Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wholesome Addiction - Christmas HOTness

As we ponder how to get our anonymity back...I sit here listening to a fucking fantastic Wholesome Addiction Podcast starring none other than three of the sexiest women I know Bi and Bi, T is for TMI, and Plumptious Pea!  

Go listen!  Merry Christmas and You're Welcome all in one!

Also, go check out those ladies' blogs.  I lurve them ;)

Breach of anonymity

I'm struggling right now for a solution on how to proceed with this blog...a place I love to come to write and share my deepest, sexiest thoughts with you.  It seems very likely that a few friends have found out about it.  The teasing and hints have been a little more than subtle.  I am not ashamed of anything I have written about Neo and I.   Even just three months ago I came to accept that if my friends found this blog I would be ok with it.  But, as some of you may have read in the past month Neo and I have had a few sexy encounters with other people....other people that even if I changed their names and left out and changed details, could potentially find this blog through mutual friends and feel as if their own privacy was violated.  So, I have chosen to take down those blog posts.

The question now is how do I continue from here?  I want to share and I want my anonymity back.  Do I start a new blog entirely?  For sure, I'd have to change my twitter as I believe this was how we were found...as well as we need to find a way to block or re-route our IP address.  
(If any of our friends are reading this, please know that I don't feel comfortable in the thought that you may be checking on sites I am visiting and feel it's a violation of my privacy.)

I could start a new blog and twitter easily, but I don't want to lose contact with the little blogging circle of friends I've come to know and love this past year.  

If any blogger out there has some advice for me I'd really appreciate it.  Please leave a comment or send me an email.  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Potatoh, Potahto

It was a rare occasion when Neo came home to find me sitting in our great room in a recliner, reading and “supervising” dinner.  He plopped down onto the potato next to me and smiled, happy to be home with us.  I was really into my book, an excellent sci-fi written by a close friend.  But, Neo staring at me with that inviting body was all it took to convince me to turn off my kindle and slip in next to him.  It was only my second time getting on the potato.  I worry that it might cause me back pain, so I don’t venture down onto it.  But, snuggled up to my man I was never more comfortable.  The potato is filled with chunks of memory foam and it molded around us like a cocoon.  

The Potato in our living room

I casually put one leg over his middle and found him to quickly grow from chubby to hard…Oh my!  So, I suggested in a whisper that we should bring this thing into our room. The sparks ignited between us and thus commenced lots of whispers and giggles between us as the college and high school kids were coming in from school telling us about their day.  They are getting used to us being the kids in this relationship.

Later we found ourselves in the bedroom showered and horny. I asked him to bring the potato in the room and we giggled some more at the thought of us sneaking this huge piece of furniture into our room.  The kids would surely notice its absence in the morning and that would be something to explain.  It took some work from both of us to get it lifted into the doorway.  It’s very heavy and bulky.  Finally it fell perfectly into place in the open area of our floor.  Neo immediately jumped into it.  This guy wastes NO time when he wants something.  I snapped his picture on my phone.

Tall, sexy man ;)

But, Poor Neo…I asked him to come into bed for foreplay with me first.
What is foreplay for me?  Worshipping the cock, of course.  I rubbed and squeezed over the top of his cotton boxers.  I love the feel of him through the fabric.  I rubbed his chest and kissed his neck, pinching a nipple every so often, but mostly it was about the cock.  I ran my fingers through the edge of his boxers letting my fingers ever so softly touch the head of him.  I flipped my hand from facing his pelvis to facing his cock and grabbing it in my hand.  Sometimes I would squeeze and pull and sometimes I would barely touch and let his dick slide through my hand like expensive silk.  I love the feeling of it before it’s gotten wet by my mouth.  The skin is so delicate in my hands.  Finally, I pulled him out of his pants and traced my lips with his silky smooth head, hoping for a drop of wetness to leak out for me.  I can’t go on like this long; I must have him inside my lips.  This time I really wanted his pre-cum.  I focused on sucking on the tip like it was a fountain that I need only to find the switch for.  I sucked gentle and used the tip of my soft tongue on his tender spots.  I sucked, pulsing quickly on the very tip and when I heard him moan I went all the way down.  My throat was open for him, it even surprised me. I took him down and let him stay there while I ran my tongue down to his balls. He always moans when I do that and grows harder and deeper into my throat.  I pulled up slowly and sucked him with more force.  My hand found the end of him soaking wet from my throat and I used it to glide my fingers over him, around, down, twisting, between the fingers, and back down.  Then, I added my mouth again and in unison with my hand I fucked him with all of my face and mind.  It was perfect.  He was ready for the potato now.  I lay back on the bed with a lazy, satisfied smile on my face.  He wanted me out of my hot pink slinky top and he pulled the straps down my arms, exposing my plump breasts. 

The time for feeling through our clothing was done.  He was hungry for my skin and took me in like a starving man.  The first suck on my nipple shot through me to meet my clit and I involuntarily arched my back up to him.  He pushed his hand over my panties, not yet aware of how wet or swollen I was for him. Sliding my panties to the side, he dipped his thick finger into my wetness and our mouths joined together moaning into each other.  He hungrily pushed his finger into me and gently used his thumb to roll circles over my clit.  He spread my knees and went down on me, kissing and sucking my lips like true lovers.  As he made out with my lower lips he held only one finger in my pussy, not moving it in any way.  It was torture to feel his warmth inside me and not moving. I tried to rock onto his finger to encourage him, but he was content to leave me wanton while he assaulted me everywhere externally. 

Somehow we gained our wits and he said “Fuck me. Now.”  The demand changed my mind frame immediately and made my blood boil hot. He moved onto the potato and I carefully crawled from his feet to his middle to let my hanging tits slide up and down his cock.  Each time my tits went down his shaft, his reward was my mouth taking him in.  I did this a few times before coming up to taste myself on his lips. I’ve come to appreciate how sweet it is.  Nearly as sweet as sliding down onto him......

Oh. Oh…  This was just as comfortable as we expected- this big fluffy cloud.  It was divine.  My knees were cradled in the foam.  My feet tucked neatly under his thighs and ass. I leaned forward over him and my upper arms were held higher above him in the foam. His face was neatly tucked near my breasts.  I rocked my hips up and down and we pushed together testing the depths.  My feet under him pull him up into me. We were both full of “Oooh’s and Wow’s…this is amazing.”  I sat up and leaned back comfortably and rode him.  It was incredible.  I snuggled down onto his dick in a way we’ve rarely experienced in this position. I was lost in sensations and my body took over for both of us.  I moved ever inch of myself over his hardness with an abundance of time and energy.  I put a vibrating egg between us and experience a mind blowing orgasm which I can now say was like the *Egyptian Ankh orgasm. 

It began as warmth filled my lower abdomen and felt like there’s a burning glow outside of myself, then it radiated upwards ever so slowly.  As it rose up it also intensified at each chakra area as it passed up through me... upwards to my chest and finally my neck where it exploded out of me. I focused so intently on it that I felt like I was gathering up the sexual energy as it exited my body and flowed over me and washging back down into the top of my head.  It was incredibly intense (to say the leaste) and I had this outside "observing self" in my head saying, “I can’t believe this is happening, can you?” 

