Thursday, June 7, 2012

Video chatting, Part two

If you're interested in Part One, go here.

I had an unusually busy day, came home and found Neo lying across our gorgeously made bed.  He’s on his stomach with his feet towards the door when I walk in.  His long lean body is completely nude and looks fresh from a shower.  His front is propped up on a pillow and he’s no doubt playing on Twitter with his phone.  I walk around the bed to face him and smack his ass.  I know he’s been waiting for that.  Then, I lean down for a quick kiss and ask him to move over.  We lie facing one another knees to head, but don’t really say much. I'm still in my t-shirt, jean shorts and tennis shoes. He rubs lightly down my thigh and down my calf.  It sends shivers up my body and I roll onto my front for comfort.  I mention I have a still have the migraine since the night before and nothing has helped today.   His hand moves over my lower back in that little dip that is so sensitive, moving my t-shirt out of the way and inching his fingers in the dip of my shorts.  He moves to rub my head at the temples relaxing me further.  Then, he gets up and I just lay there forcing myself to keep this relaxed mood.  I find it difficult not to open my eyes, not to talk to him about his day.  I hear him moving about the room and in the bathroom.  I hear his cup and the pouring of a drink.  I envision myself as tied up and it helps my mind rest.

I feel him climb on the bed and the bristles of my large, round curling brush going down the side of my head and pull my long hair out over the duvet.  The feeling is so intensely sexy and deeply relaxing, I moan for him in appreciation.  He bushes a pattern through my scalp and makes my hair fan out across the bed.  Each pull of the brush relaxes me further.  He does this a long time, then I switch to the other side and he continues.  It’s so sensual.  I mention he hasn’t brushed my hair in a long time.  He says he doesn’t know why.  

After a time, he gets up and I realize my migraine is gone.  I dare not move because I want to keep this feeling.  Still on my front, he pulls my legs down the side of the bed until I’m at my knees.  Then he places a towel underneath me up to my thighs and removes my shoes and socks.  I wiggle my toes at him. He pulls our small bedroom chair up to my feet and he takes our coconut oil jar and pours a little down my right calf very slowly and down to my foot.  He slides the oil around gently at first letting me enjoy the sensation of his hands sliding over my skin.  He pushes the oil all over the dry areas of my feet, and then starts to massage me up my calves and down to my feet.  He pays close attention to every inch, every muscle and bone in my foot, and takes great care not to cause any discomfort.  He’s a master at this craft and I’m so delighted.  He repeats the sexy pouring of the oil onto my other calf and repeats his ministrations over my legs.  He bends my leg up at the knee and pushes it towards me forcing a nice slow stretch.  Then, he puts my leg down gently resting my toes on his thigh and he moves to massaging my thighs about half way up each one as far as he can to my jean shorts.   When he’s done I move onto my side and curl up into a ball.  He sits beside me and rubs my back for a minute.  It’s been over an hour since he’s been home and we haven’t said more than 10 words.  We both seem to need some relaxed silence. 

We move to our hot tub and after a short time we finally started talking.  The subject of our membership to the online cam site came up again.  We had agreed earlier in the day that we were both up for it.  He was surprised I agreed and was making sure I still wanted to go through with it.  I told him what I needed from it for it to happen, that I had made my mind up and I didn’t want him to let me back out unless I said a specific phrase.  A safe word, if you will.  We continued to talk about it back in the house in our shower together.  This was the moment it became real for me standing there naked with him. “ I’m really going to do this?”, I thought.  Yes, I was going to push myself and not chicken out.  If I seriously freaked, I knew he’d be there for me.  He washed my body and I washed his, the soapy lather turning us both on.  He helped me dress in a simple, see through nighty and he put on his silky pants I love so much.  My moment of panic was gone and replaced with excitement.  I put on our music adjusted our lighting and we were ready.

