Saturday, June 16, 2012

Toy chest lock up - Formspring Friday

I was recently reading a Formspring Friday question on Violet and Rye's blog, Uncommon Appetites, asking about toy cleaners and how they store their toys in general.  Go check out their post and come on back!

This made me think of our toy chest and I thought I'd share with you all what we do and a little dilemma I have. 

We bought this chest years ago but the house we lived in was very cramped and it was stuffed with old blankets. We moved recently and our bedroom is now more open and suddenly I have this great chest to use!  Moving also gave me an opportunity to empty out my nightstand drawers of the lubes and toys that were packed in there and throw out the old stuff. This also coincided with a pretty big sex toy shopping trip, so Neo thought we should use our chest for some of our goodies.  

Some of our collection

The lube, my smaller vibes, and my Hitachi are still in my nightstand because it's much easier to reach for them in a moment of passion.  But, the chest for the larger play items and bondage stuff is really handy. (Unfortunately the spreader bar doesn't fit in it!)

A little while back I realized I had some toys that probably got ruined sooner than they should have because they were touching, so I bought some silk fabric and sewed a few bags.  That project got delayed a bit from the moving, but a few bags I finished turned out pretty nice. The only issue I'm having is not being able to readily see what is in each one, so I have to go by feel or just open each one up.

As far as cleaning goes, I use soap and water and dry them with a lint free towel or let them air dry.  I do have some Lelo spray toy cleaner that I have used a few times and I like the stuff.  There have been a few times that I wanted to give a toy a spray right before use, just as an extra precaution because I can be somewhat of a germaphobe. Also the Lelo and the real cyberskin have a different surface on them which I like to use the spray on. 

~The Dilemma~
A real (or imagined?) problem I'm having is Neo and I are leaving for a 5 day cruise next week (I may have mentioned this on Twitter a few times because I am SO excited!) and our five kids (21-12 year old) will be here at the house. They are good kids, but you never know if they will snoop. Kids are curious and they all know that their parents are in this bedroom A LOT and without any details they also know why. We talk about everything with them, but I'm still a Mom and I feel like I should lock this stuff up somewhere when we leave!  The chest does not have a lock and it would ruin it to put a big padlock on it.  I'm going to think of something!  

Collar, leash, cock rings, flogger, leg straps, etc.


  1. Funny that you should post this now. Last week I emptied out an old chest of mine. I tossed what I didn't need and put what I did into smaller boxes. Then I organized much of our sexual inventory, from toys to lube to porn to accessories, and put them in the chest, which now sits inconspicuously in a corner of our bedroom. We've got a lock for the chest, though at this point we probably don't need to lock everything up; our daughter may be curious but she couldn't possibly lift the lid of this thing.


  2. I love seeing your collection! You have some very fun stuff - and it's so well organized!

    I guess you can hide the chest in a closet while you're gone?