Friday, April 27, 2012

The hot garage

We had been horny for each other that day (what is new, right?) and he came home from work with a chubby in his pants.  I watched him undress; it has become a regular ritual.  The slipping of the belt from its loops is my favorite part.  My eyes always go a little bit wider and if you were near me you’d hear a small intake of air when the belt slides out.  The tight boxer briefs he wears always look so sexy when he gets down to only them. 

It was a Tuesday. I recall because it was Taco Tuesday.  We decided to go to a popular local taco joint for their $4.99 special.  The tacos with the special sauce bar are to die for.  Feeling flirty, I put on a new tie-dyed, long flowing skirt I had just bought that day along with a matching aqua tank top and matching silver and aqua sandals.  I had to admit I was looking super cute.  I just started wearing dresses and skirts this year, so it is a new thing for me to feel comfortable in one. 

On the drive there, he drove and I lifted my right leg up onto the dashboard.  He pulled up my long skirt only revealing my tanned knees.  He put his right hand on my thigh and we both enjoyed the sexy closeness.  Then he felt up further to find my little pink cotton g-string to be wet already.  He moved it to the side and easily slipped a finger or two along my slit.  It felt so good.  I moaned a little as the cars rushed by us on the highway.  We made it to our destination much slower than usual because of this.

We ordered our usual and sat on the outside patio.  It was pretty warm with the sun directly on us, but the little breeze we had was nice enough to keep us comfortable.  I asked him to imagine we were on the boat with a cool breeze going; that thought put us in the right state of mind.  He watched me take bites of my oversized crunchy tacos every now and again.  He liked catching sight of the sweet juice dripping down my chin.  I quickly wiped it up each time to save my shirt from a stain, and I would giggle whenever he caught me with a drippy lip. 

We were talking and I remembered an errand I needed to run for someone who was out of town.  I told him I needed to stop by their house and perhaps we should pull our car into the empty garage…......

His eyes lit up, “Do you mean it?”
“Yes,” I said with a sly smile on my face. 

The rest of our meal we spent in near silence enjoying our food and stuck in our own private fantasy, both of us thinking on what would happen next.   We nearly kept up this silence on the way to the house, the anticipation building.

There was nothing to say.
It was a naughty idea put into motion.

At the house I got out and put in the code and he pulled into the empty 2 car garage.  I shut the door behind the car; the sound of the metal door creaking and groaning seemed intensely amplified.  My heart raced.  I went in the house and left him there for a moment.  Then, I came back out and tapped on the driver’s window, “Step out of the car please.”

I could barely get the words out when he opened the door and climbed out.  We were embraced and kissing before his tall frame was completely out of the car and fully standing.  He leaned back onto the car lowering himself to my height and we kissed like hungry teenagers.  He pulled my skirt up and felt my bare ass.  I lifted my left leg onto the driver’s seat and hiked up my skirt, knowing that was where his hand was headed next.  Simultaneously, my right hand felt for the bulge in his jeans.  We rubbed each other as our breathing got deeper.  His pants were unzipped and I pulled him out of his pants.  With my leg still up I leaned over to suck on his waiting erection.  I was fully conscious of the daylight coming in the window and the blinds part way up, slightly revealing us for anyone who walked by. 

All of a sudden he pulled me off of him and we kissed briefly.  He roughly turned me around and pushed me onto the trunk of our car.  It made a loud sound, exciting me further.  I lifted my skirt up over my waist and pulled my G-string to the side and he entered me quickly.  I was so wet; we both gasped.  He started furiously pounding into me and I could feel the sweet soreness from the crazy night we'd had previous.  For a moment I watched out of the open window wondering what it would be like if a pair of evening walkers came by and noticed us.  Would I stop him?  Would it turn us on more? 

I turned around and kissed him some more and asked him to get in the backseat so I could sit on him.  It took a minute to arrange the seats out of the way of his long legs.  I climbed in and straddled his thighs.  My tits were smooshed up into his face and he started kissing them as I lowered myself onto him.  I was still so wet.  The car was hot and steamy from both the heat of the garage and the heat of our bodies in the tight space.  I grabbed the headrests of the back seat and started riding him up and down.  Then, I began to rock and grind on him deeply the way he likes it.
Like this, but we opted for the back seat

With my tits in his face he was in heaven kissing them and then reaching up to kiss me on the mouth. I asked him to cum for me like this.  I wanted him to finish here this way, in our car, bodies tangled and sweaty.  He said ‘No’ at first, not wanting it to end, but I was persistent at getting what I want.  Eventually, he gave in to me and I knew it was coming.  He got the look in his eyes along with a sweet smile that let me know it was released and just about ready to take over him.  I smiled back at him and told him again to give me his hot cum.  He came hard.  I sat on him with all my weight and pressed him down hard into the seat, making him buck under me.  I was acutely aware of the soft fabric of our seats and the bend in my neck while my head pushed on the soft roof of the car. I saw his chest heaving, sweating, and caving in as he tried to push back from me with nowhere to go.  His eyes were closed and scrunched up in a look that could be confused with either pain or pleasure.  With nowhere for his body to go he was loud with his cumming, letting it release through his voice.

As he sat there with his eyes still closed and our breath panting together, I gave him a sweet kiss on the nose where a drop of sweat was hanging on and then on the lips.  Then I said, "time for me to go do what I’ve come here to do...", all sweet and innocent.

I got up off of him, climbed out, and left him there for a while.

We both had the biggest grins on our faces as we pulled out of that garage. 

In case you’re keeping score, at home later that night he gave me my sweet release when I sat on his face in sixty-nine.  It had been too long since we’d done that position with me on top and I had a wonderful orgasm.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Number 2, Red Lion Street

Neo wrapped me up (some pics here) and presented me to Captain Shame over on Red Lion Street.  I didn't know what I was in for, but the slut in me came out to play!

Go check it out and let us know what you think ;)

My favorite song right now is Birthday Cake by Rihanna and Chris Brown.  I didn't tell The Captain this, so I had a good laugh at my being iced.

...Anyways, go check out Number 2, Red Lion Street 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I now present to you. The photo shoot for - A Night To Remember.

These are a few of the sexy pictures we took for Nastassja's appearance in the:

story here

We want to thank @CaptainShame for taking the time to write a story about us and recreate one of our fantasies. The story is great and shows how I would give my woman anything she desires. Even another mans cock. He gives it to her good in the story and she absolutely loves it.

                                               First shot of the day and is one of my favorite.

