Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dirty Twitter Day (Part 2)

If you haven’t read part one, you should go do that now and then come back ;)

Back in the hot tub again I am massaging my back.  He’s fucked me to jello limbs and the jets bring me back to life.  We talk again about the fact that he wants to cam again now that the first time is out of the way.  He wants to see if he feels more comfortable.  We are both amazed and laugh at how much I enjoyed it once the cam was on and the initial nerves were gone. When we get back inside this is how I found our bedroom and it was a big, messy turn on!

We spent a little while cleaning up and I put on my favorite panties.

On Twitter that day, someone had once again mentioned ‘TheStory of O’ and so I put it on the big screen for us.  We relax in bed and watch the movie and he turns our cam back on in the main chat room…afterall, there are many people doing such ordinary things in there also.  Plus, I rub his chest and his bulging pants while I watch the movie.  The movie is a good choice and gets me turned on again. About halfway through I can’t resist his cock any longer.  I make my move down to remove his pants and we are making our own show.  Someone on the chat says “Finally you two!” Haha!  It’s a lighthearted atmosphere and I can dig it.

I continue to suck and tease Neo’s cock and he is hard for me pretty fast.   Before we go any further, he gets up to pee and I use the opportunity to check out some more features on the chat.  I notice there are some “rooms” but very few people in each.  I click on one with the word "naked" in the name and open up the cams in there.  It’s a couple of guys and I’m not sure what they are watching, but I leave us in this room.

I tell Neo we are going to put on a more private show and see what happens.  He lays back down and I start giving him a blowjob to make anyone jealous.  I deep throat him and get him all sloppy wet and start jerking him with my hands.

He grows to full on hardness and I feel my thighs get wet.  I’m sucking and slirping him down with a fever.  I have to stop more than three times and tell him, “No no baby, not yet.”  When he's just where I like him, I get up onto him and sit down on his hard cock.  I throw my head back in ecstasy as he fills me completely.  I lift my tits out of my nightshirt and let them hang down for him to suckle my nipples.  I turn the cam to us so they can see and I notice the attendance in the room has jumped up from 3 to over 20. There are also a couple of comments asking me to look at their cams.  I ride Neo for all I’m worth, grabbing the headboard and thrusting my hips back and forth very quickly over him.  He’s under me squeezing my tits and making sounds of encouragement “Yes, baby…yes, like that. “  I break for just a second to open up two or three of the cams who have politely asked me to look.  Two of them are guys with hot bodies and large dicks and boy oh boy I am turned on. I ride Neo harder, lifting my feet up closer to his chest and sliding up and down on the length of him.  I go really slow a few times, because Neo loves the feeling of my pussy sliding over him slowly and this way they can see how long my man is. He smacks my ass a few times as I put my hands on his chest and fuck him like he’s done to me earlier in the day.

When I’m out of breath, Neo rolls me over and puts me in front of the camera with my legs spread wide for them all.  It’s my turn to feel overexposed, but his desire makes me agree to try.  I can’t see the screen at all from this position and he leans over me to lick and eat my pussy.  I feel myself relax with each lick. When Neo comes up he tells me to wave to the camera.  I do this without question and then realize it has been a request.  Since we have no sound on, someone has asked for me to wave if I want him to come for me…and I have done just that.  Naught Neo!
He comes up and kneels next to me, cradles my head, and puts his dick in my mouth.

At that moment, there is nothing else except him and I greedily take him again.  He uses his other hand to spread my pussy lips and rub my juices over my clit.  It feels so good, this is one of my favorite positions to be in and I’m turned on again by them watching.

I ask him for my elephant (aka rabbit) vibrator and he grabs it and pushes it inside me.  I continue to suck his cock getting him wet again and using my hand I squeeze him tight.  I use my other hand to grab the vibrator and take it from Neo.  I use it to fuck myself as if nobody was watching.  I feel my orgasm building again from deep inside.  The vibrator oscillates inside of me while I push it in and out quickly and the elephant trunk hits against my clit with each thrust.  My arm gets tired; I am thrusting the dick into me so hard and I relax as I explode into a body jolting orgasm.  My hand stays squeezed on Neo’s cock and I suck on him while I ride it out. 

He’s been teased enough and tells me to get on my knees again.  He positions me where he wants for the camera, smacks my ass for them, and pushes into my wet pussy.  I love this moment when he enters me after I’ve just orgasmed.  It makes me beg for him to fuck me hard.  I’m sore from earlier and it makes me feel so naughty to be pushing my limits and doing it again.  I turn around and suck his cock again. I push him down and sit on him again, froggy style, and he lays under me with wonder on his face, not believing what I’m doing.  How long, how fast, how much more can I fuck him in one day?  He gets behind me again to fuck me for the big finish.  Each thrust into me feels deeper and more deliciously painful than the next.  I scream for him to cum for me and end my torture.  He slams against me one last time and I turn to swallow him, grabbing his cock and holding onto him.  His knees want to give out, but I hold him up with my arms as I keep him in my mouth. 

There is that big smile on my face again.  He has to lie down.  There are some grateful chat messages and I tell them “thanks, see you next time” and leave the room. 

Now after all of this, I have missed the ending of ‘The Story of O’ and I need to rewind and watch it.  The movie is fantastic, by the way ;) 

We wash up again…but do you think we are done yet?  Somebody on Twitter gets naughty with me and we do something very new.
What is going on here???

(Part 3 coming tomorrow...)


  1. Can't wait to read part three! For that matter, we need to re-read part two, because we were so captivated by the images you posted that it was difficult to focus on the words! All kidding aside, that was totally fucking hot to read, and we wish we were there to experience it along with you guys!

    Also, we want to know exactly what's happening in that last shot. Better still, we want to see it...

    1. Not to will be worth the wait...

      Glad you like the pictures ;) No harm in drinking them in and re-reading!