Afterwards, I was breathing deeply and felt full of energy when normally after such an intense orgasm I would collapse on top of him. So, I took advantage of it and kept riding him.  I had a few moments to feel slightly aware of him being there with me, so caught up I was in the wave of pleasure that had such a tight grip on me and would not let go.  I grabbed the Hitachi to see how far I could take this wave.  The vibrations sent me into even more intense pleasures.  I was hanging on the top of orgasm after orgasm.  I did’t know where one began and the next ended.  I didn't even know if orgasms were what I was experiencing? I thought it could be I’m on the edge of a cliff and the pleasure was tormenting me, never actually releasing.  I let it do this.  Over and over.  I don’t know how much time passed.  I didn't noticed I had breathed in and out so deeply my long hair went down my dry mouth and throat and I was gasping for air. 

He lay there looking at me, amazed.  It’s to his credit that he didn’t think I was a complete crazy person with the wildness display and look of me. When I asked, he said he thought that it was HOT and to just ask his insanely hard cock.  When I “come to” pulling the hair out of my mouth and from my face, I also wonder if I’d hurt him.  No, he said…he was ready for more.

Now, I was the one ready to collapse.  He helped me lay onto my back.  The dip our bodies created in the potato was awkward so we moved my hips to become elevated with my head down in the dip.  That worked really well.  I was soaking, I had soaked us both.  He slid into me and I felt cradled again by this big foamy giant and comforted with each thrust.  I was so relaxed. I looked up and saw him there large and powerful.  He owns me in ever beautiful way and he knew it. He’s held this erection for so long I know he needed me to beg for his cum.  I wanted it.  I begged him to give it to me. I had to be more convincing than that, so I pleaded some more.  He can’t resist my gentle whimpers.  I’ve easily gone from powerful woman on top to begging mistress below.  I’d do anything for this man and his hot, hot cum.

……..Neo says, “We need to find a way to pack this thing in the car for road trips.”   

* Egyptian Ankh orgasm – click here to find out more.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Let's talk!

Hi Kinks! I'm missing you.  Last week I was only moments away from opening my laptop and writing some sexy stuff when "BOOM!" ....Life dealt us a big fat kick in the teeth.  We WILL regroup and recover.

So, let's talk.  We joined a swinger site.  I'm not sure where we are going with this, but I want to (once again) dip my toes into something new.  It gives me butterflies of excitement and a flat out fear fills my gut.  But, I recognize it's not a fear I want to run from.  We filled out our little profile and have been tweaking it and browsing, seeing what's out there.  I dunno.  It's scary.  We have no idea what we are doing, what do we say?  It's scary putting yourself out there like that!  Fear of rejection comes up one minute then the next we are filled with a sexy gusto-- "Damn, I am hot."

I had the thought today that maybe some of you could help us out.  We need some tips and advice for newbies.  Let's start a dialogue.  I would LOVE to have a mentor or something!!!

I see a big issue for us as a couple is that we have been married 20+ years and this is really putting us in a dating scene again and that is SO foreign to us.

Questions that are coming up at the moment:

1. When going to a private swing party.  How are newbies usually treated?
2. Are we expected to participate on the first visit?
3. How do you politely say No to a couple (or single) who is interested in you but you are not back....but you would like to be friends?  (It feels so much like high school!)
4. How do you set your boundaries at a party or when you meet people?  Do they just come right out and say it?
5. I am worried about people touching me without permission.  Will that happen?
6. Is it acceptable to just watch and be watched?
7. Do all of these questions make me seem like I'm not into it?

If you want to write us privately and come along for this ride you can reach us at kinkynastassja at gmail dot com.

Or, just comment away right here!

By the way, do you guys think it's about time for another hot photo shoot?  I do ;)~

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


My idea of Sanctuary

Sometimes this happens; I go down the rabbit hole.  It’s dark and scary, but I know it well.  My love, he’s always there at the top pulling me up and out.  I try to figure it out; how did I get here?  Did I do something wrong?  Is it PMS?  If it hangs on, I say “Please let it be PMS,” because at least I know that will pass. 

So this happens; I go quiet.  I think being introspective helps me, but now maybe I think it just keeps me down there.  So, I'm trying to talk it out.  I seem to turn outside stress into a personal attack on myself and that’s never a good time.  Maybe that is my lesson this time.  I always get a lesson.  I want to let the past go forever.  I want to learn how.

Neo tells me I am fine, just coming down from a 9 month high.  He took me there, to new places and delights.  I loved every moment.  I didn’t want it to end, so I gorged myself on it…on him, knowing it eventually would end.  He says life is lived in waves and going that high means I had to come down some time…but that it also means I'll come back up :)

So dear readers, that is what’s happened here.  I’m overwhelmed and shut down for the time being.  I’m focusing my energies on my love and my family.  I’m feeling over-shared and needing a little space to regroup.  There have been a lot of changes around here and I just have to backpedal a little.

Normally, I don't want to write about something negative going on in my life, but I thought maybe I would share and let others out there know this happens to us all and it will pass.  

I'm also adding a new job to the ones I already have.  It's a good thing, a big foot in the door that I have been waiting for.  I think when I start there in the next days or week ahead I will be back to myself. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TMI Tuesday: Daring

TMI Tuesday: Daring - What are your 50 shades?

1. I enjoy the idea that my partner wants to inflict pain on me that:
a. makes me curious
b. is titillating and sexually arousing
c. that leaves me screaming and/or crying because that’s the way I like it

A & B - I'm still exploring the idea of mixing a little pain with pleasure because I am curious.  Some amount of pain has been good so far, but only on certain erogenous parts of my body and only in limited amounts. And, lets not forget that it also needs to be intentional.  Unintentional pain ie: my hips hurt, he's pushing all of his weight on my arm too much without noticing...that sort of pain makes me cry wolf!

2. Do you like being forced to dress or act in a way that is humiliating? If yes, please describe. If no, why not?
I do not enjoy humiliation acts or dress, No.  
I do love being forced to dress sexy ;)  Neo loves to dress me up whether its for dinner or sex and that's become something I really enjoy now. I have some girlfriends that make fun that he "dresses" me, but he has better taste than me (sees me differently than I see myself) and I really think they are just jealous.  LMAO!

3. Do you like seeing bruises, scars, or marks that were caused during sex on either you or your partner? What kind of marks?

I don't enjoy pain that leaves marks.  The only thing I don't mind is a hickey that is well hidden, but even getting one of those has never been something I liked.  
Neo does like to be bitten, but I haven't figured out how to leave a good mark on him...yet!

4. Would you like to be forced to do sexual things that you don’t necessarily like to do? Yes or No.

You're going to make me admit something here aren't you....  Ok, yes.  I do and I have explored this a tiny bit lately. It is a bit of a mindfuck though...being forced when it is actually consensual.  Hmmm... the mind is strong. 

5. Do you want to be forced to watch your lover with someone else? Yes, No or It depends.

Oh hell no.  If he's with someone else it had better be because I am there and said Yes!  And I would not want him to be "forced" to watch me either. 

6. What dirty (sometimes inappropriate) things do you like to say to your sexual partner?
We role play that we are other people...sometimes that's hot. I ask him if he likes watching me with another man... 

Bonus: Finish this statement: I like being powerful in bed because __________ .
If I feel powerful it is because I have seen that look in his eyes that I put there. 