She has such nice legs.

Very sexy Honey.


                                                         The anticipation is killing her.

She undressed me with her mouth.

Is that what you like?

Licking the tip of my cock, driving me nuts.

I love her lips wrapped around me!

Nothing feels better than knowing she wants it as much as I do.

The intense photo right after I gave her what she wanted.

I love to see her smile.

My sweet angel!

Red Lion Street


I write an illustrated ongoing erotic soap opera called Impossible things happen on Red Lion Street.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chippendales: Her version

Neo wrote about his version of the night I went to see the Chippendale dancers.  You should readabout it here before you delve into my version. 
Reed of Reed and River asked me for my version, so here I go…(complete with cellphone pics we were not supposed to take!)

(By the way, if you’re not already reading their blog, get your ass over there after you finish yourself off here!  They are super sticky hot.)

A long time girlfriend of mine asked me if I wanted to go see the Chippendales in our town.  I was like, “Hell yeah!”  It was cheap to go, I’m guessing because they are counting on your drink bill to cover your ass.   I’ve recently got a new group of girlfriends I hang out with who are loads of fun and don't see Cindy much anymore for various reasons. Cindy is however one of my sex positive friends who worked in a sex shop and who once wore to my family thanksgiving a smiley face shirt that had a cat’s tail hanging out of its mouth and said, “I eat pussy.”   Explain that to grandma?  LMAO!  She’s a trip.  But, she’s quiet, not boisterous or loud.  I asked my best friend to come with me (the more the merrier) but she couldn’t and so I just went with this new group which included Cindy and 8 of her work friends I’d never met. 

For some reason I had had kind of a bad day and night from the evening prior (which hasn't happened in months)…but I was keeping to my promise to go and just praying some hot half naked guys would rev me up. I spent 2 hours getting dressed.  I’m normally a 20 minute girl, so you can see I was really making a special effort to both cheer myself up and look hot for my man.  I wanted him to see me leave the house with tits in the air ready for dollar bills stuffed into them.  He left to play golf, so I sent him a photo of me all dolled up in the bathroom mirror.  I do believe that was the moment the first golf ball went flying. 

When we got to the club we had VIP seats right up front with a nice big, round table in front of the stage.   One girl with us was celebrating a birthday, so she was immediately singled out and put into the show lineup along with 5 or 6 other ladies celebrating something.  The announcer was good.  He was the right mix of funny and raunchy.  He took good control of the show.  But, the show started over 2 hours late.  One hour late was ok, but pulling up on close to 2 ½ hours, it was getting to be a little ridiculous.  I refused to buy more than one drink thinking it was may be a scam going on.  Then, one of the dancers arrived late and they were ready to start.  They introduced the guys, five of them.  One young, baby faced 24 year old (the baby of the show who I was not attracted to, but Cindy definitely was) (*far left in pic), a Mr. Hot stuff (*front and center) who was voted #1 dancer in Romania or something…out of all of them he was the experienced one who had the moves….Then a Mr. Texas who was just a big dude….wide shoulders, body builder type…another guy who was built, but I don’t remember much…and then there was the tall, dark and handsome black guy who was going to law school…"THAT’s My guy" (far right in pic), I said to Cindy.  And I do come to my own defense here when I say that I chose him loooong before we saw his package

Hot cowboys
First song was “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”…way too predictable, but we went with it.  They were all new except for Mr. Hot Stuff, so they didn't have the routines down completely.  You see I am too critical, I know! I know!  It went on like this all night.  Routines to cliche songs and then they would come out into the audience and grind on the women looking for money. 
Yes sir, take off those belts!
It was not the complete turn on I thought it would be and I was seriously missing my man.  I text him quite a few times telling him so.  He may have thought I was just trying to relieve his fears about what was going on there…but no, I really did want to come home to him mid-show!  Towards the end I still had my wad of dollars tucked into my cleavage.  The announcer said “ Ladies, it’s getting close to the end of our night.  It’s time to pick your favorite dancer”
Random audience member 

My tall guy was on corner of the stage closest to my table and every once in a while I would watch a drunk girl go up and throw a dollar at his feet.  I pulled up my courage and pushed through the group of chairs and girls and went over to him.
That's him far left...pic doesn't do him justice 

I had my dollars fanned out in my hand.  He took a few at a time and stuffed them first into my mouth, then all into my cleavage, leaving some in my hands.  I just stood there.  He was on his knees in front of me on the edge of the stage.  He grabbed my dollar filled hands, leaned way back with a (mock?) sexy look on his face, and pulled my hands down his chest roughly from top to bottom as he moved and writhed his now thonged package right into my belly area.  I just about died!

This is him down in the middle!

I wasn't expecting all of that contact for just a few dollars.  LOL!  Then he used his mouth to take the dollars from my own mouth and then from my breasts.  Then he pressed his forehead against mine and continued to dance.  At that point I actually apologized for my hands being solid ice cubes.  What a dork!!!  It was a complete "I carried a watermelon" experience.  Those of you who know this reference...I love you!

The final dance routine of the night was actually really hot.  They had a bucket of water and large yellow car washing sponges and used them to soak up water and drip it all down their bodies.  I was impressed. 
I wasn’t up for the $10 photo with them after the show, so I said a quick goodbye to Cindy and ran out of there and sped home to my man.

I think he was expecting me to come in panting and just rip his clothes off.  I’m sorry to say I didn’t do that.  The whole night had been a bit off and on, off and on…
But, we got into our hot tub and like he said it saved the day.  I forgot about those other dudes and let him know with my whole body and soul that HE is mine and that is that.

I realized later that I would have had a lot more fun with my wilder group of girlfriends because the group I was with literally just sat there quietly while the party was going on all around us.  I am not one to break out on my own, so instead of letting loose I ended up being critical of the "show."

Have you ever been to a good male review?

Monday, April 16, 2012

My perfect sex day

I thought the perfect day involved the boat or a beach or something near the water…but apparently my perfect sex day doesn't need any of that!  Oh wait…. hmm…there was some hot tub action, so maybe that has to count. 

