Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meetings and oily bodies

After work my Neo is agitated.  The night before we had sex, but it was a jumble and not mind blowing like we've come to expect.  He’s frustrated about work.  I try to lighten his mood kissing his neck and rubbing his body.

Fuck.  Is this Calvin Klein ad hot or what?
I’m eating vanilla ice cream in one of my favorite mugs and I dribble some on his nipple and let it sit for a minute while I eat some more.  I suck it off and lick him like a kitty cat.  He’s relaxing and moaning now.  I pull his boxers off and drip some on his belly and tell him not to move and be a good boy or it will spill.  Then I lick his nipples some more making him writhe a little.  He doesn't spill so I suck up the ice cream and as my mouth warms it also warms his belly.  Then, I casually take a few more little bites and decide to drop a little dollop onto the small dip near the tip of his dick and he gasps.  It sits there nicely and I watch it melt and drip very slowly onto the sexy part of his lower abdomen.  I lick all around cleaning up the drops.  When it’s nearly half way melted I suck all of it up and clean him all around.  I make my way down to lick his balls.  He’s very relaxed now and starts to rub my head.  I start sucking his cock and I have him in my mouth and licking his balls at the same time.  He grows quickly when I do this and it starts to grow down my throat and chokes me.  I think I hear a satisfied laugh from him.  I suck harder now and with more intensity, I’m not playing anymore.  I take him deep down a couple of times and get him slippery wet.  Using my hand and my mouth together over and over, I release my mouth and ask him to cum on my face.  A few strokes later, I suck very hard determined to pull it out of him.  He’s pushing up against me and I know he’s close.  His legs quiver slightly and I position him to cum on my lips and my chin.  He’s angled enough to watch it lather my face and drip down my chin back onto his belly.  It’s a nice one.  I rub him all over my cheeks and lips, the cum makes it so smooth and sensual.  I pull him away and I’m so completely turned on by the site of him with drippy cum spilling over my hand.  I start stroking him up and down rubbing the cum into him like a fancy expensive lotion. I show him how much I admire his cum.  I scoop up what I can with my hands and go clean up, letting him lie there and relax.  He says I look sexy.

When he showers, he tells me “Well, now that that’s out of the way….” 
That’s a promise I like to hear!

“Let’s hold a meeting….in the hot tub”

Well, where else would we hold a meeting?  He’s smart.  He knows we need to gather and regroup.  It’s so important to talk and reconnect when you’re trying new things.  He senses something’s up with me.
We share what we’ve liked about our sex life lately, what else we’d like to try, and what we don’t really care for.  We have an understanding.  I share more about why I wrote this.

In the bedroom we cuddle and it bubbles up from me…some fears I have that I wasn’t sharing, it finally comes out.  I’m afraid it won’t last, my addiction to him (this sort of thing)…and his to me.  It wanes monthly (yes, monthly).  I know it’s natural, but I miss it already.  Has it been a few days?  He starts to laugh at me while soothing me, says I’m so cute.  That I love him so much I’m afraid to lose it?  That’s special…and endearing.  I see why it might be so cute and I laugh with my tears.  He can always make me laugh.

His lips barely touch mine as he whispers into my mouth “it’s still there.”  Fire burns me from deep in my belly up to flush my neck.  He keeps kissing me gently and saying it’s still there.  The reassurance is what I need and I relax into him and I focus on the weight of him on top of me. 
We are reminding each other of some past experiences that were so wonderful….”remember the night of the coconut oil”, he asks.   Oh yes, should we do that tonight, just a massage for each other?  He’s not convinced, but he grabs the oil anyways.  It’s partially solid, so I put the glass jar in my cleavage as he’s rubbing my feet and it warms up perfectly.  He rolls me over and drips oil onto my back, smacks my butt and tells me “Don’t Move!”  It’s my turn to hold still.  He rubs the oil all over my back up to my shoulders, down my sides, and around my buttocks in a sensual massage.  It’s heavenly. 

Why has it been so long since we've done this?

I get quick, sharp spanks on each cheek and he watches my bottom turn pink.  Then he rubs gently, soothing me, disarming me, and smacks again.  I move to say I can't take any more...
“Don’t talk, hush.” and I get another smack.