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Monday, July 16, 2012

A surprise visit

The next day after this I couldn’t focus, so at lunchtime I took myself to (yet another) movie to see Rock of Ages.  I had such a great time by myself at the movie singing and dancing in my seat.  When I checked my phone at the end I saw a missed call from Neo.  I called him and he said K was at our house right now and could I get back over there to let him into our back fence…the dogs weren’t allowing him to enter.

On the drive home Neo talked me through how to behave once I got there and was excited with me.  He said I could flirt and hug, but no real playing without him.  Hell, I was nervous for even the hug without Neo being there!  We were both really surprised it was less than 12 hours for a response from him. 

It was pouring rain out on the way back to our house and a flash flooding monsoon once I got to our neighborhood.  His two workers were sitting under my covered overhang while K was riding around on his big lawn mower…wet…no shirt on…smiling at me…and looking sexy.  Oh me oh my!  The guys told me they were letting the boss get wet.  FINE by me gentlemen…fine by me.  I am positive K wanted me to come home and find him mowing my yard.  The rain was just a bonus.  This has to be one of the hottest scenarios to come my way in a long time.  I mean really?  Cute guy is mowing my yard with no shirt in the rain because I flirted with him the night before? 

But, it turned out once he packed up his equipment he didn’t come back up the long driveway to where I was waiting under that carport in the rain.  I was really bummed to hear the truck driving off…but I understood.   I have not seen him since.

After he left, Neo called him to thank him for mowing for us because our yard had gotten really bad off.  It came up in conversation to Neo that he and his wife had talked about us once they left our house the night before.  K asked Neo if we were asking them to swing!?  Neo said yes, but there’s no pressure from us either way we can still hang out and be friends.  K said he was down but his wife wasn’t so sure, but they missed us and really want to keep hanging out. A few days later, Neo sent K one photo of me with cleavage in "thanks" for the yard....K wanted to know how to get more of those ;) 

Then, we went on vacation… ...and then they had work… ...and now they have gone on their vacation…

...so time has been passing and I am simmering down. 

My handsome, oh so wonderful husband has been periodically keeping the fantasy alive for me. Out of the blue this evening he played an old voicemail from K as I was reading a super sexy blog story about a similar scenario; That got me going again!

For that story go on and check out our friend, JMaples' blog.  Tell him and his lovely wife, Nat sent you ;)

K comes by

After the night of the hottest sex I’ve ever experienced, Neo and I got into some serious discussions about making this a reality.  Our friend, K is a big jokester and flirts just like my husband.  He’s also tall, (huge turn-on for me) cute, and silly just like him.  They could be brothers, they have always said so.  I have not ever (consciously) flirted back with him.  I would joke around, sure…but as far as truly flirting and making a pass…I would never do that to my husband’s friends before.

So Neo called up K to reconnect.  Neo asked him to stop by and hang out and have some beer one night after work.  He also mentioned “Nat, really wants to see you…”  This could be taken any way because of their long time joking around relationship.  He agreed to come by and time passed SO slowly for me.  The Friday night he said he was possibly going to stop by was the girl’s movie night I had planned to go see Magic Mike.  I was caught in a dilemma for days over it.  Would he show up?  Would I miss him and go to the movie instead?  Would I flirt with him if I did see him? How would he take that?

Meanwhile, Neo and I kept having some really hot sex.  Every time I mentioned his name in bed Neo would get firmer and fuck me harder than before.  Every time he said “Do you want K to do this?...” I would go weak and get wetter.  This fantasy has us both on edge.  Neo came home from work one day on his lunch just so we could relieve each other of the constant torment. Each night we discussed him and how we could make this happen.  Just the possibility had me flying high.

On Magic Mike movie night I started getting ready two hours before I was supposed to meet the girls at the bar for our pre-movie-drinking.  It was just about the same time Neo was supposed to hear from K to confirm he was coming.  I got myself dressed sexy not knowing who I was dressing for.  I took my time doing my hair and my makeup.  I shaved in all the right places and put on all the nice lotions and potions.  I think doing all of this kept my mind busy enough to keep my cool.  Neo watched me getting ready and then called me gorgeous when I was done.  That was enough for me, to hear that from my adoring husband.  

At the expected time, I was ready and he hadn’t called.  I said, “Ok honey take me to the bar to my girls.”  I was slightly disappointed, but kept it to myself really well.  The girls and the drinking of strawberry margaritas definitely helped.  One drink into the night I got a text from Neo saying “He called and sounded disappointed you already left.  He got a bow tie and was going to dance for you.”  WHOA!  I was all at once confused and excited and really disappointed.  Meanwhile, the girls around me had no clue at what mischief I was up to.  I thought Neo was joking with me, but he promised me that it was true and K was going to surprise me with a dance because I had been willing to miss the movie to see him.  I didn’t know what to think about all of this, but it sure picked up my spirits.  In hindsight, Neo wished he had come back for me and got me to leave that bar.  But, I did really enjoy the movie with my girls and had a great time. 

K and his wife live in another town and we only see them maybe once a year. The very same weekend he worked Saturday and our schedules didn’t work for him to come over until Sunday with his wife.  I don’t know how to describe my feelings here.  I felt ashamed -I would have to face her with these fantasies in my head.  I felt scared- she would find me out and absolutely hate me and forbid us ever being friends again.  Seeing them I immediately hugged her and we had a nice conversation about mundane things.  Only a quick hug for him as I kept my focus on her.  I kept offering the guys beers as they had some alone time out on our porch.  I was worried and excited that Neo might just tell him what the deal was right away while they were alone.  That didn’t happen.  I got his wife to come join us on the porch and we continued to talk with the four of us.  I was giddy, I think, and looking like a nervous school girl, probably flashing my eyes and twirling my hair or some much too girly for me thing like that.  Neo got up from his seat right next to me and K got up right on que and took his spot and said something about wanting to sit by me.  Every time his beer was empty I got another one.  Neo laughed at me for this and kept calling me cute….I usually do not serve so well.  HEY! I was nervous!!!!  His wife sat on the other side of me and Neo was a little removed from our little seated triangle.  Very odd as I am used to 27 years of Neo as the very CENTER of attention and I now found myself firmly planted there!

Moments I remember from that night:

• K putting his cold hand on my knee and when going to remove it I say you can keep it there a while, I like it.
• K leaving the back door open to my bedroom in a daring invite asking me to come with him to get his beer. (Tempted, but I did not because Neo and I have an agreement to be together)
• K asking his wife to tell me about the time a few years ago she was going to let her friend give him a BJ, but he turned it down.
• Neo telling K that he has his “permission” with his wife.
• K asking his wife to tell me that he bought a bow tie for that night and she knew about it and wanted him to go to the car and get it for the two of us! (he refused, the chicken)
• Neo giving K his cell phone with a ton of our dirty pictures on it and K scrolling through them all quickly saying “wow, whoa, hello!” I told him we don’t let ANYONE see that phone and he should be privileged.
The thrill and embarrassment from him looking at all of those. My beat red face.
• K telling me that I have “really changed a lot”
• K telling his wife to go give Neo a back massage and to show him her talents. Which she did while he sat in a chair and begged for more. “With oil is better”, she said…
• K and his wife complimenting us on our very happy marriage after knowing us all these years.

Well, after this night I had very little doubt left that he was probably into this.  The wife is the one I am not sure about.  She is sweet, smart, and what I would call naturally submissive to him.  But, at this point the question hadn’t been put to them in plain words.---  Do you want to swing?  