It was a lazy Sunday morning.  We had gone out to dinner and dancing the night before with a couple of our best friends.  Neo had a few too many beers and was feeling fine, dancing with me and my girlfriends and turning me on like nobody's business.  We didn’t have sex when we got home because it was after 3am and we were both exhausted. We showered and fell asleep.  Early Sunday morning we got up to pee and Neo was kind enough to drive one of our teenagers to work.  Usually, these days we do this sort of thing together to make the impact of waking up early on the weekend go easier.  We enjoy each other’s company and usually end up at a breakfast diner.  This is where it gets exciting (to me); when he got home he woke me with a coffee in his hand!!!  I have been saying for years the “only” thing left on my wish list, as far as things I would love for him to do for me, is to either make or bring me a coffee in the morning….And. It. Happened. (in his own time and at the perfect moment)  I was lust-struck for that sexy man.  

A few sips of my sweet, hot coffee and he got back into bed with naked me to cuddle me awake.  Cuddling led to neck kissing (isn’t the neck the sweetest in the morning?) and before you know it I was turning into him and slightly going onto my stomach.  His hand saw my rump lifting up and he started rubbing me all over my booty, down my thigh, and into the warm crevice I was lifting for him.  That man loves some booty and I played it up for him to my best advantage.  His hand found my slit and dipped in to find it wet for him.  I moved my legs apart as his massaging got more insistent, eventually spreading them all the way into a split with my ass raised up in the air.  Presented like this he could do nothing else but to get down there and get a taste of me.  I must have been so sweet because he licked and licked like I was the sweetest candy he’d ever had.  He called me his sweet tart and I melted into his attentions.  

His hand started playing with my clit as his tongue began to rim my ass.  I was in heaven and I let him know it.  Never had I felt such a thing, I wanted to cum with him licking my forbidden hole.  He kept me on the edge like this for a long, long time.  My legs would tire out before he did.  I knew I just needed to feel my pussy filled too, so he put two fingers in and that was all I needed to let the orgasm ride over me.  It was such a sweet morning orgasm rolling through my whole body.  When I was close to the end he freed his face and came up with his hard on and plunged it inside me slowly.  I continued to orgasm as his cock went deeper into me , his cock prolonging my pleasure.  When I was fully done and relaxed that’s when he let me have it.  He grabbed my hips tightly and slammed deep inside over and over.  I was a rag doll, pressed face into the bed, my hair a tangled mess nearly blocking my air and trapping my panting breath, top of my head tapping the headboard a little more with each thrust.  Eventually, I had to use my hands to block my head and push back against him.  I nearly asked for a different position when he pulled out and I felt his hotness falling on my back and dripping down my crack.  It was delicious! 

I think I took another few sips of coffee and when he left the room I fell back asleep.  *bliss*
We had a nice day doing just about nothing.  There was a lot of down time for me to just watch him playing with his cock.  I don’t know how it started in the day, but at one point I asked him to show me how good he does it.  I watched him like we hadn’t done in ages.  It was gorgeous and I was thoroughly turned on from it.  His strokes were expertly done and I was entranced by his large hands.  I love his hands for all the things they can do to me and now for all the things I can see him do to himself.   It was another hurdle we overcame from our past and it liberated us both.  He trusted me again to watch this private part of himself.  With all of that cock play, I started to tease him whenever I had to leave and come back to the room again.  I would find him there  rubbing it and come over to rub a little for him, to let him enjoy a woman’s touch, to let him get a little feel of my wet mouth on him, and to run my nails under his balls and inner thigh areas.  We used our Naughty Twitter to tease out the story more.  This went on for hours, right into dinner time.  In between cooking him a yummy pork chop dinner, I would pop into the room and rub him through the thin, soft blanket.  He wanted me to squeeze it hard, but I wouldn't...later, I promised him.  I was ravished after only sipping and reheating my special coffee all day long and dinner was just perfect. 

After everyone got quiet for the night we went into the hot tub to relax.  With all of the dirty talk and twitter teasing earlier we had a storyline for the night all planned out, but that went out the window when I started kissing him in the hot tub.  A new story came into my mind.  I asked him to go get my suction cupped dildo so I could ride it and suck his dick at the same time.  This worked out wonderful.  It is such a fun thing to do in the hot tub!  He enjoyed pushing down on my shoulders making me take it all the way in.  I used the sloshing of the water to rock my hips back and forth over the slick dick inside me.  I enjoyed sucking on him and watching his eyes glisten with hunger for me.  He really knows how to give me that look.  Then, he got down in the water with me and with the dildo still riding inside I grabbed his cock and used it as another toy to play with myself, pushing it into me, making room.  I came hard with two cocks in me, throwing my head back, splashing water all over, and moaning loudly into the quiet night.  I was lost in the moment and couldn't help myself. He tells me afterwards I was REALLY loud and he enjoyed watching me lose control like that, the neighbors be damned.  After that I stood him up and gave him a proper, sloppy blowjob.  I gave him the hard and fast strokes he’d been craving for all day long and he came in my mouth pretty quickly.  It was so fucking awesome!  I am love sucking him dry.

Later in the bedroom I think we both thought, “Well, that was two orgasms in one day and that’s probably it.”    We were laying there talking and sharing our favorite parts of the sex we’d had that day.  I asked him, "wasn’t it so wonderful to be having sex just about any time he wants?"  I told him once again that I was sorry for the past, but we let it go quickly.  I let him know that Me (sexy slutty wife) and my pussy are ready for him any time and that he should please come home at lunch whenever he can; and to please come take it from me every damn day when he gets home from work.  “No”, isn’t in my vocabulary any more.  He took that opportunity to ask me to suck on him while his dick was soft and cozy.  I snuggled down onto his belly and put him in my mouth.  He started to rub the base and balls just a little lower down than my lips were, nothing serious.  I was rolling his cock around in my mouth, sucking it in and out softly.  Then, I sucked really hard on the tip and he gave me a response.  I really didn’t think anything of it having just finished less than 15-20 minutes before.  I sat up to kiss his nipple for just a second and when I went back down he was rock hard.  I was shocked and excited!  Here we go again?!  Put that hard cock in my face and I’m going to take full control of it.  I got up on my knees and got him all wet and used my hand and mouth together to fuck him silly.  He went from 0 to 100 in ten seconds, stuck his hand in my pussy, and then so did I.  This time, we were going to let each other have it.  I got him close several times, but still in the back of my mind I thought he probably couldn’t finish again…a third time in one day and with little time lapsed from the second.  That had never happened.  But, I knew either way he wouldn’t mind getting close and staying that way for a while.  Then, he was on top of me.  I was soaked, as will happen whenever I am really enjoying sucking that dick.  He didn’t have to guide himself in at all.  I lifted my legs all the way up and squeezed my calves onto his upper back, the heels of my feet pushing him into me.  I tilted my pelvis all the way up, so he was rocking on my g-spot.  I felt the coming of a g-spot orgasm and I wanted it so badly.  He knew I was struggling to have one for a few weeks now and wanted to give it to me.  I started saying, “I love my husband’s big cock in me”  “My husband’s cock fucks my pussy so hard.”  That combined with my moaning and panting put him over the edge and he came inside of me hard, continuing to push into me through the whole thing.   I was just amazed by him.  
Can you tell I like candy?

