Friday, June 15, 2012

Dirty Twitter Day (Part 1)

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It was the day after our first cam experience.  We were still hot for each other after that night and played with each other on text all morning teasing each other with what we liked about it.  I started to flirt with others on my Twitter, especially a few guys as he had asked me to do.  The sext play kept going late in the afternoon and Neo turned up the heat on Twitter.  I took a shower and when I got back I saw a few tweets from him:

Neo: “I think it would be best if I didn't come straight home from work today, I would rather watch my young love try out her new wings. Fly free!”

Nat: that's sweet of you, but I do think you need to get home and handle this! <----

Neo: there are no words to describe how much I am turned on by you today. WOW

Nat: show me

Neo: slowly open our chest and remove the rope and lay it at the foot of the bed.

Nat: *GULP*

Neo: put my crop in your mouth and bite down. When I text you "dirty little whore" you will know I'm in the driveway

...there will be no words spoken, you will not ask, you will not answer, you will only do as I command.

…put on your red high heels and colorful silk nighty. You will be on your knees at the foot of the bed.

…hands on the floor, your black collar lying on the floor in front of you next to your leash. Do it now!

… and just to add a little excitement remove the silk scarf from the closet and lay it around your neck under hair

…the house better be empty when I get there, I don't want the police called. From your screams you asked for it

Nat: *answers a tweet here and gets in trouble!*

Neo: I said not to speak!

I hurry to shower and dress for him.  I think I see his truck pass by the bathroom window so I throw a scarf around my neck and kneel down.  With the crop in my mouth, I keep hearing my phone (which was plugged into the wall across the room) *bleep* at me…either from a Twitter or regular text.  I get up more than once, heart pounding in my throat that he might catch me not on my knees, just to see if it's a message from him.  It isn't and I hurry back to kneeling.  I think he’s in the driveway the entire time making me wait.  I stare at the light coming from under the bedroom door so that I might catch his shadow before he touches the door knob.  Nothing.  I listen to every little noise the house makes hoping to hear a far off door,  a footstep, or perhaps our dogs signaling he’s home. Nothing.  Minutes pass and my knees get sore.  I am determined to follow his instructions after he put so much effort into his plan.  I rock my body side to side and try to settle my mind.  My jaw starts to ache from the crop which feels heavier by the moment.  I use my hands to help lift the weight.  I am determined not to complain and do this.  Finally, another text *bling* and it startles me.  I debate, but I have to check it.  I see his message "I'm here."  I quickly get back on my knees.  (Turns out it wasn't his truck I saw.) 

A nervous giggle starts to form deep within me.  I haven’t been this nervous since I don't know when.  I still don’t hear his truck, nor do any dogs give him away.  I am beginning to wonder how much longer I could wait on my knees like this when the backyard door to our bedroom opens.  The bright sunlight makes me squint, but I keep my eyes open enough to see his devilish smile as he takes in the sight of me.  He has skipped going through the house, that’s why I didn't hear anything. He wastes no time coming over to me and passes behind me. My pent up anticipation comes out as nervous laughter through my teeth locked onto the crop.  Immediately he pulls the black scarf from under my hair and wraps it twice around my head stealing away my sight. 
Cell phone pic he took
With sight removed, my laughter stops and I relax.  He rubs his hand over my bottom and gives me a smack on each cheek, hard.  I flinch from the blows.  I know that was for speaking earlier.  Then he kindly removes the crop from my mouth and begins rubbing it on my bare bottom.  He spanks me a few more times with it and it stings.  I yell “Ow!” but that only gets me more spankings.  He reminds me not to speak, again.  I hear him walk over to the dresser and remove his belt and some things from his pockets.  It gets quiet for a moment; I suspect this is when he took a few pictures of me. 

He bends my head back and kisses me gently. Then, grabs my hands and lifts me to stand up.  He spins me around and sits me in our low bedroom chair and he puts a collar on me.  I rest here while I hear him undressing.

Our sexy chair

I feel him between my legs as his hands part my knees and run up my thighs. He pulls my panties off slowly.  With no warning, I feel his tongue on my pussy licking my wetness. I moan and touch his soft bald head.  He only does this long enough to tease me then he is away again.  I feel his touch on my nipples, he pinches them.  I hear a door open and close, not sure of which one it is.  I feel him push the blindfold off my nose and kiss me again.  I smell my sweetness on his lips.  He crosses my arms in front of me and I hear the Velcro and understand he’s putting on my cuffs.  He’s very gentle and slow putting them on, letting the anticipation build.

He grabs my hands and pulls me over to the bed, laying me down onto my front.  I feel the softness of the flogger drag down my spine, ass, and legs. I tremble a little knowing what comes next.  He starts to whack me with the flogger left side to right in even strokes.  It doesn't quite hurt, but feels shocking to the skin. My entire body is flogged and my nerves are on edge.  He flips me over to my front.  

