Friday, March 30, 2012

Nastassja's Wish List

It's Friday!!!  I didn't get much sleep last night and I'm beginning to see a pattern here, so tonight I've let it be known I really need a good, exhausting pounding.  I have no doubt Neo will be more than happy to oblige ;) 

Let's talk about fantasies.  Even though some of the best sex I've ever had is in our beautiful bedroom, I can't help but notice that most of my fantasies are of us at various locations.  I've started a list and thought I'd share some of them.

1. Take me to the woods.  I see this as a nice afternoon or early just before sunset (I'm sure I'd be too freaked by "things" out there in the dark!).  You surprise me by pulling off the road to a location you've already scoped out.  There's not much underbrush to tangle our feet.  Perhaps you've brought a blanket, but that's not necessary because I want you to fuck me up against a tree.

2.  Pull over on a deserted road one night (after you've been getting a road blowjob) and just fuck me in the car- backseat, front seat, bent over the hood.  No woods needed here!  I'm thinking you already have this place in mind.

3.  Text me one afternoon and tell me to meet you at a hotel and give me the room number.  Doesn't have to be fancy, sleazy works really well here, too.  Bonus would be if you had some toys set out for me to see when I get there.  Or blindfold me when I get there and keep the suspense going. 

4.  Text me to meet you at an empty building...this nearly happened once.  Too bad I had to rush off to work!  Tell me to wear sexy panties and I will know to plan for it the right way.

5. Take me on our boat camping overnight and let's have sex out there under the stars.  Both of our favorite place to be in the world.

6. Come home from work one day and with no words or hesitation pin me to the bed and just take me. 

7.  Take me to the beach and as I'm lying on my chest on our blanket, discretely reach underneath me or between my legs with a towel over me and finger me as I'm dozing to the sounds of the waves.  Oh heaven!

I'll be adding and updating this list.  Feel free to share your experiences with us, too!


  1. Cool list. We don't have many location-based fantasies; most of our fantasies involve other people, or other scenarios, more than specific places.

    You describe your specific fantasies with vivid, glowing detail, and they're very appealing. Though we don't have any specifics in mind, we are very turned on by public (or at least semi-public) sex. We've had a few experiences, and we want to have more.

  2. Jack and Jill- Thank you! *blush* More and more lately we have been adding other people into our fantasy scenarios. This weekend Neo told me a story down this line and my mind nearly exploded! I will share that one soon... Thanks for stopping by to read ;)

  3. Great list, we've done #1 (once while camping, once while hiking) and #2 a few times....but #4 well #4 we were working our way through when I found out we weren't alone...

    1. Blake- Wow, I hope we get a story out of that one! Neo works in empty buildings sometimes, so I'm hoping I will have another opportunity.