He rubs me until I lose track of time and my worries fade away. He drips oil into my crack and it drips down to my pussy.  It feels incredible.  He massages all around and opens me up to look and explore.  This amount of close attention is intoxicating.  Finally, he inserts his thumb and I moan.  His thumb knuckle is hitting my g-spot exactly right and I let him know.  It’s just the exact amount of pressure.  Then he starts scooping some of my extra body oil onto his right hand and I feel that he’s pleasuring himself.  I lay there with my face in the sheets focusing on his slight movements and his breathing.  My right hand barely touching his thigh is the only touch between us and it’s so erotic.  He informs me he’s got some dick for me and would I like to have it?  This gets me up on my elbow, ready to see what he’s doing.  I watch as he pours oil onto his now very hard cock.  Whoa!  That. Is. Fucking. Hot.

Now, I’m rubbing it for him, pulling him at sharper angles and getting him even harder.  I want him.  I need to sit on him.  As I slide down onto him I watch his eyes and his facial expression.  That moment is beautiful.  I hand him the oil and he pours it over my breasts.  Oops!  Too much! But, no it’s not…it’s fucking fantastic, all of that oil pushing it all over my breasts and down my belly and thighs.  I’m rocking on him and my oiled up ass is so slippery back there.  I lean down onto him and I can feel EVERY-THING.  The oil makes my skin a thousand times more sensitive.  I feel the end of his cock pushing on my clit, his lightly bushy hair rubs on my shaved areas.  My smooth belly feels every soft hair on his belly.  My tits, oh they are rubbing up and down and I can feel both of our nipples hard.  His hands rub into all of the delicious curves on my sides and around my hips and ass.  I can’t decide which is better, sitting up or laying down onto him.  He loves my full weight on him.  I cover him head to toe with my body, putting my legs up onto his and using the oil to rock my entire body up and down the length of his.  When I’ve gotten a little tired I put the bullet vibrator between us and sit up on him.  I lean back and grab his thighs making his dick harder and pushing him into my favorite places.  I cum on him so hard it makes my body curl down and I groan so deeply.  I don’t know where that sound is coming from, it must be me.  He keeps moving underneath me and I hold this orgasm for a long, long time.  Finally I have to move and I collapse onto him.  He’s so impressed.  He flips me onto my back and pulls my oily body underneath him and locks his feet into our headboard.  I see him above me and he starts pushing into me.  He gets so sweaty and I just watch his body as his muscles ripple and work over me.  I turn my head and kiss and bite his sexy muscular forearm.  He locks one arm over my shoulder.  The other arm he pulls my leg up over his other shoulder and he grabs my head and pushes me back into him.  He’s got me locked into place and I feel the build up within me again.  I haven’t been able to get past this feeling to orgasm like this so far, but it is so enjoyable.  I tell him to cum in me, cum on me…I just want it again.  I’ve convinced myself that if he cums in me, on that spot he’s hitting that I will cum, too.  It is right there.  We do this and stop and do it again many times.  I don’t know how much time passes.  I think he’s too tired.  He’s sweating and dripping it all over me and I fucking love it.  Finally, my dirty talk reaches him and he cums again.  It’s a good one; he’s going wild on top of me.  I could watch that scene all day.


  1. And I could read this post all day. I like the fact that, judging from this at least, the four of us are quite alike; I could envision us in your and Neo's places as I read.


  2. Yes, that is HOT, your post, Jack's comment, all of it. I love the details honey. The best part of this post is its all true and brings me right back to each moment. I'm so happy you started this blog. To me it's like having a sex diary or journal. I love that you share all of our moments together for everyone to see but I enjoy just being able to come here and read to remind me of the moments we have had together. I wish you had started this from the time we met. What a blog that would be. Atleast you started it and that's a huge step. Wonder how awesome it is going to be to reread this when we are in our 60's or 70's. I Love You.

  3. Oh yumm... I need to go buy some coconut oil. Stat!!! Love how hot this was between you two!

    1. It's at the grocery store...get over there! :) Thanks, I think I expressed it well this time...