When he got up and I stretched all the way out, he wanted me to have a third too.  And, he was determined it would be my g-spot.  He bent over me and with my legs pressed together his tongue found my swollen, wet clit and he started licking me softly up and down the way I like it.  I moaned like this for a while and he inserted his thumb into me, flicking my g-spot and learning which moves my body responded to.   Still, it wasn’t working.  I was spent.  I needed to up the ante, so I asked to bring in the Hitachi.  I hoped it wouldn’t hurt his feelings that I needed to resort to a vibrator.  His tongue really was so deliciously good.  He didn’t mind, I worry too much.  I grabbed that thing with both hands, spread my legs some and went to grinding myself on it.  He inserted his thumb again and started fucking me with it.  It was feeling really good and I experienced a multiple, rolling, clit induced orgasm that I have found the Hitachi can produce.  But still not that one I wanted to come out from deep within.  It had been in there hiding from me for TOO long.  In a last ditch effort, I mentally relaxed and shook the Hitachi side to side instead of up and down.  That did it.  I felt it coming to me oh so slowly and told him to keep it up.  When this orgasm hit me, it was deep and it was primal.  I’m pretty sure I lost track of time and space and I don’t remember much other than it was AMAZING.  When, I came to my senses I saw him watching me with such awe, I started to laugh uncontrollably.  I’m pretty sure that was part of the high I was on from the orgasm still.  He kept looking at me and saying “oh baby, that was hot!”  I kept saying “We did it!”   When the laughing stopped I was suddenly the most relaxed and sleepy slug you ever saw.  Whatever funky position I was laying in (head on the wrong end of the bed), I snuggled up to one of the pillows down there and it was lights out. 

It was a day of many firsts and many orgasms and I couldn’t ask for anything more.  

P.S. Did I mention he did a load of laundry, too!?  Wow.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Her trip to Chippendale's

Nastassja went on a little adventure to see the Chippendale's the other night. She was extremely excited and got dressed up for the occasion. Since we are very new to the whole sexy scene I gave her two request and one rule. The first request was for her to enjoy herself and not to worry about me getting jealous (as I have been in the past), second request to find the guy she was most attracted to and to rub on his cock, I believe she like that request but was not sure. The one rule was no cocks in the mouth or one lying on her tits as this would be too close for her to control herself that would end up in her breaking the one rule that I had made. While she was getting ready I walked up to her in the bathroom gave her a nice little kiss on the lips and slowly sent my hand into her panties then turned away and left. I thought it would be best for me to go somewhere while she was enjoying other men's cocks, so I went to the golf course hoping to set my mind at peace and knock the shit out of some unknowing golf balls. Like I said before I had been a little bit of the jealous type up to this point. Not so much anymore, I'd rather enjoy showing off my prize then keep her locked away for only my pleasure. Wow what a difference this has made. I have never in my life felt as proud, loved, sexy and just plain great as I do now. A lot of changes going on in our lives right now and it seems they are all coming together into one amazing feeling of closeness for each other. Back to the story, I get side tracked a lot, I apologize in advance because it will happen again. While I'm at the golf course I feel this great sensation come over me that all will be great and she will come home to me hot and horny. I get a text from her 5 minutes later. I can hear her confidence through the text, shes letting me know without saying it that she is going to fuck me stupid when she gets home, needless to say my golf game got a whole lot better and I couldn't wait to get home so I could prepare for her arrival.

 The real fun started when she returned and starting undressing in front of me.

  I quickly pulled out the camera and started taking pictures of her beautiful body. We both had been waiting for this moment all day, me knowing she had been staring at large cocks dancing in front of her all night was driving me insane. Tonight I felt like I had something to prove to her, (Why the hell did I pick up the camera)? As it was good at first it turned into a photo shoot instead of hot passionate sex. We both realized it soon and thought it was best to STOP, take a minute, and to regroup. So we decided to hop in the hot tub and see where it would take us. Well the hot tub is a fucking savior, it never fails to get us turned on with each other. So much so that we got a second chance at the extreme craving of each other exactly like when she first arrived home. I was thrilled to get a second chance to pound her  the way she needed it. Just forcing my cock into her swollen pussy that was dripping, she cried harder harder fuck me like a whore. Talk like this gets me pretty close to calling this night over so I pull out to change positions hoping she wouldn't realize I almost came all over her . So I take a little detour down to the sweet spot that I had been thinking about all day and just go fucking crazy licking her from ass to clit over and over then start pressing down harder and harder. Feeling her clit move that way is the best, but I don't let her cum just yet, I bring her to the point of no return then slide my throbbing hard as a rock cock into her. She moans with immense feeling; I go slow at first jabbing hard in between the slow rocking back and forth. There is no way I'm cumming tonight before her. So I make my mind go to my place of sexual rage and just let loose. It seems like hours pass,we are both dripping with sweat and then it happens, I can see she's about to explode, so I slow down and place my hand between us and just slightly rub her clit. Then I can feel her tight pussy squeezing every second as she cums with pure ecstasy around me. I then let my love explode into her; the moans soften and we lay holding each other in silence.

Friday, April 13, 2012

18 days

18 days ago we started this blog.  It seems like such a long time ago and just yesterday at the same time.  I guess because we've jumped into this whole new world, an odd and exciting place to be.  Already there have been a few ups and downs, but all in all I'd say I'm really happy to be here and grateful to be making some new friends.  There is still so much to learn and so many questions I have about blogging.

18 is a special number to us.  I am a numbers person.  I like to mark the time 12:34 (one. two. three. four.) saying it out loud...said to Neo it means, I love you, I'm thinking about you.  I don't know why or how this started.  Maybe it came from the 143 of the old beeper days....oh those were wonderful, weren't they?

In celebration of 18 days of a new openness I'm going to post some photos we took in recent nights.  I hope they will get you Kinks off and start your weekend right!  (That is what I'm going to call you  now, you Kinks)

Thank you for being here!

Welcome home from work big boy

Want to join me in bed?

I've been waiting for you all day...

