Friday, April 27, 2012

The hot garage

We had been horny for each other that day (what is new, right?) and he came home from work with a chubby in his pants.  I watched him undress; it has become a regular ritual.  The slipping of the belt from its loops is my favorite part.  My eyes always go a little bit wider and if you were near me you’d hear a small intake of air when the belt slides out.  The tight boxer briefs he wears always look so sexy when he gets down to only them. 

It was a Tuesday. I recall because it was Taco Tuesday.  We decided to go to a popular local taco joint for their $4.99 special.  The tacos with the special sauce bar are to die for.  Feeling flirty, I put on a new tie-dyed, long flowing skirt I had just bought that day along with a matching aqua tank top and matching silver and aqua sandals.  I had to admit I was looking super cute.  I just started wearing dresses and skirts this year, so it is a new thing for me to feel comfortable in one. 

On the drive there, he drove and I lifted my right leg up onto the dashboard.  He pulled up my long skirt only revealing my tanned knees.  He put his right hand on my thigh and we both enjoyed the sexy closeness.  Then he felt up further to find my little pink cotton g-string to be wet already.  He moved it to the side and easily slipped a finger or two along my slit.  It felt so good.  I moaned a little as the cars rushed by us on the highway.  We made it to our destination much slower than usual because of this.

We ordered our usual and sat on the outside patio.  It was pretty warm with the sun directly on us, but the little breeze we had was nice enough to keep us comfortable.  I asked him to imagine we were on the boat with a cool breeze going; that thought put us in the right state of mind.  He watched me take bites of my oversized crunchy tacos every now and again.  He liked catching sight of the sweet juice dripping down my chin.  I quickly wiped it up each time to save my shirt from a stain, and I would giggle whenever he caught me with a drippy lip. 

We were talking and I remembered an errand I needed to run for someone who was out of town.  I told him I needed to stop by their house and perhaps we should pull our car into the empty garage…......

His eyes lit up, “Do you mean it?”
“Yes,” I said with a sly smile on my face. 

The rest of our meal we spent in near silence enjoying our food and stuck in our own private fantasy, both of us thinking on what would happen next.   We nearly kept up this silence on the way to the house, the anticipation building.

There was nothing to say.
It was a naughty idea put into motion.

At the house I got out and put in the code and he pulled into the empty 2 car garage.  I shut the door behind the car; the sound of the metal door creaking and groaning seemed intensely amplified.  My heart raced.  I went in the house and left him there for a moment.  Then, I came back out and tapped on the driver’s window, “Step out of the car please.”

I could barely get the words out when he opened the door and climbed out.  We were embraced and kissing before his tall frame was completely out of the car and fully standing.  He leaned back onto the car lowering himself to my height and we kissed like hungry teenagers.  He pulled my skirt up and felt my bare ass.  I lifted my left leg onto the driver’s seat and hiked up my skirt, knowing that was where his hand was headed next.  Simultaneously, my right hand felt for the bulge in his jeans.  We rubbed each other as our breathing got deeper.  His pants were unzipped and I pulled him out of his pants.  With my leg still up I leaned over to suck on his waiting erection.  I was fully conscious of the daylight coming in the window and the blinds part way up, slightly revealing us for anyone who walked by. 

All of a sudden he pulled me off of him and we kissed briefly.  He roughly turned me around and pushed me onto the trunk of our car.  It made a loud sound, exciting me further.  I lifted my skirt up over my waist and pulled my G-string to the side and he entered me quickly.  I was so wet; we both gasped.  He started furiously pounding into me and I could feel the sweet soreness from the crazy night we'd had previous.  For a moment I watched out of the open window wondering what it would be like if a pair of evening walkers came by and noticed us.  Would I stop him?  Would it turn us on more? 

I turned around and kissed him some more and asked him to get in the backseat so I could sit on him.  It took a minute to arrange the seats out of the way of his long legs.  I climbed in and straddled his thighs.  My tits were smooshed up into his face and he started kissing them as I lowered myself onto him.  I was still so wet.  The car was hot and steamy from both the heat of the garage and the heat of our bodies in the tight space.  I grabbed the headrests of the back seat and started riding him up and down.  Then, I began to rock and grind on him deeply the way he likes it.
Like this, but we opted for the back seat

With my tits in his face he was in heaven kissing them and then reaching up to kiss me on the mouth. I asked him to cum for me like this.  I wanted him to finish here this way, in our car, bodies tangled and sweaty.  He said ‘No’ at first, not wanting it to end, but I was persistent at getting what I want.  Eventually, he gave in to me and I knew it was coming.  He got the look in his eyes along with a sweet smile that let me know it was released and just about ready to take over him.  I smiled back at him and told him again to give me his hot cum.  He came hard.  I sat on him with all my weight and pressed him down hard into the seat, making him buck under me.  I was acutely aware of the soft fabric of our seats and the bend in my neck while my head pushed on the soft roof of the car. I saw his chest heaving, sweating, and caving in as he tried to push back from me with nowhere to go.  His eyes were closed and scrunched up in a look that could be confused with either pain or pleasure.  With nowhere for his body to go he was loud with his cumming, letting it release through his voice.

As he sat there with his eyes still closed and our breath panting together, I gave him a sweet kiss on the nose where a drop of sweat was hanging on and then on the lips.  Then I said, "time for me to go do what I’ve come here to do...", all sweet and innocent.

I got up off of him, climbed out, and left him there for a while.

We both had the biggest grins on our faces as we pulled out of that garage. 

In case you’re keeping score, at home later that night he gave me my sweet release when I sat on his face in sixty-nine.  It had been too long since we’d done that position with me on top and I had a wonderful orgasm.


  1. Totally hot! We miss having our own private garage to fuck in, although we've done okay in the large, not so private garage in our current building.

  2. exciting, your anklet makes you so exciting....thanx for posting

  3. Wow, I loved this... please do keep telling us of the things you get up to. Next time try leaving the door open!

    1. Naughty Erika, I love it. And thanks, we will!