Monday, March 26, 2012

1st Post - Dipping a hand in the cookie jar

The amount of reading I have done lately is directly proportional to the amount of sex I'm having and leaves me to wanting more and more.  Thank you to Violet + Rye and to Liza for their sexy blogs! This has led to me to this desire to write and share our sex life.  It will be honest and anonymous.  My husband, Neo, and I speak openly with our sexy friends, but never in the full details I will share here.  Mr. Neo will know about and read this blog and possibly comment here and there. He's not known for keeping his hand out of "things." 

A little about us; we met as kids in school and dated each other (and a few others) as teenagers.  Married 17 years young and had some children.  They are grown now and going on to lives of their own.  It has been both sad and wonderful for us.  Last year marked our 20th anniversary and with it so many new changes.  New friends, new adventures, and a surprisingly increased sex drive for myself...enough to match or outmatch his.  We are finding life is so exciting and our love for each other has grown more than we even imagined.  That is not to say that things have always been easy, but this will not be a place for too much of life's unpleasantness.  


  1. Wow, thanks for the lovely shout out! So glad I could inspire what looks like it will be some lovely sex writing! Looking forward to more.

    1. Thanks Liza! I'm very excited about it...and totally addicted to your blog. We are very similar :)

  2. Looking forward to following you, it seems your timeline matches ours (our kids are younger) and your increased sex drive matches my Sara's....good times to come!

  3. Hello Blake! Yes, sounds like we are very similar and I'm looking forward to following you two as well. Hello to Sara :)

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