Let's have a little pillow talk

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Confession: Addicted to him

I’ve never considered myself an addictive personality – not to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol or any of those sorts of vices.   I never understood that deep need for something so badly you would go to great lengths to get it and feel tortured inside when you are denied it.  I believed in addiction, certainly witnessed it in others, but I never envied it.  You could even say I was proud of this.  

Anywhere, Anytime
On rare occasions in the past I have felt this intense need for Neo, a craving like no other.  It would last a few days (most likely from a spike in my hormones).  I would wake up with the desire and he would see it in me and match it.  We would have the time of our lives, savor every moment of it, but it would pass with a certainty and a sad finality. 

I am not talking about love here or the wonderful sex we enjoyed over the years, we have always been close.  I’m talking about the deep seeded need to touch him, to feel his skin, to breathe him in deeply, to encompass him into me.  

Things have changed for me.
There is an ache I have for him when he’s gone from my presence, for even a moment. I'm lost, can't breath, I crave him. 
This is my addiction.

I’m just lucky it is a safe and loving one, because I am a slave to it.  And I don’t want it to end.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TMI Tuesday: Love, Hate, and Guilty Secrets

Love, Hate, and Guilty Secrets. We never mind telling people about things we love or hate, but how about the things we love, but would hate for anyone to find out about?
Well, it’s time to free yourself of that fear!
For each of the categories below, list one thing you love, one that you hate, and then, take a deep breath and tell us something you hate to admit you love.
You’ll feel better for it!

Thought I'd participate in TMI Tuesday so you can get to know me a little better ;) *wink*

Nastassja's Answers

I love: Bleu Cheese crusted Filet, medium - LOVE a good steak!  And Bacon bacon bacon...
I hate: Spicy food.  I want to taste my food, not have my mouth burned to bits.
Guilty love: Squeeze cheeze from the can (Is that even cheese?) & cheesecake, which I LOVE but rarely get to eat.

Clothes: I love: Plunge bras
I hate: Long dresses and long skirts.  I look like a granny in them.
Guilty love: Silky boy cut panties and thigh high socks

I love: ALL sorts of books, sex books, medieval, self-help,...but mostly these days I read smut.
I hate: political books
Guilty Pleasure: Laurell K. Hamilton books - I'm obsessed with her books.   

I love:  Anything Foo Fighters...there are too many good songs in the world to name. I love the Foo's version of Nikki by Prince.
I hate: Anything with an annoying beat, and I'm not really a fan of 99% of country music
Guilty Pleasure: Gangster rap.  Rick Ross - I drive down the road bassin' thinking I'm a gangster's bitch

I love: Good action movies like The Bourne series The Matrix.  I also like a good drama or comedy.  I love to discover wonderful obscure movies.  Often that means you have to have the time to go through some bad ones though.
I hate: Scary movies of any kind.  The scary sounds are the worst.  I also hate movies that run on waaaay too long.  I act like a director during the movie in my head - Cut that scene-not necessary!  There better be a damn good reason for a 3 hour movie.  If there is, then those are my favorite!
Guilty Pleasure: Really bad Porn

TV Shows: I love: Spartacus - those guys are HOT-, also Nikita, Sons of Anarchy, and Game of Thrones!
I hate: Those reality shows with spoiled brat teenagers also the News channels.
Gulity Pleasure: The Ringer - We don't actually subscribe to TV in our house for over 2 years now, but I do find what I want on the internet.  I love a lot of tv shows, but they are mind numbing and I have stopped watching a LOT of what I used to. I'm more picky with my time now.  

Celebrity Crush:
I love: Dave Grohl & The Rock (correction, thanks Mia) (Would you look at that?)
I hate: I can't think of one...still looking at The Rock -->
Oh!  I don't like Fergie, ick!
Guilty crush: Tom Cruise, he's mine since Top Gun

Music Group:
I love: Foo Fighters, The Cranberries, and Madonna
I hate: Spice Girls and weird slutty girl dance groups
Guilty Pleasure: Lil' Wayne...UGH!  WHY???

Sports Team:
I love: There is no sports teams I love. Softball is fun lol
I hate: Watching sports
Guilty Pleasure: NONE.  Let's fuck on the Golf that better?

Bonus: Sexual position, act or fetish
I love: Giving blowjobs!  It is an addiction and my husband is very happy for it.
I hate: When I can't give a blowjob.  Boo Hoo!  (Pass me a lolipop)
Guilty Pleasure: Being tied up, pushed around, and told what to do...being submissive to him. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

She cried for "Mercy!"

Have you ever been completely fucked out?  It seems strange to say that.  Since December of last year we have been on this crescendo of sex that has led us to this past week where pain and pleasure have mixed into one...

We have pushed our bodies to the limit and if you recall Mr. Neo, he can't say no to me.   Many times a day- in the car, in the hot tub, in the shower, on the floor, on the porch...everywhere except the kitchen table.  And not just lovely, sweet, slow sex, but increasingly rough, guttural sex.
Last night, I finally cried "mercy!" like when we were kids.

So, last night we came home from a wonderful Easter day at the beach.  There is nothing that gets me hotter for my man than the ocean (and actually a hot tub or a warm summer pool works well, too).   He knows this very well and in the past when it was really a challenge to turn me on he used this to his advantage.  Worked every time.  But, yesterday had no need for an ulterior motive and it was just a relaxing day with a lot of knowing looks given to each other.  Memorable moments from the day...

His sandy hand on my leg and the thought that I want that hand to move lower.  Then, he drops little bits of sand on me and lets it trickle down my thigh.

Him sitting in between my legs leaning back.  Digging my feet into the cool sand beneath the surface.  He scoops more and buries my feet on either side of him and pats them down gently.  I whisper in his ear "it feels like you're binding me up with sand."

At home I asked if we could just be gentle tonight.  (As a side note, Neo can be so tender and gentle, but when I get to asking for more...well, I have to ask him before hand not to listen to my pleas)  In the hot tub something happened, I ended up sitting on the edge of the seat facing him, legs wide, kissing hard, nipping his neck, smelling the salt and suntan oil still on his skin, and his fingers entered me.  His thumb started going deep and he had me throwing my head back in complete ecstasy.  He found my g-spot and I didn't want him to stop.  He changed hands several times to keep me going.  I grabbed his forearm and helped him.  The heat of the tub had us sweating, so we came in the house and continued.  He put me on my back on the bed with a towel under me.  I was soaking wet and it wasn't from the water.  He continued to finger fuck me and lick me at the same time.  I was in another world there, the pain of my sensitive clit forgotten.  Then I was on the floor on all fours and he was behind me.  I whipped my hair to the side and inadvertently caught a glimpse of us there in the long four foot mirror that has been propped against the wall since we moved into this house.  He didn't notice, so I said, "honey LOOK!"  He saw us, let out a grunt, and pounded into me with renewed strength.  I wanted him to smack my ass and with one loud "Whack!" He came inside me.  I fell forward onto the floor and with panting breath said "Mercy! I give."