Let's do this!
 The chat room was brought to life on his laptop screen.  Our own camera was on pause and he wouldn't turn it on until I was ready.  I got into bed next to him and he turned it on.  A few people said Hi to us.  Neo told them this was going to be our first time and to please be kind.  I didn't see any responses.  He was clicking on cams trying to find a nice couple or two, I presumed.  I started to rub him through his silky pants and play with the hem pushing it lower and lower.  I rubbed the sexy bit near his hips and up to his chest and played with his nipples a little.  I kissed his hips and up to his nipples where my hands had already led the way.  Then, I pulled his pants down exposing him and quickly grabbing him with my hand and putting him into my mouth.  I held him with one hand while I kissed and sucked on his balls.  I noticed he was watching the screen too much so I asked him to look at me and don’t worry about what they are doing or saying.  He relaxed and I continued licking up and down his cock like a little kitten.  Then I took the head into my mouth and sucked it in and out over and over.  I suddenly went all the way down deep throating the entire length of him and he sucked in air.  I got him nice and wet and used my hand to rub up and down with my mouth.  I increased speed until I saw his toes curl, then I slowed down and kissed his belly. I noticed on the screen a few comments to me “Good job!”, they said.  I completely loved it!  I took a moment to rub his body, then I went back sucking and stroking him some more. He was panting and ready for me, but I tried taking my time and letting him have it good.  A few times he was distracted by the chat room, but I took it as a challenge to bring him back.  I wanted him at full attention so I could have my way with him. Finally, I moved him to sit on his dick and I used my hand to rub him up and down my wet pussy.  He was surprised at how wet I was.  I smacked him against me and then sat down all the way. He grabbed my tits and held on while I used my pelvis to grind deep.  My g-spot was getting a lot of attention and I was totally showing off.  I saw my large hips on the screen moving pretty fast over him.  I grabbed our headboard and used it to hold myself up while he took a turn fucking me from below.  

Neo grabbed my hips, flipped me over, and pulled me at an angle to the camera so I couldn’t see anymore.  Then, he lifted my knees up and gave me the look like I was about to get it.  I was so turned on by him and being watched.  He plowed into me and I screamed.  He continued to fuck me into submission until I was dizzy and out of breath.  I forgot about the camera and it was just us two.  He gave me the Hitachi and I pushed it between us and had an intense orgasm all over his dick.  I was shaking uncontrollably.  The drops of sweat pouring from his head brought me back to reality.  Finally, I opened my eyes and saw him there and a huge smile came across my face. 

“On your knees,” I obey of course.  

Always waiting for him

He turns us to another angle so he can watch himself go into me.  He’s fucking me and asking me if I like all of those guys watching me.  That’s so hot, I have to say yes.  He goes faster and harder then and calls me his dirty little whore and smacks my ass.  I’m really taking a beating now as he continues to smack me.  I ask him if I can suck his cum.  "Can I have it on camera?"  I want to show them.  He says yes, get ready.  I’m moaning and begging him for it.  "Please let me have your cum, ....Please!" He’s pouring sweat on me again, I feel it dropping onto my ass.  One last smack and a hard push...I feel his rhythm start to change and I know he’s close.  He says, “Now baby” and I spin around quickly grabbing his cock and putting it in my mouth.  I suck and stroke him as he cums, feeling it warm in my mouth.  My eyes turn up, he throws his head back and he’s the one moaning loudly now.  I have one hand on his sweaty thigh and I remove it to push the the wet hair off of my face so the camera can see, still sucking his cum.  He’s cumming for a long time and I haven’t spilled a drop.  I hear a deep sigh then his laughter lets me know he’s back with us. I release him and flop onto my back, taking the shot of him down quickly.  He leans over me and pushing his hand over his bald head I get a shower of sweat on my chest.  I jokingly smack him for that bit. 

“That was fun,” I say.

I roll over and I’m face to face with the camera.  I see all the comments praising and thanking us.  I don’t realize it until they say, but they have a full facial view (from the nose down to my breasts on the mattress) of the biggest smile I’ve ever seen me have.  This is probably the smile I usually have after great sex, but I never see it for myself.  It makes me laugh harder to see myself so joyous.  They are writing to me and commenting on my laugh and how it was “that” good, huh?  I say a quick thanks and goodbye, shut it down and head to the shower again.  I get my ass smacked on the way there.

All of this gives us a LOT to talk about. 


  1. Holy. Fuck. We want a show like that sometime! And the pictures of Nastassja that accompany this post are beautiful and sexy, and provide further evidence that she's someone we'd like to get to know better.