Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So pleased with myself

We went on a weekend family trip and as I was packing up our luggage to return home Neo whispered to me “tonight...”, just one word and I shivered in anticipation.  It's been a two day interruption in our sex life and both of us were feeling it.  When we got home, I saw him looking at me with those eyes and a knowing smile from across the great room as we were unpacking and trying to figure out dinner. I held his stare until I had to giggle.  The time until we would finally be alone seemed to go achingly slow and I kept hearing his promise of “tonight” rattle in my head.   Finally, it was time to soak away our travel sore bodies in the hot tub.  I’d been waiting for this.  I have a love affair going with my hot tub, it’s no secret.  

I’m always instantly relaxed when he rubs my feet.  We have no words tonight; we just enjoy the swirl of the tub and look up at the stars, happy to be home.

When we towel off in the room he finds me putting lotion on my legs, propping each one up on the edge of the bed. He comes up behind me to put some on my back starting a nice slow massage.  Then he gets in the bed and pats between his legs asking me to come sit between them. I love when he’s in this lazy sexy mood.  I put on a deep purple nightie and climb in.  I love the feel of him touching me through my clothes.  I lean back into him and feel that he’s already hard for me, God I love that!  The back massage doesn’t last because in this position he’s got to go straight for my tits and I have to angle my head back for a kiss.  I love the contrast of his soft lips and scruffy goatee and I need to have more of him.

Our making out becomes feverish and he reaches one hand up to grab my neck, pushing my jaw up towards him.  It's slightly painful and I like it; I can feel my pussy dripping.  He reaches a hand down and glides it across me, “Oh you’re so wet” he says.  I just nod within his grasp and moan in response.  I’ve got my body at a slight angle now so I can run my hand between us and find his swollen cock head.  Oh, this gets me so hot for him.  We keep making out with him sitting behind me until I think I will die if I don’t turn myself around and sit on his hardon.  He’s got me pinned to his mouth with one hand on my neck and the other pinching and flicking my left nipple.  The sensation goes straight to my clit.  He reads my mind at the same moment and says “Do you want to sit on me?  I'll never know how he reads me like that. I can’t turn around fast enough, but when I do I see that gorgeous hard cock and decide I must have it in my mouth first; the oral fixation I have lately won’t let it go.  On my knees between his legs, I start by rubbing my large tits over him slowly up and down bringing his dick into my cleavage. He puts his head back resting into my touch and mentions how warm my tits are.  Then my head goes down and I take him in, just the tip at first with my breasts still surrounding the base of his cock and his balls.  I take him in all the way to the base and he moans for me.  My nightie is too long, so I reach back and pull it up over my ass so he can see it up in the air. In just a few long, deep strokes I feel his cock harden even more; he likes the view and my need to sit on him returns. 

I climb up on him and he wants to use his hands to guide his cock in.  I tell him “No hands” and bat him away.  When I’m this wet I love the feel of rubbing my pussy juices all over his shaft, teasing him until I finally let the tip find my opening and slide down onto him.  The moan he makes when I first sit on him is such a turn on.  The tables are turned now and I have him pinned down underneath me.  I feel his hands on my hips and ass so gentle, almost an afterthought, but I want more and I grab his hands and make him squeeze me tight.  He takes this as initiative to start pulling me down onto him harder and harder.  I grab the headboard and realize for the first time that the decoration up there is a nice handle.  It gives me the leverage I need to really fuck him.  It’s not long at all and he says to me “Damn you! ...Fuck!” over and over.  I’ve really got him now and I am so pleased with myself.  I love making him curse me.  I’m on the verge of my own orgasm but I can’t let it go because I am enjoying watching his so much. He writhes and bucks beneath me and I feel his hot cum fill me up so deliciously I smile devilishly to think of it.

I lay back  and watch him through half closed eyes go to the bathroom to clean up a bit.  I’m feeling light headed and giddy.  I could go to sleep like this perfectly happy, but he won’t let me.  He’s such a giving husband and always wants me to come, too.  Maybe he knows I will drive him crazy the next morning with sexting if he doesn’t get me off at least once.  (He’s right)  He comes back to the side of the bed and kneels down next to me.  I tell him to get the Hitachi wand and put it on top of the towel covering my pussy, so it dims the intensity.  He rocks it back and forth the way I like it and takes my nipples into his mouth.  I pull him over to kiss me again and my right arm slides down to his cock.  I need to touch him at all times.  The vibrator is so intense I’m on the edge of pain and pleasure and I’m not sure of this feeling.  I take the wand and guide it with my hand and he starts pushing it into my pelvis in a rhythm like he’s fucking me.  I feel an intense pressure build and build and I tell him “don't stop, it’s coming baby.”  The most intense orgasm rushes over me making my entire body spasm.  He rides the wave with me as my body bucks and keeps it pressed on me, taking control of my pleasure.  My orgasm continues for what seems like forever, every second little shock waves pound out of me and I am in a constant state of arousal, thrashing and moaning.  Finally, I can’t take anymore and I relax down into the bed.  I know it’s his turn to be satisfied with himself.   We snuggle up and sleep deeply, finally home in our own bed. 


  1. Wow. That's all I've got....wow. Only way to sum up the thoughts of you're the best, that's super fucking hot, one lucky guy, really well written....and on and on.
    Love the "oral fixation I have lately"!!

    1. Thanks Blake glad you liked it. I have a girlfriend who also has this oral fixastion...we laugh about it and always have hard candy and lollipops to share. Sadly we can't go around with a fatty in our mouth ALL the time.