And a new revelation...I am okay with his wife and Neo together.  It thrilled me to realize it.  Neo is still skeptical of it, but time has passed and it remains true.  With her, I am excited about it!  

to be continued...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TMI Tuesday - Blankety Blank

Complete the sentences by filling in the blanks.

1. I could spend all day on my boat, but couldn't stand five minutes listening to people complain about shit while on my boat!
2. I would love to have a robot in my house to wipe off the fucking counter tops because no one else ever does.
3. The older you get the less ability to give a fuck you get.
4. I want to cum multiple times when I have sex .
5. My appetite for fun and blowjobs can never be satisfied.

(You can always tell when I've had a recent day out on the water.  We went scalloping. Also, I am not as angry as I sound.  LOL!)

Bonus: If I were a hoarder, I would hoard boys with big cocks.who also happen to enjoy me and my boat.

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dirty Twitter Day (Part 3)

Ice Cream anyone?

Read part one and two first if you'd like ...  It’s late and I’ve been ridden hard, but I am still in a very playful mood. Neo is on Twitter chatting and I've got my vanilla ice cream, teasing his nipples with my cold spoon and a nice view. We both get on Twitter to play again.  I thank the gentlemen J, on twitter who helped get me into “trouble” earlier with Neo. I let him know I thoroughly enjoyed my torment.  He asked for a few pictures of the trouble we got into. Neo catches onto this conversation and thanks the guy for helping get his wife so hot.  As the flirting continues Neo suggests J send me a picture of his hard-on to imagine while I suck on him, as a little thank you.  In a photo I had seen earlier in the day J had his jeans unzipped presenting himself.  So, Neo gets into character and puts some jeans on for me.  I get rather excited watching him walk across the room naked and slip on those jeans knowing that they are coming unzipped immediately and that there will be another man there waiting for me. 

J sends me a photo of his hard dick and it springs to nearly life size on my kindle screen (I have a good imagination).  I take a few pictures with the photo including this one.

I am a little giddy, but Neo is all seriousness and tells me to go down on him “now.”  The tone in his voice makes me wet.  I crawl between his legs on the bed and pull him out of his jeans.  He’s already hard for me.  I have the photo of J’s dick propped up next to us on the bed.  I’m taking my man down and making him warm and wet and enjoying the familiar feel of him.  He’s taking pictures of me with his cell phone.  He tells me to look at the picture.  I’m nervous, but I do it as I’m stroking him up and down.  He asks me if I like sucking another man’s dick? I am caught offguard and I moan a yes onto him.  The picture is moved closer to me, only a few inches away, and I stare closely at the details of J’s gloriously hard cock.  The veins are pulsing and the head of him is red and swollen.  Suddenly, it is real and I am in the moment sucking down this other man as my husband watches.  I’m both excited and scared at the same time.  

There is a thrill going through me like a free fall on a roller coaster and I take a deep breath before daring to glace up into my husband’s eyes.  I’m not sure what I will see in him.  He rewards me with an approving nod of his head, ever so slightly, and a “yes, you’re a good girl” look in his heated eyes.  I’m relieved and excited again knowing that it’s ok.  I truly feel the difference in my mouth.  His dick is slightly fatter, shorter, straight up, and with a bulging hard head.  It turns me on so much that I feel my pussy lips parting and sliding against each other from the wetness dripping down to my thick thighs. 

Intensity builds as Neo talks dirty to me, reminding me he’s watching me suck another man and he likes it.  He asks how much I like it and tells me I’m a dirty girl.  I work his cock hard and fast with my hand and tell him I want his cum.  I see he has the phone pointed at me taking a video.  He’s watching me through the screen, envisioning the fantasy. I let my tongue drool down onto the tip of him as I keep stroking him, squeezing tight on the head with each thrust. He stiffens and his thighs tighten around me.  I don’t let up the pace.  I feel him stiffen fully that moment just before he releases his thighs and shoots his cum for me.  I swallow him and massage my hands over his pubic area, around to his hips, up to his chest, and back down around his sides to the middle of him.  I draw him fully into me this way.   

He lays there looking at me completely sated and in awe.  It felt real and it feels too right.  

As you may have come to expect from us, one thing has led to another and this fantasy has snowballed for us.  More on that later!

*J gave permission to use his photo and link to his Twitter account.  His account is unavailable at this time, but if he turns up I will certainly link to it for you all.*

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celebrating our viewers!

Hello my darling Kinks!

Neo and I just noticed the blog has hit over 10,000 views today and we're very honored!  Thank you to all of you who took the time to visit, follow, and comment.  We appreciate you all.  We've enjoyed sharing the intimate bits of our marriage with you.

Now for the celebratory photo...

Nastassja is ready for her spankings...how about 1 per thousand?  

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dirty Twitter Day (Part 2)

If you haven’t read part one, you should go do that now and then come back ;)

Back in the hot tub again I am massaging my back.  He’s fucked me to jello limbs and the jets bring me back to life.  We talk again about the fact that he wants to cam again now that the first time is out of the way.  He wants to see if he feels more comfortable.  We are both amazed and laugh at how much I enjoyed it once the cam was on and the initial nerves were gone. When we get back inside this is how I found our bedroom and it was a big, messy turn on!

We spent a little while cleaning up and I put on my favorite panties.

On Twitter that day, someone had once again mentioned ‘TheStory of O’ and so I put it on the big screen for us.  We relax in bed and watch the movie and he turns our cam back on in the main chat room…afterall, there are many people doing such ordinary things in there also.  Plus, I rub his chest and his bulging pants while I watch the movie.  The movie is a good choice and gets me turned on again. About halfway through I can’t resist his cock any longer.  I make my move down to remove his pants and we are making our own show.  Someone on the chat says “Finally you two!” Haha!  It’s a lighthearted atmosphere and I can dig it.

I continue to suck and tease Neo’s cock and he is hard for me pretty fast.   Before we go any further, he gets up to pee and I use the opportunity to check out some more features on the chat.  I notice there are some “rooms” but very few people in each.  I click on one with the word "naked" in the name and open up the cams in there.  It’s a couple of guys and I’m not sure what they are watching, but I leave us in this room.

I tell Neo we are going to put on a more private show and see what happens.  He lays back down and I start giving him a blowjob to make anyone jealous.  I deep throat him and get him all sloppy wet and start jerking him with my hands.

He grows to full on hardness and I feel my thighs get wet.  I’m sucking and slirping him down with a fever.  I have to stop more than three times and tell him, “No no baby, not yet.”  When he's just where I like him, I get up onto him and sit down on his hard cock.  I throw my head back in ecstasy as he fills me completely.  I lift my tits out of my nightshirt and let them hang down for him to suckle my nipples.  I turn the cam to us so they can see and I notice the attendance in the room has jumped up from 3 to over 20. There are also a couple of comments asking me to look at their cams.  I ride Neo for all I’m worth, grabbing the headboard and thrusting my hips back and forth very quickly over him.  He’s under me squeezing my tits and making sounds of encouragement “Yes, baby…yes, like that. “  I break for just a second to open up two or three of the cams who have politely asked me to look.  Two of them are guys with hot bodies and large dicks and boy oh boy I am turned on. I ride Neo harder, lifting my feet up closer to his chest and sliding up and down on the length of him.  I go really slow a few times, because Neo loves the feeling of my pussy sliding over him slowly and this way they can see how long my man is. He smacks my ass a few times as I put my hands on his chest and fuck him like he’s done to me earlier in the day.

