Monday, July 2, 2012

Dirty Twitter Day (Part 3)

Ice Cream anyone?

Read part one and two first if you'd like ...  It’s late and I’ve been ridden hard, but I am still in a very playful mood. Neo is on Twitter chatting and I've got my vanilla ice cream, teasing his nipples with my cold spoon and a nice view. We both get on Twitter to play again.  I thank the gentlemen J, on twitter who helped get me into “trouble” earlier with Neo. I let him know I thoroughly enjoyed my torment.  He asked for a few pictures of the trouble we got into. Neo catches onto this conversation and thanks the guy for helping get his wife so hot.  As the flirting continues Neo suggests J send me a picture of his hard-on to imagine while I suck on him, as a little thank you.  In a photo I had seen earlier in the day J had his jeans unzipped presenting himself.  So, Neo gets into character and puts some jeans on for me.  I get rather excited watching him walk across the room naked and slip on those jeans knowing that they are coming unzipped immediately and that there will be another man there waiting for me. 

J sends me a photo of his hard dick and it springs to nearly life size on my kindle screen (I have a good imagination).  I take a few pictures with the photo including this one.

I am a little giddy, but Neo is all seriousness and tells me to go down on him “now.”  The tone in his voice makes me wet.  I crawl between his legs on the bed and pull him out of his jeans.  He’s already hard for me.  I have the photo of J’s dick propped up next to us on the bed.  I’m taking my man down and making him warm and wet and enjoying the familiar feel of him.  He’s taking pictures of me with his cell phone.  He tells me to look at the picture.  I’m nervous, but I do it as I’m stroking him up and down.  He asks me if I like sucking another man’s dick? I am caught offguard and I moan a yes onto him.  The picture is moved closer to me, only a few inches away, and I stare closely at the details of J’s gloriously hard cock.  The veins are pulsing and the head of him is red and swollen.  Suddenly, it is real and I am in the moment sucking down this other man as my husband watches.  I’m both excited and scared at the same time.  

There is a thrill going through me like a free fall on a roller coaster and I take a deep breath before daring to glace up into my husband’s eyes.  I’m not sure what I will see in him.  He rewards me with an approving nod of his head, ever so slightly, and a “yes, you’re a good girl” look in his heated eyes.  I’m relieved and excited again knowing that it’s ok.  I truly feel the difference in my mouth.  His dick is slightly fatter, shorter, straight up, and with a bulging hard head.  It turns me on so much that I feel my pussy lips parting and sliding against each other from the wetness dripping down to my thick thighs. 

Intensity builds as Neo talks dirty to me, reminding me he’s watching me suck another man and he likes it.  He asks how much I like it and tells me I’m a dirty girl.  I work his cock hard and fast with my hand and tell him I want his cum.  I see he has the phone pointed at me taking a video.  He’s watching me through the screen, envisioning the fantasy. I let my tongue drool down onto the tip of him as I keep stroking him, squeezing tight on the head with each thrust. He stiffens and his thighs tighten around me.  I don’t let up the pace.  I feel him stiffen fully that moment just before he releases his thighs and shoots his cum for me.  I swallow him and massage my hands over his pubic area, around to his hips, up to his chest, and back down around his sides to the middle of him.  I draw him fully into me this way.   

He lays there looking at me completely sated and in awe.  It felt real and it feels too right.  

As you may have come to expect from us, one thing has led to another and this fantasy has snowballed for us.  More on that later!

*J gave permission to use his photo and link to his Twitter account.  His account is unavailable at this time, but if he turns up I will certainly link to it for you all.*


  1. Very hot! We love the pictures too. Someday that will be my cock. ;)


  2. Love it! It's funny how something that starts off small can snowball into SO much more. Can't wait to hear where the story goes.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  3. All very exciting!

  4. wow love to se my cock like this