Nastassja Recommends

Here is a little list of the blogs and kinky places I like and visit regularly on the internet. I have found many great sites from others sharing, so I want to return the favor. (In no particular order)

Theo Black
Red Lion Street
Frisky in the 916
Tales from Under our Covers
Always Each Other
The Sex Experiment
Uncommon Appetites
Reed and River Unplugged
T is for TMI
ten years in
you linger like a haunting refrain
Curvaceous Dee
Shelby Cross, Writer
Daisy Danger

The Pleasure Principle

Wholesome Addiction podcast
Please send me an email if you find a broken link :)


  1. Thanks for the link, here, Nasty. Your story is kinda similar to ours in a way, and you turn it into such interesting, erotic, smart prose. I love reading you.

    1. Wow Theo that is high compliments coming from a writer like you. I thank you. In my time of absence I am still reading you in my email box. Many thanks...