Monday, July 16, 2012

A surprise visit

The next day after this I couldn’t focus, so at lunchtime I took myself to (yet another) movie to see Rock of Ages.  I had such a great time by myself at the movie singing and dancing in my seat.  When I checked my phone at the end I saw a missed call from Neo.  I called him and he said K was at our house right now and could I get back over there to let him into our back fence…the dogs weren’t allowing him to enter.

On the drive home Neo talked me through how to behave once I got there and was excited with me.  He said I could flirt and hug, but no real playing without him.  Hell, I was nervous for even the hug without Neo being there!  We were both really surprised it was less than 12 hours for a response from him. 

It was pouring rain out on the way back to our house and a flash flooding monsoon once I got to our neighborhood.  His two workers were sitting under my covered overhang while K was riding around on his big lawn mower…wet…no shirt on…smiling at me…and looking sexy.  Oh me oh my!  The guys told me they were letting the boss get wet.  FINE by me gentlemen…fine by me.  I am positive K wanted me to come home and find him mowing my yard.  The rain was just a bonus.  This has to be one of the hottest scenarios to come my way in a long time.  I mean really?  Cute guy is mowing my yard with no shirt in the rain because I flirted with him the night before? 

But, it turned out once he packed up his equipment he didn’t come back up the long driveway to where I was waiting under that carport in the rain.  I was really bummed to hear the truck driving off…but I understood.   I have not seen him since.

After he left, Neo called him to thank him for mowing for us because our yard had gotten really bad off.  It came up in conversation to Neo that he and his wife had talked about us once they left our house the night before.  K asked Neo if we were asking them to swing!?  Neo said yes, but there’s no pressure from us either way we can still hang out and be friends.  K said he was down but his wife wasn’t so sure, but they missed us and really want to keep hanging out. A few days later, Neo sent K one photo of me with cleavage in "thanks" for the yard....K wanted to know how to get more of those ;) 

Then, we went on vacation… ...and then they had work… ...and now they have gone on their vacation… time has been passing and I am simmering down. 

My handsome, oh so wonderful husband has been periodically keeping the fantasy alive for me. Out of the blue this evening he played an old voicemail from K as I was reading a super sexy blog story about a similar scenario; That got me going again!

For that story go on and check out our friend, JMaples' blog.  Tell him and his lovely wife, Nat sent you ;)

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  1. Damn, would you look at that. My advice was followed before I gave it! You two are awesome.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP