Saturday, April 14, 2012

Her trip to Chippendale's

Nastassja went on a little adventure to see the Chippendale's the other night. She was extremely excited and got dressed up for the occasion. Since we are very new to the whole sexy scene I gave her two request and one rule. The first request was for her to enjoy herself and not to worry about me getting jealous (as I have been in the past), second request to find the guy she was most attracted to and to rub on his cock, I believe she like that request but was not sure. The one rule was no cocks in the mouth or one lying on her tits as this would be too close for her to control herself that would end up in her breaking the one rule that I had made. While she was getting ready I walked up to her in the bathroom gave her a nice little kiss on the lips and slowly sent my hand into her panties then turned away and left. I thought it would be best for me to go somewhere while she was enjoying other men's cocks, so I went to the golf course hoping to set my mind at peace and knock the shit out of some unknowing golf balls. Like I said before I had been a little bit of the jealous type up to this point. Not so much anymore, I'd rather enjoy showing off my prize then keep her locked away for only my pleasure. Wow what a difference this has made. I have never in my life felt as proud, loved, sexy and just plain great as I do now. A lot of changes going on in our lives right now and it seems they are all coming together into one amazing feeling of closeness for each other. Back to the story, I get side tracked a lot, I apologize in advance because it will happen again. While I'm at the golf course I feel this great sensation come over me that all will be great and she will come home to me hot and horny. I get a text from her 5 minutes later. I can hear her confidence through the text, shes letting me know without saying it that she is going to fuck me stupid when she gets home, needless to say my golf game got a whole lot better and I couldn't wait to get home so I could prepare for her arrival.

 The real fun started when she returned and starting undressing in front of me.

  I quickly pulled out the camera and started taking pictures of her beautiful body. We both had been waiting for this moment all day, me knowing she had been staring at large cocks dancing in front of her all night was driving me insane. Tonight I felt like I had something to prove to her, (Why the hell did I pick up the camera)? As it was good at first it turned into a photo shoot instead of hot passionate sex. We both realized it soon and thought it was best to STOP, take a minute, and to regroup. So we decided to hop in the hot tub and see where it would take us. Well the hot tub is a fucking savior, it never fails to get us turned on with each other. So much so that we got a second chance at the extreme craving of each other exactly like when she first arrived home. I was thrilled to get a second chance to pound her  the way she needed it. Just forcing my cock into her swollen pussy that was dripping, she cried harder harder fuck me like a whore. Talk like this gets me pretty close to calling this night over so I pull out to change positions hoping she wouldn't realize I almost came all over her . So I take a little detour down to the sweet spot that I had been thinking about all day and just go fucking crazy licking her from ass to clit over and over then start pressing down harder and harder. Feeling her clit move that way is the best, but I don't let her cum just yet, I bring her to the point of no return then slide my throbbing hard as a rock cock into her. She moans with immense feeling; I go slow at first jabbing hard in between the slow rocking back and forth. There is no way I'm cumming tonight before her. So I make my mind go to my place of sexual rage and just let loose. It seems like hours pass,we are both dripping with sweat and then it happens, I can see she's about to explode, so I slow down and place my hand between us and just slightly rub her clit. Then I can feel her tight pussy squeezing every second as she cums with pure ecstasy around me. I then let my love explode into her; the moans soften and we lay holding each other in silence.


  1. Sounds like all the changes in your lives are for the best! Before I met Jill, I could be jealous at times. Not sure why; it doesn't fit any other aspect of my personality. But I was insecure back then, and that's the only thing that makes any sense. Having shaken off those feelings, I'm a lot happier.

    For the record - as if you need me to say so - Nastassja is really sexy. You're a lucky man. Reading about the post-Chippendales fun that you enjoyed really turned us on. Thanks for sharing this story!


    1. Thank you for the compliment Jack ;)
      Very nice comment!

  2. I think the jealousy issue was do, to not believing that I was good enough for her and always having that fear in the back of my head that one day she would leave me for another. The recent changes in my life have brought me to a point that I will no longer live in fear, there just isn't any reason for it. Fear stems alot of unnecessary feelings for me and I'd rather not have them anymore. What has taken its place is alot of LOVE. So much love that it has been hard for me to be the gangster she married. I'm working on balancing my Love and Joy with Rough gangster..lmao. I need to find that middle ground. Because when I was hit with the Love change it was A WHOLE LOTTA LOVE so much people started thinking I turned soft. Nastassja has also gone through some changes, I guess since all the kids are no longer dependant on much! We are having the feeling of being 16 again, doing pretty much what ever the fuck we want, when ever, Its really freeing if thats even a word.

    Jack, you have some writing skills! I have only read a few of your blogs and ALL of them have been amazing. Such FLOWING DETAILS. I wish I could get the words out of my head faster, for me its like I have an entire story being played out in my head too fast and want to share it but I can't get the words out fast enough and when I do they are usally wrong and all mixed up and out of order.
    Fuck it, I will type and everyone that wishes to read can figure it out. I'm just wishing I had your skills. So happy for meeting you guys and people like you recently.

    Yes, I AM A LUCKY MAN!

  3. Love your writing honey. It shows your humor and how hot you are for me. Fucking love you! *kiss*