When I’m out of breath, Neo rolls me over and puts me in front of the camera with my legs spread wide for them all.  It’s my turn to feel overexposed, but his desire makes me agree to try.  I can’t see the screen at all from this position and he leans over me to lick and eat my pussy.  I feel myself relax with each lick. When Neo comes up he tells me to wave to the camera.  I do this without question and then realize it has been a request.  Since we have no sound on, someone has asked for me to wave if I want him to come for me…and I have done just that.  Naught Neo!
He comes up and kneels next to me, cradles my head, and puts his dick in my mouth.

At that moment, there is nothing else except him and I greedily take him again.  He uses his other hand to spread my pussy lips and rub my juices over my clit.  It feels so good, this is one of my favorite positions to be in and I’m turned on again by them watching.

I ask him for my elephant (aka rabbit) vibrator and he grabs it and pushes it inside me.  I continue to suck his cock getting him wet again and using my hand I squeeze him tight.  I use my other hand to grab the vibrator and take it from Neo.  I use it to fuck myself as if nobody was watching.  I feel my orgasm building again from deep inside.  The vibrator oscillates inside of me while I push it in and out quickly and the elephant trunk hits against my clit with each thrust.  My arm gets tired; I am thrusting the dick into me so hard and I relax as I explode into a body jolting orgasm.  My hand stays squeezed on Neo’s cock and I suck on him while I ride it out. 

He’s been teased enough and tells me to get on my knees again.  He positions me where he wants for the camera, smacks my ass for them, and pushes into my wet pussy.  I love this moment when he enters me after I’ve just orgasmed.  It makes me beg for him to fuck me hard.  I’m sore from earlier and it makes me feel so naughty to be pushing my limits and doing it again.  I turn around and suck his cock again. I push him down and sit on him again, froggy style, and he lays under me with wonder on his face, not believing what I’m doing.  How long, how fast, how much more can I fuck him in one day?  He gets behind me again to fuck me for the big finish.  Each thrust into me feels deeper and more deliciously painful than the next.  I scream for him to cum for me and end my torture.  He slams against me one last time and I turn to swallow him, grabbing his cock and holding onto him.  His knees want to give out, but I hold him up with my arms as I keep him in my mouth. 

There is that big smile on my face again.  He has to lie down.  There are some grateful chat messages and I tell them “thanks, see you next time” and leave the room. 

Now after all of this, I have missed the ending of ‘The Story of O’ and I need to rewind and watch it.  The movie is fantastic, by the way ;) 

We wash up again…but do you think we are done yet?  Somebody on Twitter gets naughty with me and we do something very new.
What is going on here???

(Part 3 coming tomorrow...)

Toy chest lock up - Formspring Friday

I was recently reading a Formspring Friday question on Violet and Rye's blog, Uncommon Appetites, asking about toy cleaners and how they store their toys in general.  Go check out their post and come on back!

This made me think of our toy chest and I thought I'd share with you all what we do and a little dilemma I have. 

We bought this chest years ago but the house we lived in was very cramped and it was stuffed with old blankets. We moved recently and our bedroom is now more open and suddenly I have this great chest to use!  Moving also gave me an opportunity to empty out my nightstand drawers of the lubes and toys that were packed in there and throw out the old stuff. This also coincided with a pretty big sex toy shopping trip, so Neo thought we should use our chest for some of our goodies.  

Some of our collection

The lube, my smaller vibes, and my Hitachi are still in my nightstand because it's much easier to reach for them in a moment of passion.  But, the chest for the larger play items and bondage stuff is really handy. (Unfortunately the spreader bar doesn't fit in it!)

A little while back I realized I had some toys that probably got ruined sooner than they should have because they were touching, so I bought some silk fabric and sewed a few bags.  That project got delayed a bit from the moving, but a few bags I finished turned out pretty nice. The only issue I'm having is not being able to readily see what is in each one, so I have to go by feel or just open each one up.

As far as cleaning goes, I use soap and water and dry them with a lint free towel or let them air dry.  I do have some Lelo spray toy cleaner that I have used a few times and I like the stuff.  There have been a few times that I wanted to give a toy a spray right before use, just as an extra precaution because I can be somewhat of a germaphobe. Also the Lelo and the real cyberskin have a different surface on them which I like to use the spray on. 

~The Dilemma~
A real (or imagined?) problem I'm having is Neo and I are leaving for a 5 day cruise next week (I may have mentioned this on Twitter a few times because I am SO excited!) and our five kids (21-12 year old) will be here at the house. They are good kids, but you never know if they will snoop. Kids are curious and they all know that their parents are in this bedroom A LOT and without any details they also know why. We talk about everything with them, but I'm still a Mom and I feel like I should lock this stuff up somewhere when we leave!  The chest does not have a lock and it would ruin it to put a big padlock on it.  I'm going to think of something!  

Collar, leash, cock rings, flogger, leg straps, etc.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dirty Twitter Day (Part 1)

Frisky Friday! <--See who is participating & join us for a good time.

It was the day after our first cam experience.  We were still hot for each other after that night and played with each other on text all morning teasing each other with what we liked about it.  I started to flirt with others on my Twitter, especially a few guys as he had asked me to do.  The sext play kept going late in the afternoon and Neo turned up the heat on Twitter.  I took a shower and when I got back I saw a few tweets from him:

Neo: “I think it would be best if I didn't come straight home from work today, I would rather watch my young love try out her new wings. Fly free!”

Nat: that's sweet of you, but I do think you need to get home and handle this! <----

Neo: there are no words to describe how much I am turned on by you today. WOW

Nat: show me

Neo: slowly open our chest and remove the rope and lay it at the foot of the bed.

Nat: *GULP*

Neo: put my crop in your mouth and bite down. When I text you "dirty little whore" you will know I'm in the driveway

...there will be no words spoken, you will not ask, you will not answer, you will only do as I command.

…put on your red high heels and colorful silk nighty. You will be on your knees at the foot of the bed.

…hands on the floor, your black collar lying on the floor in front of you next to your leash. Do it now!

… and just to add a little excitement remove the silk scarf from the closet and lay it around your neck under hair

…the house better be empty when I get there, I don't want the police called. From your screams you asked for it

Nat: *answers a tweet here and gets in trouble!*

Neo: I said not to speak!

I hurry to shower and dress for him.  I think I see his truck pass by the bathroom window so I throw a scarf around my neck and kneel down.  With the crop in my mouth, I keep hearing my phone (which was plugged into the wall across the room) *bleep* at me…either from a Twitter or regular text.  I get up more than once, heart pounding in my throat that he might catch me not on my knees, just to see if it's a message from him.  It isn't and I hurry back to kneeling.  I think he’s in the driveway the entire time making me wait.  I stare at the light coming from under the bedroom door so that I might catch his shadow before he touches the door knob.  Nothing.  I listen to every little noise the house makes hoping to hear a far off door,  a footstep, or perhaps our dogs signaling he’s home. Nothing.  Minutes pass and my knees get sore.  I am determined to follow his instructions after he put so much effort into his plan.  I rock my body side to side and try to settle my mind.  My jaw starts to ache from the crop which feels heavier by the moment.  I use my hands to help lift the weight.  I am determined not to complain and do this.  Finally, another text *bling* and it startles me.  I debate, but I have to check it.  I see his message "I'm here."  I quickly get back on my knees.  (Turns out it wasn't his truck I saw.) 