I'm not sure Neo knows what I meant by that.  Today of course, horny little me got online and started reading blogs and joined Twitter.  I text him in the middle of the day and I asked him to say no to me tonight because I am sore and I actually can't say no to him anymore.  (What a foreign concept.)  Do you know what he said to that?  "It's not up to me to tell you No to something you want!"  Oh I resolved to be a good girl and not do anything too over the top tonight...

Eh, that didn't work.  I'm a bad bad girl.  We had some of the hottest foreplay in the room and ended up out in our new Gazebo with the curtains closed, my skirt pulled up, and having a nice fuck in a patio chair.  Well???  It needed to be christened, didn't it?  ;)

I'm all Twitterpated!

Since I started this blog I've thought about (finally?) getting myself on twitter as well.  This new sexy online world I've jumped into makes me feel the need to join.  I want to be able to post quick updates on my phone while I am out and about having sexy thoughts...  Oh! I do believe this will be fun!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Hope you all have a nice day with loved ones. Neo enjoyed a morning blowjob and I've convinced him to take me to the beach.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

More of Us

We discussed it and we've decided to share some of our photos on this blog. It's both scary and exciting. We hope you enjoy...please be kind ;)


Friday, April 6, 2012

Rest up Mister, you're gonna need it

As this sexy hunk of man lies next to me napping, I think of how lucky I am...and how lucky he is to be getting this nap.  It's Friday and you know I want to Get. It. On. I'll let him rest up for later, eh? 

Last night I gave him one of the best blowjobs EV-ER...ever.  Do you know why it was the best?  Because it was completely for me.  I've found that nothing turns us on more than if the other is going down for themselves.  And this has me thinking of my favorite, Katt Williams quote, "No boo boo, I'm eating the pussy for me...silly girl" - "you brought dick too!?"  Oh, he is hysterical and if you haven't seen this go on ahead and find it on youtube.  Here is a link I found, not the best quality but it has the lines I'm referring to....go ahead, I'll wait...

"That's my shit!"  Ok, ok I am in love with his comedy.  So, go ahead and watch his specials so you can get with me whenever I quote his funny ass.

Back to the blowjob ;)
It started hours before with teasing.  Every time he came near me I rubbed his dick through his clothes and pulled it out whenever I got the chance to get just a little taste. He thought he would tease me by not letting me really at him.  Just a little kiss, lick, suck, here and there.  We got in the hot tub early in the evening and I rubbed him with my foot.  Just to let him know I wasn't letting him get away from me.  Back in the bedroom we had to get dressed to run an errand.   I said, "Don't wear any underwear so I can play with you in the car."  I was lying on the bed and he had his t-shirt on and shorts unzipped with his hard on sticking right at me.  I took a few pictures (for myself for later!) and rubbed my hand up and down the smoothness of his skin.  In the car we had a long drive in the dark.  We didn't even get down our street before I asked him to unzip for me.  I had to have my hand back on him again....oooh, so nice rubbing him again all the way down and around his balls and back up again.  I told him, It must feel so freeing to have it out like that driving down the road, our little secret.  Once we were on a longer stretch I got up on my knees in my seat and leaned over to suck his cock.  I took him all the way down as far as I could in that position.  He moaned and had one hand on the small of my back.  His fingers rubbing me so softly I got the chills.  I was so wet. 

Errand run and back at home...

I started by lying under his arm and kissing him and rubbing him through the sheets.  For a long time he enjoyed this and I had to keep asking if I was allowed to suck him yet.  Please?  Finally he said, "OK just a little..."  You know how that goes...  I started by licking all over his balls and kissing and sucking them.  Then finally a nice soft array of kisses and licks to the head.  Slowly... slowly taking him in and letting my wet mouth lubricate him further and further down.  I do this about half way then suddenly I just open wide and take him in all the way, closing my lips on the base of his cock.  He always has this deep intake of his breath and I sooo enjoy that.  Then, he knows he is caught in the venus fly trap that is my mouth and admits there is no more "just a little."  The deeper I take him the more sloppy lubrication I can get and I use this to start rubbing with my hand too, alternating with my hand slip sliding up and over the tip, and then my mouth down deep. 

It gets serious enough that I find his hand pulling at me to bring my ass closer to him.  He puts his hand under me and finds my pussy has soaked my pretty lace white panties.  This turns him on and he starts rubbing me with intensity.  I start sucking him fast and hard using my hand to slam down on the base of him, like a tight pussy riding him hard.  I'm slurping and making all kinds of noise, I literally want to eat him up.  I taste his pre-cum and feel him harden ready to cum, but he holds back knowing I am close.  I have this vision of myself going down on him as if I'm an outsider watching this woman perform and I am so HOT.  I let myself view us like this and my orgasm takes over my whole body.  My legs clench together as I hold tight to his cock and suck just to hold my upper body still.  He has his arms around my leg with his hands holding my clenched pussy as I rock through the spasms.  I never let go of the suction on his dick.  He is so wonderful to let me have this moment and to hold his back, knowing that his sweet release will soon come. 

Immediately, I am up and spreading my legs for him.  I want him to enter me while I still feel the shudder of my coming.  I place my ass on the edge of the bed with legs up so he can stand there over me.  I want to watch him plow into me.  When he does I start to clench again, it is so delightful.  He tells me he won't last long and I say that's ok, go for it baby.  A few minutes later he pulls out and comes on me all the way up to my tits and down my pussy.  It is so gorgeous and we laugh.  We laugh a lot.  I am ready to do this again...and again.

WOW! T.M.I Award

I'm VERY excited to accept this award from two of the first blogging connections I have made here in this sexy new world, the very sumptuously sexy Sophia at sexuallifeofawife and the lovely horny Liza at alwayseachother.  These two especially through their blogs have made me feel like I'm not so alone in this new chapter in my life.  Thank you both!