I can’t help him position me much with my hands cuffed, but he’s strong enough to grab my hips and push me into place so that I’m fully in the center. I feel the weight of him as he leans over my body and grabs my cuffed writs to thread the rope through the loops. I hear the rope zipping through the loop as he pulls enough to winds it around one of the bedposts.  Using it as a pulley my arms are lifted above my head.  He takes his time working the rope all over the bed posts, down and around to the ones on my feet.  He straps my ankles into soft cuffs and wraps the rope around my ankles and feet, through the cuff loops, and secures them each to a post, pulling them wide and making sure I have no slack to lift my legs.  I test the rope and its firm. I hear something click and suddenly the Hitachi is on my pelvis and I’m gasping for air.  He puts it on low and pushes it onto me where he’s found I like it, just above my clit and on my pelvic bone.  It feels like the weight of a hand holding it on me and I grind myself on it, both for pleasure and to alleviate any soreness the massive vibrations can start to cause if held too long in one place.  I am lost in this intense feeling when suddenly I feel the most gentle of kisses coming from above my head onto my lips.  It takes me by such surprise I gasp out loud and suck in a large amount of air from his mouth.  It feels like there is a hand holding the Hitachi from below my legs, but how can that be?  Are there two in this room or three?  Was that a door I heard earlier? It’s confusing for a few moments, but my mind settles as I know he wouldn’t surprise me with another without my agreement. 

His hands wander down  around my breast and he lifts my nighty to reveal my perked up nipples.  He sucks on each one hard, then licks them, then sucks again. I’m writhing from the nipple play and the Hitachi moving down on me.  He moves back around to my feet and removes the Hitachi.  I think it’s over but he’s added the g-spot attachment and I feel him insert it and he starts to fuck me with it.  The whole thing is making me excited but I’m feeling sore from all of the vibrations.  I risk talking to call Yellow and ask for his cock instead.  Thankfully, he understands and pulls it away rubbing me with his hand.  He loosens the rope on my feet to give me a little slack, and then I feel his weight on me as he enters me.  I’m so wet he slides all the way in.  We are both so hot he doesn’t take his time here long.  He starts fucking me proper.  I can’t get one of my legs up all the way, but I’m pushing my hips up into him lifting myself off the bed.  I pull against my tied arms for leverage.  He releases the rope on my ankle cuffs and I feel my legs lifted by the straps connecting them.  He puts the strap over his neck and I'm able to rest my legs around his back as he enters me again. 

He leans forward and my legs lift.  He separates my wrist cuffs and pushes his forearms onto mine pinning me onto the bed as he fucks me harder than before. I curl my pelvis up so he hits me even deeper with each thrust.  Each time he pulls the length of him out, the tip of his cock flicks over my g-spot and I want him to slam into me faster and faster.  The scarf slips just enough so that my right eye has a view of his chest and shoulder above me.  I focus on this part of him and I see his breath going faster as he speeds up.  I’m screaming for him just like he promised I would.  I turn my head to the right and find his forearm close enough to suck and bite down on the soft inner flesh.  He groans and misses half a beat.  I suck on his arm harder as he pushes into me and builds up a sweat.  I feel his sweat drip onto my chest and I know he’s close.  Without missing another beat, he grabs the Hitachi and forces it between us and I am out of control pulling on all my bindings and shaking my head side to side.  I relax my hips as my orgasm builds from the inside.  I cum on him screaming and shaking uncontrollably.  He pulls out and cums on my entire body.  I feel hot cum splashing me over and over:  left breast, middle of the chest, belly button, back up to my chin, right breast, and a pool of it drips down my clit.  He rubs his warm cum over my clit with the tip of his cock and I am a mewling mess lying there at his mercy. 

Gently, he lifts my blindfold and I give him the best smile I can muster.  I’m spent in such a lovely way.  I blink slowly and enjoy watching his naked, glistening body untie me one post at a time.  He says I can speak now.  I have nothing much to say…except, “that was a lot of cum.”  We take a shower together, but I say this will not be enough water therapy; I need the hot tub, too.  He agrees to soak with me because I don’t like going alone.  The hot tub feels so good on my achy muscles; we stay out there a long time and talk about the night before.

He wants to try something again…  (Part 2 coming tomorrow, Part 3 the following day!)

What our bed looked like when we got back inside. 


  1. Ohhhh hot hot hot. I love SO much about this. I love the Hitachi, I love the ropes, I love the teasing, the obedience, the hard fucking. It's so very hot.

    The boyfriend equally approves!

    1. Yeah baby! I'm turning myself on just writing this stuff and reliving it.
      That last picture was for you Bi, so you can get an idea of the rope. I'll get more pics later ;)

  2. Yum. So HOT. Thanks for posting on Frisky Friday. And for writing such hot stuff. And posting such hot pictures.

    1. Thanks N! My pleasure and I hope to keep up with it :)

  3. Whoa! We knew you were writing something incredibly hot, but we had no idea it was going to be quite this hot. We remember reading some of the tweets that opened this post; it's nice to get the backstory.

    Also, the shot of you blindfolded? Beautiful and sexy. And the shot of you sitting with your legs crossed? Mysterious and alluring. We are so intrigued by you both.

    1. Thank you Jack and Jill! I'm never completely sure if what I'm writing comes across how I'm feeling, so I thank you for the compliment.

  4. Since I follow you both on twitter, I had a feeling something was up, nicely done!

    1. *giggles* Thanks Ponyboy. We like to have fun ;)