A nervous giggle starts to form deep within me.  I haven’t been this nervous since I don't know when.  I still don’t hear his truck, nor do any dogs give him away.  I am beginning to wonder how much longer I could wait on my knees like this when the backyard door to our bedroom opens.  The bright sunlight makes me squint, but I keep my eyes open enough to see his devilish smile as he takes in the sight of me.  He has skipped going through the house, that’s why I didn't hear anything. He wastes no time coming over to me and passes behind me. My pent up anticipation comes out as nervous laughter through my teeth locked onto the crop.  Immediately he pulls the black scarf from under my hair and wraps it twice around my head stealing away my sight. 
Cell phone pic he took
With sight removed, my laughter stops and I relax.  He rubs his hand over my bottom and gives me a smack on each cheek, hard.  I flinch from the blows.  I know that was for speaking earlier.  Then he kindly removes the crop from my mouth and begins rubbing it on my bare bottom.  He spanks me a few more times with it and it stings.  I yell “Ow!” but that only gets me more spankings.  He reminds me not to speak, again.  I hear him walk over to the dresser and remove his belt and some things from his pockets.  It gets quiet for a moment; I suspect this is when he took a few pictures of me. 

He bends my head back and kisses me gently. Then, grabs my hands and lifts me to stand up.  He spins me around and sits me in our low bedroom chair and he puts a collar on me.  I rest here while I hear him undressing.

Our sexy chair

I feel him between my legs as his hands part my knees and run up my thighs. He pulls my panties off slowly.  With no warning, I feel his tongue on my pussy licking my wetness. I moan and touch his soft bald head.  He only does this long enough to tease me then he is away again.  I feel his touch on my nipples, he pinches them.  I hear a door open and close, not sure of which one it is.  I feel him push the blindfold off my nose and kiss me again.  I smell my sweetness on his lips.  He crosses my arms in front of me and I hear the Velcro and understand he’s putting on my cuffs.  He’s very gentle and slow putting them on, letting the anticipation build.

He grabs my hands and pulls me over to the bed, laying me down onto my front.  I feel the softness of the flogger drag down my spine, ass, and legs. I tremble a little knowing what comes next.  He starts to whack me with the flogger left side to right in even strokes.  It doesn't quite hurt, but feels shocking to the skin. My entire body is flogged and my nerves are on edge.  He flips me over to my front.  

I can’t help him position me much with my hands cuffed, but he’s strong enough to grab my hips and push me into place so that I’m fully in the center. I feel the weight of him as he leans over my body and grabs my cuffed writs to thread the rope through the loops. I hear the rope zipping through the loop as he pulls enough to winds it around one of the bedposts.  Using it as a pulley my arms are lifted above my head.  He takes his time working the rope all over the bed posts, down and around to the ones on my feet.  He straps my ankles into soft cuffs and wraps the rope around my ankles and feet, through the cuff loops, and secures them each to a post, pulling them wide and making sure I have no slack to lift my legs.  I test the rope and its firm. I hear something click and suddenly the Hitachi is on my pelvis and I’m gasping for air.  He puts it on low and pushes it onto me where he’s found I like it, just above my clit and on my pelvic bone.  It feels like the weight of a hand holding it on me and I grind myself on it, both for pleasure and to alleviate any soreness the massive vibrations can start to cause if held too long in one place.  I am lost in this intense feeling when suddenly I feel the most gentle of kisses coming from above my head onto my lips.  It takes me by such surprise I gasp out loud and suck in a large amount of air from his mouth.  It feels like there is a hand holding the Hitachi from below my legs, but how can that be?  Are there two in this room or three?  Was that a door I heard earlier? It’s confusing for a few moments, but my mind settles as I know he wouldn’t surprise me with another without my agreement. 

His hands wander down  around my breast and he lifts my nighty to reveal my perked up nipples.  He sucks on each one hard, then licks them, then sucks again. I’m writhing from the nipple play and the Hitachi moving down on me.  He moves back around to my feet and removes the Hitachi.  I think it’s over but he’s added the g-spot attachment and I feel him insert it and he starts to fuck me with it.  The whole thing is making me excited but I’m feeling sore from all of the vibrations.  I risk talking to call Yellow and ask for his cock instead.  Thankfully, he understands and pulls it away rubbing me with his hand.  He loosens the rope on my feet to give me a little slack, and then I feel his weight on me as he enters me.  I’m so wet he slides all the way in.  We are both so hot he doesn’t take his time here long.  He starts fucking me proper.  I can’t get one of my legs up all the way, but I’m pushing my hips up into him lifting myself off the bed.  I pull against my tied arms for leverage.  He releases the rope on my ankle cuffs and I feel my legs lifted by the straps connecting them.  He puts the strap over his neck and I'm able to rest my legs around his back as he enters me again. 

He leans forward and my legs lift.  He separates my wrist cuffs and pushes his forearms onto mine pinning me onto the bed as he fucks me harder than before. I curl my pelvis up so he hits me even deeper with each thrust.  Each time he pulls the length of him out, the tip of his cock flicks over my g-spot and I want him to slam into me faster and faster.  The scarf slips just enough so that my right eye has a view of his chest and shoulder above me.  I focus on this part of him and I see his breath going faster as he speeds up.  I’m screaming for him just like he promised I would.  I turn my head to the right and find his forearm close enough to suck and bite down on the soft inner flesh.  He groans and misses half a beat.  I suck on his arm harder as he pushes into me and builds up a sweat.  I feel his sweat drip onto my chest and I know he’s close.  Without missing another beat, he grabs the Hitachi and forces it between us and I am out of control pulling on all my bindings and shaking my head side to side.  I relax my hips as my orgasm builds from the inside.  I cum on him screaming and shaking uncontrollably.  He pulls out and cums on my entire body.  I feel hot cum splashing me over and over:  left breast, middle of the chest, belly button, back up to my chin, right breast, and a pool of it drips down my clit.  He rubs his warm cum over my clit with the tip of his cock and I am a mewling mess lying there at his mercy. 

Gently, he lifts my blindfold and I give him the best smile I can muster.  I’m spent in such a lovely way.  I blink slowly and enjoy watching his naked, glistening body untie me one post at a time.  He says I can speak now.  I have nothing much to say…except, “that was a lot of cum.”  We take a shower together, but I say this will not be enough water therapy; I need the hot tub, too.  He agrees to soak with me because I don’t like going alone.  The hot tub feels so good on my achy muscles; we stay out there a long time and talk about the night before.

He wants to try something again…  (Part 2 coming tomorrow, Part 3 the following day!)

What our bed looked like when we got back inside. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Load out

Got a call at 4am from our older kids saying they blew a tire on the interstate. So, we are headed to pick them up at about 2 hours away from home.
In times like these what can I do to help relieve the stress for Neo?  I pull his cock out and start rubbing him for an hour. Then, it gets so heated I ask him to pull over so I can suck him proper. 
Exit the highway and pull into a dirt drive. This was the sign. 
After he had an amazing screaming orgasm in my mouth we had to take a picture.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TMI Tuesday: ...The Most Times - June 12

This week's TMI Tuesday theme is...

We want to know the thing you've done the most times.