The TMI Blog Award honors those blogs that discuss everything in detail and do it well. These bloggers aren’t afraid to discuss their most awkward, embarrassing and intimate experiences with honesty, humor and little to no filter.
Here are the rules:
  • Thank the person who presented you with the award.
  • Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.
  • Share an awkward, embarrassing and intimate story in 250 words or less.
  • Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.
  • Present the TMI Blog Award to 5 – 10 deserving blogs.
  • Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog.
Two embarrassing stories immediately came to mind, but when I asked Neo what he thought he reminded me of a third one so that is the one I will share with you. 

It was the first year of our teenage marriage and we had recently moved.  We had a baby and my Mom, stepdud, and little brother came to stay with us for a weekend.  A very tiny old apartment with very thin walls, you may know where I am going with this.

That night Neo had the most lovely hard on (well, when did he NOT as a teenage boy!...or even now LOL!)...and he decided to get on top of me and pound the living shit out of me.  At that time I was SO extremely reserved and would bite the covers and do my best not to make a peep.  I guess this became a sort of conquest for him and he really let me have it that night.  At some point, I just gave in and started screaming...I mean really letting it all fly, headboard slamming, no holds barred.  I remember begging him for mercy, so I could stop, but he had the devil inside and wasn't going to stop.  For a long time this went on, he was tireless.  I completely enjoyed it in that moment.  But, afterwards...oh, I was so embarrassed to deal with my Mom in the morning!  I thought we would just not speak of it.

Well, Noooo...Neo and my mother have had a very close relationship since we were 10 years old.  They would really tell each other anything, more so than any of us kids would ever share with her.  So, the next day she says to him in front of me, "That was really something last night.  I had to go outside and smoke!  I thought you were KILLING MY DAUGHTER!" 

I thought I would just die of embarrassment.  He was the most proudest peacock you ever saw, the bastard!  I laugh now 20 years later, but not then.  I think the worst for me was over the years she has brought this up... "remember that time you were killing my daughter and I had to leave the apartment?"  And they have this laugh and my face turns red....The End.

I haven't been reading or blogging long enough to have a large list to choose from, but I am trying very hard to remedy that.  Here are some that I frequent the most:

1.  frisky in the 916  - Jack and Jill, such a lovely couple with a friendly, sexy blog.  I aspire to have the longevity they have had. 

2. uncommon appetites - Violet+Rye, if you're not following this blog then you just ain't cool.  This young couple is so much fun and they find and share the best of all things sex, food, and music with a funky twist I really love.

3. Tales from under our covers - Vincent and Mia, oooh la la...I have just found this couple's blog and I am wonderfully impressed and very intrigued by Mia's relationship with a woman.  It is HOT reading.

4. Dark Pretty Fun - I get lost in this blog on occassion and have to get up to stretch my sleeping legs.  It is wonderfully written and I am fascinated by her thoughts.

5. Daisy Danger - I love Daisy Danger and have purchased some of her kindle books.  They are worth the money.  Her journey to find her sexual self is very interesting and powerful. 

I am off to find some more sexy blogs to dive into!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You will always think of this

The very next day after we purchased our first rope Neo came home from work and pulled it out of the closet.  I was thinking "already? right now? I have dinner to cook...uhhh...things to do this early in the day?... LOL!"  He was like a kid with a new toy quickly unwrapping it from the plastic.  I just lay on the bed waiting.  The rope is 100 feet of beautiful white shiny nylon.  I love the look and feel of it.
Soft Rope on our post

He tied the end to the right post on our large headboard and pulled really hard shaking it, making sure it would hold.  Then he had to learn how to loop the rope a few feet down and tie my first wrist into it.  It took a few times experimenting. We didn't want to cut it into pieces just yet, so the tying process was a challenge. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed just watching his hands work the rope.  He pulled the rope back up to the headboard and over to the left side making it a sort of pulley system, then down to my other wrist.  I could move my wrist back and forth a bit, but never close the distance between them.  Then, he removed my panties and repeated this down to each foot post and each ankle.  He wasn't in a rush and it took some time.  The last bit of rope he looped around my neck and made a leash taking the end and rubbing it up between my legs as I lay there completely exposed and helpless.  
Like this but with all one piece

The room was very cold, so he threw a soft white blanket over me, tucking me in all the way up my sides, gave my pussy a little rub through the thin blanket and left me like that to watch him undress. My eyes stalked him like a cat and immediately looked for the hardon that was for me only.  Then, he grabbed a silk blindfold and my world went dark.  That was the last I saw of him for quite a while.  Suddenly my hearing was very acute, but he was good at this game and I was caught off guard when one hand touched the arch in my foot and the other was there caressing my breast.  His hands were randomly all over me and then he was between my legs licking and sucking my pussy.  I was wide open and ripe for the picking.  He left me a few times coming back with various toys.  I listened to every sound with anticipation. A vibrator at my clit, then an oscillating dildo rabbit pushed inside.  He ate my pussy so well it made my head spin and then fucked me gently with a longer, smoother dildo. 

Then, he climbed up over me and straddled my chest and I knew it was over for me.  He propped my head on a pillow and put his cock in my mouth and I sucked hungrily.  This is my greatest pleasure, to take him in my mouth.  He reached down with his hand and expertly held the dildo inside of me and at the same time held my little bullet vibrator over my clit.  I rocked back and forth over him as I sucked him off.  I wanted him to choke me with his dick and when he did just that, I came instantly and with great force.  He wouldn't move the vibrator from my sensitive clit and my orgasm lasted a while until finally I had to scream out for some mercy.

I lie there quietly bound hoping he would fuck me next with his hard cock and when he did I nearly came again.  It's always so good to be penetrated after an orgasm.  My pussy is tight and continues to throb on him.  He fucked me hard while I pulled on my ropes and nearly lifted myself up off the bed.  When he stopped he pulled out and shot his cum on my clit and I felt it hot on my belly and dripping down into my folds. 
As I floated around in my head, he gently cleaned me up.  It was such a good feeling to be completely taken care of in this way and to give over control. Then, I heard the naughty man taking pictures of me!  I could do nothing except laugh.

I'd say our first time was a huge success.  I watched him untie me and wrap up all of that long, beautiful rope around and around his strong arms.
I said to him, "You know, now every time you wrap up a cord like that you will always think of this."

Monday, April 2, 2012

Be careful what you wish for

Last week I wrote about my increasing need to be dominated and specifically tied up.  Be careful what you wish for...

