Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You will always think of this

The very next day after we purchased our first rope Neo came home from work and pulled it out of the closet.  I was thinking "already? right now? I have dinner to cook...uhhh...things to do this early in the day?... LOL!"  He was like a kid with a new toy quickly unwrapping it from the plastic.  I just lay on the bed waiting.  The rope is 100 feet of beautiful white shiny nylon.  I love the look and feel of it.
Soft Rope on our post

He tied the end to the right post on our large headboard and pulled really hard shaking it, making sure it would hold.  Then he had to learn how to loop the rope a few feet down and tie my first wrist into it.  It took a few times experimenting. We didn't want to cut it into pieces just yet, so the tying process was a challenge. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed just watching his hands work the rope.  He pulled the rope back up to the headboard and over to the left side making it a sort of pulley system, then down to my other wrist.  I could move my wrist back and forth a bit, but never close the distance between them.  Then, he removed my panties and repeated this down to each foot post and each ankle.  He wasn't in a rush and it took some time.  The last bit of rope he looped around my neck and made a leash taking the end and rubbing it up between my legs as I lay there completely exposed and helpless.  
Like this but with all one piece

The room was very cold, so he threw a soft white blanket over me, tucking me in all the way up my sides, gave my pussy a little rub through the thin blanket and left me like that to watch him undress. My eyes stalked him like a cat and immediately looked for the hardon that was for me only.  Then, he grabbed a silk blindfold and my world went dark.  That was the last I saw of him for quite a while.  Suddenly my hearing was very acute, but he was good at this game and I was caught off guard when one hand touched the arch in my foot and the other was there caressing my breast.  His hands were randomly all over me and then he was between my legs licking and sucking my pussy.  I was wide open and ripe for the picking.  He left me a few times coming back with various toys.  I listened to every sound with anticipation. A vibrator at my clit, then an oscillating dildo rabbit pushed inside.  He ate my pussy so well it made my head spin and then fucked me gently with a longer, smoother dildo. 

Then, he climbed up over me and straddled my chest and I knew it was over for me.  He propped my head on a pillow and put his cock in my mouth and I sucked hungrily.  This is my greatest pleasure, to take him in my mouth.  He reached down with his hand and expertly held the dildo inside of me and at the same time held my little bullet vibrator over my clit.  I rocked back and forth over him as I sucked him off.  I wanted him to choke me with his dick and when he did just that, I came instantly and with great force.  He wouldn't move the vibrator from my sensitive clit and my orgasm lasted a while until finally I had to scream out for some mercy.

I lie there quietly bound hoping he would fuck me next with his hard cock and when he did I nearly came again.  It's always so good to be penetrated after an orgasm.  My pussy is tight and continues to throb on him.  He fucked me hard while I pulled on my ropes and nearly lifted myself up off the bed.  When he stopped he pulled out and shot his cum on my clit and I felt it hot on my belly and dripping down into my folds. 
As I floated around in my head, he gently cleaned me up.  It was such a good feeling to be completely taken care of in this way and to give over control. Then, I heard the naughty man taking pictures of me!  I could do nothing except laugh.

I'd say our first time was a huge success.  I watched him untie me and wrap up all of that long, beautiful rope around and around his strong arms.
I said to him, "You know, now every time you wrap up a cord like that you will always think of this."

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