1. What sex position have you been in the most times?
I thought I didn't have just one, but then I remembered, DUH! between Neo's legs giving him a blowjob.  What's more interesting is, did you know he doesn't like the word "blowjob"?  Suggestions for me here?
Anyways...this HAS to be my answer because I do it in the morning, at noon, and at night...with or without intercourse, with or without getting the favor returned, in the car, in a boat, in the shower, and at all times during sex.  Let's just say I really really like it. a. lot.

2. What book have you read...?
I can't recall ever reading a book more than once.  I LOVE to read, but I have a thing about "more than once" with books, movies, stories people tell...repetition is generally a turn off for me in every day life things. 
I have read The Hobbit AND listened to it on audio book (which was incredible)....so I'll go with that. 

3. What movie have you watched...?
Ok, my rule about more than once does apply still here, but back when I was younger I watched Top Gun and Dirty Dancing over a hundred times each.  I wore out some VHS tapes. I know every line. 

4. In the last week, who have you texted...? (no names, list the relationship or type of person)
That's very simple.  Neo. I text him constantly.  Occasionally, I text my kids to come to my room, go do some laundry, or get something from the store for me.  (Hey, it works!)  And, I have one girlfriend that says hi to me once a week or so. 

5. In the last week, what food have you eaten...?
Peanut butter and Jelly.  I'm on a pb&j kick right now. As a matter of fact, I'll go have one now, I'm starving! Did you know peanut butter has gotten very expensive?

6. Today, which website have you visited...?
TMI Tuesday!

7. When dining out, where have you eaten...?
Sonny's BBQ   Love the corn nuggets and the salad bar.  The baby back ribs are my favorite, too...

8. Which sex toy have you used...?
my little bullet.  It's my go-to toy when I'm on the edge and need a little help, when I'm bored and wanna play, when-ever. 

Bonus: Is there something you'd love to go back and relive in your sexual past?
No.  For me the past is the past and I'd like to keep it there.  Everything I am doing NOW is much mo'bettah.  Thinking back I would like to tell you about my first time with Neo one day.  

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

TMI Tuesday: Think Kink! June 5 (belated)

Hello and welcome back to TMI Tuesday with Nastassja :)  I'm going back a week since I haven't been keeping up lately.

1. What is the kinkiest thing about you, either mentally or physically?
I don't think I have found the kinkiest thing about me yet, but so far I would say...Mentally: I like to be in the submissive frame of mind, yielding to everything he wants.  Physically: I love to be tied up and used up. I enjoy a little pain with my pleasure and lots of dirty talk. 

2. Do you have any fetishes? If so, what are they?
In the true definition of the word, "a non-sexual object whose presence is required for sexual arousal or climax" - No, I do not.  But, if Neo were to develop a foot fetish I would be all for that!  I love my feet played with...me love you long time.  I could however get into some WOOKIEE fetish.  Am I right?

3. Have you ever been spanked? Did you enjoy it?  Tell us more...
Yes, and I love it when done right.  I don't like it too hard or too much (my definition of it...which Neo has learned perfectly). I want to be red, but not marked or bruised. For me I enjoy more the surprise of it and not knowing when it will happen than taking an actual beating repeatedly. Over the knee spanking is fun, but we haven't explored a lot of that as far as me being punished and put over his knee.  I end up laughing...which is also fun. 
I also love pussy spanking and a good strong one on the ass when he's behind me doggie style.  YOWCH!

4. Have you been tied up, or tied someone else up? Did you use rope or restraints?
Yes, he ties me up with a lovely, soft rope and also with restraints that he loops the rope through.  He winds the rope around objects in our room and uses it like a pulley system.  He's very talented and I would like some more now please!  
I am going to tie him up soon and will report back ;)  He wants it, bad.
We have a spreader bar a friend made for us, but haven't used it yet...stay tuned.
My rope

5. Would you classify yourself as more dominant, submissive, a switch or entirely vanilla?
Probably a switch because I can do both and when the moment strikes I can be very dominant.  It was the first "kinky" thing I remember doing...being dominant for my man.  I recently discovered I really LOVE being submissive and I think because it is new I want to do that more right now.

6. What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?
That's hard to say...I guess looking at it from the point of view "What thing would I not want to confess to my vanilla friends?"  That would probably be DP (both- double pussy and one in each).  I have experienced double penetration with Neo and a dildo and I would like to explore this further...  Yes.  

7. Have you been to a BDSM club? What was it like? If not, would you ever go to one?
No, I haven't and I'm not sure if I would want to.  If I could feel safe just to watch for my first visit, then yes I'd go and see what was a turn on for me and what wasn't.  

8. What's your favorite fetish item or implement?
Rope and our flogger.  They both can be soft and harsh.  I love the two extremes. 

9. Favorite kinky clothing material?
I love the feel of that faux leather that's stretchy.  I'm not sure what it is.  It's black and shiny and looks good on a body.

10. Thigh boots - love 'em or hate 'em?
I could love them if I ever found a pair to fit me.  It's not a priority though.  I've kinda given up on them and gone to thigh high stockings instead. 

11. If you're kinky, who knows about it?  Do you tell people or is it a closely guarded secret?
Two couples that are our best friends know.  We all talk about our kinks.  It's fun conversation!  The six of us are going on a cruise in 9 days...THAT should be interesting ! Couple 1 are open (to our group) swingers  and Couple 2 are not swingers, but have some fantastic stories!

12. What are your personal limits?
No breaking the skin or leaving marks such as bruises.  Neo likes to leave hickeys on me lately and I've been ok with that.  I'm not into shame and humiliation and all that goes with it.  Choking is ok, but not if I can't breath for more than a few seconds. 
I'm still learning my limits, which can be quite a challenge.  Sometimes it brings out your childhood demons. 

13. What's your safeword and why did you choose that one?
We use two. Yellow, meaning: that's not going to be good if you keep doing that, but don't worry I'm OK.  And Red, meaning: stop immediately and regroup! 
We tried using just one word but it didn't work for us because I needed that middle ground.  We are testing out things that can be painful, but I enjoy some of that pain.  So, Neo needed a better understanding of what was going on with me.  In the past, whenever I would make "any" noise (or even gave a look) that could be even be considered close to painful he would back off and flinch, scared that the entire evening could be ruined.  Not so anymore. 

14. Which fetishes do you just really not get?
Probably the diaper thing and anything having to do with poo.  I don't feel I have to "get" it though...as long as you're not harming others then go for it. 
This I don't get. Where can we get one?

Bonus: Complete this sentence:  To me, Fetish, Kink, and BDSM means...Exploring the possibilities.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Video chatting, Part two

If you're interested in Part One, go here.

I had an unusually busy day, came home and found Neo lying across our gorgeously made bed.  He’s on his stomach with his feet towards the door when I walk in.  His long lean body is completely nude and looks fresh from a shower.  His front is propped up on a pillow and he’s no doubt playing on Twitter with his phone.  I walk around the bed to face him and smack his ass.  I know he’s been waiting for that.  Then, I lean down for a quick kiss and ask him to move over.  We lie facing one another knees to head, but don’t really say much. I'm still in my t-shirt, jean shorts and tennis shoes. He rubs lightly down my thigh and down my calf.  It sends shivers up my body and I roll onto my front for comfort.  I mention I have a still have the migraine since the night before and nothing has helped today.   His hand moves over my lower back in that little dip that is so sensitive, moving my t-shirt out of the way and inching his fingers in the dip of my shorts.  He moves to rub my head at the temples relaxing me further.  Then, he gets up and I just lay there forcing myself to keep this relaxed mood.  I find it difficult not to open my eyes, not to talk to him about his day.  I hear him moving about the room and in the bathroom.  I hear his cup and the pouring of a drink.  I envision myself as tied up and it helps my mind rest.

