 days

18 days ago we started this blog.  It seems like such a long time ago and just yesterday at the same time.  I guess because we've jumped into this whole new world, an odd and exciting place to be.  Already there have been a few ups and downs, but all in all I'd say I'm really happy to be here and grateful to be making some new friends.  There is still so much to learn and so many questions I have about blogging.

18 is a special number to us.  I am a numbers person.  I like to mark the time 12:34 (one. two. three. four.) saying it out loud...said to Neo it means, I love you, I'm thinking about you.  I don't know why or how this started.  Maybe it came from the 143 of the old beeper days....oh those were wonderful, weren't they?

In celebration of 18 days of a new openness I'm going to post some photos we took in recent nights.  I hope they will get you Kinks off and start your weekend right!  (That is what I'm going to call you  now, you Kinks)

Thank you for being here!

Welcome home from work big boy

Want to join me in bed?

I've been waiting for you all day...

Let's have a little pillow talk


  1. We're also happy that you're here! We have enjoyed your blog, as well as our Twitter interactions with you, and we hope you'll stick around.

    We are also numbers people, to use your terminology. Well, Jill is moreso than I am, and we have our numerical quirks, some of which we are known for amongst our friends and family, and others which are lesser-known. Some would probably say we have OCD.

    I do remember the beeper days and remember beeping "143" to old girlfriends. Jill never had a beeper and apparently didn't run in the circles of the people who did. One night, while out at a nice dinner some years ago, I remember explaining pager code to her. She thought it was weird.

    Thanks for the pictures! As always, you are gorgeous, and the red tie contrasts nicely with your light skin. If the baby naps today, I will take another look at them one-handed. :)


  2. Nice pictures! I agree with Jack, I love the tie. And the black/blue panties are lovely!

  3. I like being called a Kink!!
    And those undies are super sexy!

  4. JJ, Bi, and Mia, ...I just want to thank you all for your positivity. It's so nice to get comments like yours when I've made myself be brave. Oh and those are my favorite panties...mmmhmmm

    We have family staying tonight and so not much internet time, but I had to come thank you.
    Goodnight Kinks ;)

  5. I'm a total numbers person. Among other things. But I'm also a words person who likes to watch the numbers go by upside down on the digital clock and see what they spell.

    1. You're giving me number ideas! LOL! I used to look at signs of numbers or telephone numbers all the time and try to make combinations of the numbers evenly match. (ie: 231-0420) is 6=6) So odd. Passes the time in a car, though.

      Thanks for visiting our blog Reed! I appreciate it :)