Friday, April 6, 2012

Rest up Mister, you're gonna need it

As this sexy hunk of man lies next to me napping, I think of how lucky I am...and how lucky he is to be getting this nap.  It's Friday and you know I want to Get. It. On. I'll let him rest up for later, eh? 

Last night I gave him one of the best blowjobs EV-ER...ever.  Do you know why it was the best?  Because it was completely for me.  I've found that nothing turns us on more than if the other is going down for themselves.  And this has me thinking of my favorite, Katt Williams quote, "No boo boo, I'm eating the pussy for me...silly girl" - "you brought dick too!?"  Oh, he is hysterical and if you haven't seen this go on ahead and find it on youtube.  Here is a link I found, not the best quality but it has the lines I'm referring to....go ahead, I'll wait...

"That's my shit!"  Ok, ok I am in love with his comedy.  So, go ahead and watch his specials so you can get with me whenever I quote his funny ass.

Back to the blowjob ;)
It started hours before with teasing.  Every time he came near me I rubbed his dick through his clothes and pulled it out whenever I got the chance to get just a little taste. He thought he would tease me by not letting me really at him.  Just a little kiss, lick, suck, here and there.  We got in the hot tub early in the evening and I rubbed him with my foot.  Just to let him know I wasn't letting him get away from me.  Back in the bedroom we had to get dressed to run an errand.   I said, "Don't wear any underwear so I can play with you in the car."  I was lying on the bed and he had his t-shirt on and shorts unzipped with his hard on sticking right at me.  I took a few pictures (for myself for later!) and rubbed my hand up and down the smoothness of his skin.  In the car we had a long drive in the dark.  We didn't even get down our street before I asked him to unzip for me.  I had to have my hand back on him again....oooh, so nice rubbing him again all the way down and around his balls and back up again.  I told him, It must feel so freeing to have it out like that driving down the road, our little secret.  Once we were on a longer stretch I got up on my knees in my seat and leaned over to suck his cock.  I took him all the way down as far as I could in that position.  He moaned and had one hand on the small of my back.  His fingers rubbing me so softly I got the chills.  I was so wet. 

Errand run and back at home...

I started by lying under his arm and kissing him and rubbing him through the sheets.  For a long time he enjoyed this and I had to keep asking if I was allowed to suck him yet.  Please?  Finally he said, "OK just a little..."  You know how that goes...  I started by licking all over his balls and kissing and sucking them.  Then finally a nice soft array of kisses and licks to the head.  Slowly... slowly taking him in and letting my wet mouth lubricate him further and further down.  I do this about half way then suddenly I just open wide and take him in all the way, closing my lips on the base of his cock.  He always has this deep intake of his breath and I sooo enjoy that.  Then, he knows he is caught in the venus fly trap that is my mouth and admits there is no more "just a little."  The deeper I take him the more sloppy lubrication I can get and I use this to start rubbing with my hand too, alternating with my hand slip sliding up and over the tip, and then my mouth down deep. 

It gets serious enough that I find his hand pulling at me to bring my ass closer to him.  He puts his hand under me and finds my pussy has soaked my pretty lace white panties.  This turns him on and he starts rubbing me with intensity.  I start sucking him fast and hard using my hand to slam down on the base of him, like a tight pussy riding him hard.  I'm slurping and making all kinds of noise, I literally want to eat him up.  I taste his pre-cum and feel him harden ready to cum, but he holds back knowing I am close.  I have this vision of myself going down on him as if I'm an outsider watching this woman perform and I am so HOT.  I let myself view us like this and my orgasm takes over my whole body.  My legs clench together as I hold tight to his cock and suck just to hold my upper body still.  He has his arms around my leg with his hands holding my clenched pussy as I rock through the spasms.  I never let go of the suction on his dick.  He is so wonderful to let me have this moment and to hold his back, knowing that his sweet release will soon come. 

Immediately, I am up and spreading my legs for him.  I want him to enter me while I still feel the shudder of my coming.  I place my ass on the edge of the bed with legs up so he can stand there over me.  I want to watch him plow into me.  When he does I start to clench again, it is so delightful.  He tells me he won't last long and I say that's ok, go for it baby.  A few minutes later he pulls out and comes on me all the way up to my tits and down my pussy.  It is so gorgeous and we laugh.  We laugh a lot.  I am ready to do this again...and again.


  1. You are the best! I love reliving these moments, I'm so happy you started this blog. It gets me so hot all over again, I can't wait to taste you and feel your throbbing orgasm with my mouth. Tonight! Prepare for a pounding!

  2. We love your thoughts on oral sex. We both love receiving, but we both love giving just as much, and it's always a thrill when we realize that the person giving is clearly in the zone, doing it completely for him- or herself. So hot.

    The account of the sex - the blowjob in particular - was really hot to read, especially as we've now seen pictures! That made it much easier to visualize!