 I followed Neo into the bedroom after he'd gotten home from work one one day and we were doing our usual "hello, how was your day" routine as he walked around taking off his work clothes.  I was on the bed fully clothed in my t-shirt and shorts just watching him go around the room.  Suddenly, he flipped me over on the bed and told me to stay there.  He had this devilish smile on his face, but I still didn't know what was up.  I heard his belt swoosh out of his pants and I started laughing and giggling.  Then, I heard the belt go SNAP! as he folded it onto itself and let me hear what was coming.  My insides quickly tightened and I laughed some more, completely expecting a spanking. 

He came over next to me and pushed slightly between my shoulder blades with the palm of his hand and I relaxed and shut my eyes.  "Don't move, stay there", he ordered and he was off again whistling a funny tune to himself. A minute later he grabbed my ankles, crossed them, and started wrapping his thick leather belt around and around; he tucked and buckled it down (still whistling).  At this point I was loving it and trying to be a good girl, but I was still laughing and that whistling wasn't helping my nerves.  Then, he grabbed my wrist behind my back and he had another belt wrapping me up the same way.  Ok, this was really unexpected!  I'd never been bound this way. I started writhing a little, testing the bonds.  It was holding really well, but I could get out of them if I had to.  I strained to look up sideways at his very tall frame and saw he'd gotten another belt or two.  He was playing with them trying to decide what to do next.  Using a third belt, he strapped my ankles to my wrists and I could sense he was very pleased with himself. At that angle on the bed the only thing I could see was his bulging cock going back and forth next to me as he worked. 

Finally, he gives me what I want and puts his cock into my waiting, wet mouth.  Nervous laughter stops now and he holds my head to thrust into me. I think, Now, that's what I'm talking about!  When he unties my hands I get to sit up and lick him balls to tip, up and down teasing him.  He's still smiling at me and I feel good; he's enjoying it as well.  Then, he takes a belt and gently wraps it around my neck while I am sucking him up and down.  He's standing above me leaning this way and that trying to get a good look at me with what has now become a proper leash around my neck.  Slightly tugging to prevent me from going all the way down and then releasing me to hungrily suck him deep into my throat. He gently pulls me into a standing position and walks me to the mirror to see myself collared and leashed and I have to admit it looks really sexy with my long, thick hair all over.  THIS vision he really's a new discovery. I tell him, "Well, I always did look good in sleeveless turtle necks and now I know why you liked them so much." 

I don't remember much after that. I know we forgot about the bonds and had some great sex there in front of our dresser mirror.  

This weekend we were at a hardware store and guess who could not keep the giggles away when we were walking away with a large roll of soft rope? 

"Do you two need any help?" the man asked looking very suspiciously at us.  "No, we are just looking around", we laughed and hurried to check out.

Our happy place

Well, well, well…it does seem writing this sex blog has turned up the heat even more in this marriage!  I am (and I do believe Neo is) completely exhausted after this weekend, in a nice satisfied sort of way.  

Saturday we took our boat out.  Earlier a storm had blown through and it was still very windy, so going completely out into open waters was out of the question.  Instead Captain Neo said for me to turn down a little offshoot in the channel and we followed that around and around until we found a nice secluded spot to anchor.  He did some fishing and I took off my cute new bathing suit and started reading The Sex Experiment by Mr. X on my kindle.  I knew the fishing wouldn’t last for long with us sitting in one spot (only so many places you can cast out and be turned down) AND with me sitting there naked tempting him.  The sun was nice and warm.  It was very cloudy so I wasn’t too afraid to burn my lady parts. 

A snapshot of the waterway that day

Finally, he put the fishing pole down and I thought I knew what was next…a nice kiss  and a fondle perhaps.  But, next thing I know he has the camera out taking pictures of me.  Very clever, Mister Neo!  Then he’s telling me how to pose for him and that part did get me going.  He then started kissing me, rubbing and pinching my nipples, and then he slid his hand down low to feel my wetness.  Good thing I had a towel because I was soaking by then.  Quickly, he inserted several fingers and began finger fucking me.  One minute he'd be kissing me and getting me all into it and the next he'd stop and go down to suck my clit, then back up again.  The combination of hard fingers and soft lips was driving me wild! 

As I lay there with him licking my pussy, I had a moment to open my eyes and take note of the beautiful surroundings.  The sun was held behind a thick white curtain of clouds, swirling around making beautiful sunny shapes as it tried to peek out.  The sea of dried grass reeds were blowing all around us and the various birds were singing making a nice concert of sound.  Even though I tried to relax, I kept checking to see if any little fishing boats were quietly trolling along to come upon our hiding spot.  That never happened the entire day, but it was a concern I tried really hard to let go of.
The view

Back to the incredible pussy licking I was getting-- it was too wonderful for words really, there in our little happy spot.  He started talking dirty and fingering me and I was able to let go of my concern at being caught and ride the wave of my orgasm.  Being able to moan out loud with no one to hear was really freeing. 

I cannot go very long without reaching and pulling for him to let me take his cock in my mouth.  It has become a very intense need.  He knows this and lets me have a taste here and there.  I try so hard to do a really good job so he won’t pull it away from me too quickly.  He can be such a tease! Finally, I get a good thing going with his cock and he sits up and takes some photos of me holding him, kissing and sucking.  I get him to move to a more comfortable spot and give him the most mind blowing blowjob.  He videos it so we can enjoy it later.  As much as I am not a fan of seeing myself in photos or video, I absolutely LOVE to see myself giving him a blowjob and this video is one for the books!  I bring him right to the edge with it and then pull away making him save it for me.  

Then, I laid out a large towel and lay back on the cushions waiting for him to climb on top of me.  I look between my legs to see he’s videoing again…He pans the camera over our location and gives a funny little narration, we laugh and then he’s entering me and his eyes change.  This isn’t a game anymore and I match the desire in his eyes with my own.  He hands me the camera thinking the video has stopped, but it I keep it going. 
As he starts pushing into me the boat begins to rock, but the surface under me is very hard and has no “give.”  He’s going so deep, faster and faster losing control.  At the same time I am enjoying the hell out of it and I keep the camera going on him.  I want to watch him cum.  He is lost in my body and he cries out;  that moment of complete joy and peace is between us as he cums into me.  We both smile so big and start laughing again.  He sits up and rubs his cock head on my clit…teasing and laughing.  I take a few pictures of us like this with his cock still rock hard and covered in our fluids.  The photographic treasures from this day will last a long, long time.

Photographer, Elvina Mae