About Nastassja

As the flow of my life changes it's only natural that the writing and interests shared on this blog will change with it. I started this blog during the height of my sexual awakening and the sex was hot, hot, HOT...it was mainly what I shared with you. My love life is still very hot, but anyone who has been married as long as we have knows you will go through periods of lull and transformation in your relationship. I stepped away from the blog for over a year to follow a path and live it fully, not knowing where it would take me...or us.  I have needed time to process all of the intense experiences we've gone through. Some of those I will write about in retrospect and some revelations will be shared.

What I do know is I truly adore connections with other open-minded people. This is my journey I'm sharing, but if it resonates with you I welcome your comments and friendship.


Nastassja (Nat)

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