Thursday, March 29, 2012

I can't help myself

We were headed out to a movie recently, a rare treat for Neo to go with me.  I decided to get dressed up more than usual for this movie night.  I wanted to finally try out some lip tattoos I had gotten for Christmas and planned my outfit around it, red and black fishnet. 

Neo came home from work and we had a nice shower together soaping each other a little bit and teasing.  Afterwards, I mentioned his new cock ring arrived in the mail and he ran to find the package. I spotted him across the room with a nice hard-on, wearing the ring, and watched him get partly dressed.  I had a nice giggle at how much he really enjoys wearing them and went to check it out, still wearing a bath towel.  I can’t go by his hard cock without rubbing it with my hand.  I meant for it to be casual, maybe just a little kiss.  But, that quickly turned into a nice blowjob for him. He felt down to see I was dripping wet, but there was no time for more.  I love doing this right before we leave the house. 

Sadly, too much time had passed and I had no time to do my lip tattoos or even do my hair.  So I just put some product in my wet hair and let it air dry.  He says it’s sexy like that anyways.  And I quickly did some makeup (I’m usually a natural girl) and added this cute purple lipstick he loves.  I know he imagines those purple lips wrapped around him.

 I put on a red lace plunge bra and a black and white silky top with spaghetti straps to show off my shoulders for him, then threw on black jeans and black sparkle flip flops (I told you I was in a hurry and I’m a pretty casual girl!) .

The movie was fun.  I ran my hand over his bulge several times when it was dark enough, scraping my nails over his jeans.  At home we crashed into bed together and he slowly peeled off my clothes.  I couldn’t wait to have my tits played with.  Those plunge bras make me feel so sexy and they leave the nipple so close to the edge, just begging to be pulled out and pinched.  When he finally did just that I know I gasped….several time over and over.  He started to finger me and I just melted into him.  This is my absolute favorite thing; his hands are so large and manly and know just what to do with me.  I was close to orgasm when he suddenly went down on me to finish me off.  I felt my orgasm shoot right through my feet; it was so incredibly delicious. 

After that I am always up for anything, but I asked him not to really hurt me (deep inside) tonight.  We had been tired but once he started fucking me he didn’t show any signs of slowing.  I decided that cock ring had to come OFF so I could take more of him in and with him on top he found my G-spot quickly.  At that point I was a fucking machine and was begging him to hurt me, fuck me harder, Harder!  He says he told me I would ask for more.  Well?….I just can’t help myself.   

We ended up on the floor and I lay there a while after he came inside me. I watched him down the long hall into our bathroom and shut my eyes and listened to him take another quick shower.  I love watching him…

I'll have to try those lips some other time!


  1. Oh, deliciously dirty! Even without the sexy fishnet lips!