Monday, April 2, 2012

Our happy place

Well, well, well…it does seem writing this sex blog has turned up the heat even more in this marriage!  I am (and I do believe Neo is) completely exhausted after this weekend, in a nice satisfied sort of way.  

Saturday we took our boat out.  Earlier a storm had blown through and it was still very windy, so going completely out into open waters was out of the question.  Instead Captain Neo said for me to turn down a little offshoot in the channel and we followed that around and around until we found a nice secluded spot to anchor.  He did some fishing and I took off my cute new bathing suit and started reading The Sex Experiment by Mr. X on my kindle.  I knew the fishing wouldn’t last for long with us sitting in one spot (only so many places you can cast out and be turned down) AND with me sitting there naked tempting him.  The sun was nice and warm.  It was very cloudy so I wasn’t too afraid to burn my lady parts. 

A snapshot of the waterway that day

Finally, he put the fishing pole down and I thought I knew what was next…a nice kiss  and a fondle perhaps.  But, next thing I know he has the camera out taking pictures of me.  Very clever, Mister Neo!  Then he’s telling me how to pose for him and that part did get me going.  He then started kissing me, rubbing and pinching my nipples, and then he slid his hand down low to feel my wetness.  Good thing I had a towel because I was soaking by then.  Quickly, he inserted several fingers and began finger fucking me.  One minute he'd be kissing me and getting me all into it and the next he'd stop and go down to suck my clit, then back up again.  The combination of hard fingers and soft lips was driving me wild! 

As I lay there with him licking my pussy, I had a moment to open my eyes and take note of the beautiful surroundings.  The sun was held behind a thick white curtain of clouds, swirling around making beautiful sunny shapes as it tried to peek out.  The sea of dried grass reeds were blowing all around us and the various birds were singing making a nice concert of sound.  Even though I tried to relax, I kept checking to see if any little fishing boats were quietly trolling along to come upon our hiding spot.  That never happened the entire day, but it was a concern I tried really hard to let go of.
The view

Back to the incredible pussy licking I was getting-- it was too wonderful for words really, there in our little happy spot.  He started talking dirty and fingering me and I was able to let go of my concern at being caught and ride the wave of my orgasm.  Being able to moan out loud with no one to hear was really freeing. 

I cannot go very long without reaching and pulling for him to let me take his cock in my mouth.  It has become a very intense need.  He knows this and lets me have a taste here and there.  I try so hard to do a really good job so he won’t pull it away from me too quickly.  He can be such a tease! Finally, I get a good thing going with his cock and he sits up and takes some photos of me holding him, kissing and sucking.  I get him to move to a more comfortable spot and give him the most mind blowing blowjob.  He videos it so we can enjoy it later.  As much as I am not a fan of seeing myself in photos or video, I absolutely LOVE to see myself giving him a blowjob and this video is one for the books!  I bring him right to the edge with it and then pull away making him save it for me.  

Then, I laid out a large towel and lay back on the cushions waiting for him to climb on top of me.  I look between my legs to see he’s videoing again…He pans the camera over our location and gives a funny little narration, we laugh and then he’s entering me and his eyes change.  This isn’t a game anymore and I match the desire in his eyes with my own.  He hands me the camera thinking the video has stopped, but it I keep it going. 
As he starts pushing into me the boat begins to rock, but the surface under me is very hard and has no “give.”  He’s going so deep, faster and faster losing control.  At the same time I am enjoying the hell out of it and I keep the camera going on him.  I want to watch him cum.  He is lost in my body and he cries out;  that moment of complete joy and peace is between us as he cums into me.  We both smile so big and start laughing again.  He sits up and rubs his cock head on my clit…teasing and laughing.  I take a few pictures of us like this with his cock still rock hard and covered in our fluids.  The photographic treasures from this day will last a long, long time.

Photographer, Elvina Mae

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