I feel him climb on the bed and the bristles of my large, round curling brush going down the side of my head and pull my long hair out over the duvet.  The feeling is so intensely sexy and deeply relaxing, I moan for him in appreciation.  He bushes a pattern through my scalp and makes my hair fan out across the bed.  Each pull of the brush relaxes me further.  He does this a long time, then I switch to the other side and he continues.  It’s so sensual.  I mention he hasn’t brushed my hair in a long time.  He says he doesn’t know why.  

After a time, he gets up and I realize my migraine is gone.  I dare not move because I want to keep this feeling.  Still on my front, he pulls my legs down the side of the bed until I’m at my knees.  Then he places a towel underneath me up to my thighs and removes my shoes and socks.  I wiggle my toes at him. He pulls our small bedroom chair up to my feet and he takes our coconut oil jar and pours a little down my right calf very slowly and down to my foot.  He slides the oil around gently at first letting me enjoy the sensation of his hands sliding over my skin.  He pushes the oil all over the dry areas of my feet, and then starts to massage me up my calves and down to my feet.  He pays close attention to every inch, every muscle and bone in my foot, and takes great care not to cause any discomfort.  He’s a master at this craft and I’m so delighted.  He repeats the sexy pouring of the oil onto my other calf and repeats his ministrations over my legs.  He bends my leg up at the knee and pushes it towards me forcing a nice slow stretch.  Then, he puts my leg down gently resting my toes on his thigh and he moves to massaging my thighs about half way up each one as far as he can to my jean shorts.   When he’s done I move onto my side and curl up into a ball.  He sits beside me and rubs my back for a minute.  It’s been over an hour since he’s been home and we haven’t said more than 10 words.  We both seem to need some relaxed silence. 

We move to our hot tub and after a short time we finally started talking.  The subject of our membership to the online cam site came up again.  We had agreed earlier in the day that we were both up for it.  He was surprised I agreed and was making sure I still wanted to go through with it.  I told him what I needed from it for it to happen, that I had made my mind up and I didn’t want him to let me back out unless I said a specific phrase.  A safe word, if you will.  We continued to talk about it back in the house in our shower together.  This was the moment it became real for me standing there naked with him. “ I’m really going to do this?”, I thought.  Yes, I was going to push myself and not chicken out.  If I seriously freaked, I knew he’d be there for me.  He washed my body and I washed his, the soapy lather turning us both on.  He helped me dress in a simple, see through nighty and he put on his silky pants I love so much.  My moment of panic was gone and replaced with excitement.  I put on our music adjusted our lighting and we were ready.

Let's do this!
 The chat room was brought to life on his laptop screen.  Our own camera was on pause and he wouldn't turn it on until I was ready.  I got into bed next to him and he turned it on.  A few people said Hi to us.  Neo told them this was going to be our first time and to please be kind.  I didn't see any responses.  He was clicking on cams trying to find a nice couple or two, I presumed.  I started to rub him through his silky pants and play with the hem pushing it lower and lower.  I rubbed the sexy bit near his hips and up to his chest and played with his nipples a little.  I kissed his hips and up to his nipples where my hands had already led the way.  Then, I pulled his pants down exposing him and quickly grabbing him with my hand and putting him into my mouth.  I held him with one hand while I kissed and sucked on his balls.  I noticed he was watching the screen too much so I asked him to look at me and don’t worry about what they are doing or saying.  He relaxed and I continued licking up and down his cock like a little kitten.  Then I took the head into my mouth and sucked it in and out over and over.  I suddenly went all the way down deep throating the entire length of him and he sucked in air.  I got him nice and wet and used my hand to rub up and down with my mouth.  I increased speed until I saw his toes curl, then I slowed down and kissed his belly. I noticed on the screen a few comments to me “Good job!”, they said.  I completely loved it!  I took a moment to rub his body, then I went back sucking and stroking him some more. He was panting and ready for me, but I tried taking my time and letting him have it good.  A few times he was distracted by the chat room, but I took it as a challenge to bring him back.  I wanted him at full attention so I could have my way with him. Finally, I moved him to sit on his dick and I used my hand to rub him up and down my wet pussy.  He was surprised at how wet I was.  I smacked him against me and then sat down all the way. He grabbed my tits and held on while I used my pelvis to grind deep.  My g-spot was getting a lot of attention and I was totally showing off.  I saw my large hips on the screen moving pretty fast over him.  I grabbed our headboard and used it to hold myself up while he took a turn fucking me from below.  

Neo grabbed my hips, flipped me over, and pulled me at an angle to the camera so I couldn’t see anymore.  Then, he lifted my knees up and gave me the look like I was about to get it.  I was so turned on by him and being watched.  He plowed into me and I screamed.  He continued to fuck me into submission until I was dizzy and out of breath.  I forgot about the camera and it was just us two.  He gave me the Hitachi and I pushed it between us and had an intense orgasm all over his dick.  I was shaking uncontrollably.  The drops of sweat pouring from his head brought me back to reality.  Finally, I opened my eyes and saw him there and a huge smile came across my face. 

“On your knees,” I obey of course.  

Always waiting for him

He turns us to another angle so he can watch himself go into me.  He’s fucking me and asking me if I like all of those guys watching me.  That’s so hot, I have to say yes.  He goes faster and harder then and calls me his dirty little whore and smacks my ass.  I’m really taking a beating now as he continues to smack me.  I ask him if I can suck his cum.  "Can I have it on camera?"  I want to show them.  He says yes, get ready.  I’m moaning and begging him for it.  "Please let me have your cum, ....Please!" He’s pouring sweat on me again, I feel it dropping onto my ass.  One last smack and a hard push...I feel his rhythm start to change and I know he’s close.  He says, “Now baby” and I spin around quickly grabbing his cock and putting it in my mouth.  I suck and stroke him as he cums, feeling it warm in my mouth.  My eyes turn up, he throws his head back and he’s the one moaning loudly now.  I have one hand on his sweaty thigh and I remove it to push the the wet hair off of my face so the camera can see, still sucking his cum.  He’s cumming for a long time and I haven’t spilled a drop.  I hear a deep sigh then his laughter lets me know he’s back with us. I release him and flop onto my back, taking the shot of him down quickly.  He leans over me and pushing his hand over his bald head I get a shower of sweat on my chest.  I jokingly smack him for that bit. 

“That was fun,” I say.

I roll over and I’m face to face with the camera.  I see all the comments praising and thanking us.  I don’t realize it until they say, but they have a full facial view (from the nose down to my breasts on the mattress) of the biggest smile I’ve ever seen me have.  This is probably the smile I usually have after great sex, but I never see it for myself.  It makes me laugh harder to see myself so joyous.  They are writing to me and commenting on my laugh and how it was “that” good, huh?  I say a quick thanks and goodbye, shut it down and head to the shower again.  I get my ass smacked on the way there.

All of this gives us a LOT to talk about.