Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TMI Tuesday: ...The Most Times - June 12

This week's TMI Tuesday theme is...

We want to know the thing you've done the most times.

1. What sex position have you been in the most times?
I thought I didn't have just one, but then I remembered, DUH! between Neo's legs giving him a blowjob.  What's more interesting is, did you know he doesn't like the word "blowjob"?  Suggestions for me here?
Anyways...this HAS to be my answer because I do it in the morning, at noon, and at night...with or without intercourse, with or without getting the favor returned, in the car, in a boat, in the shower, and at all times during sex.  Let's just say I really really like it. a. lot.

2. What book have you read...?
I can't recall ever reading a book more than once.  I LOVE to read, but I have a thing about "more than once" with books, movies, stories people tell...repetition is generally a turn off for me in every day life things. 
I have read The Hobbit AND listened to it on audio book (which was incredible)....so I'll go with that. 

3. What movie have you watched...?
Ok, my rule about more than once does apply still here, but back when I was younger I watched Top Gun and Dirty Dancing over a hundred times each.  I wore out some VHS tapes. I know every line. 

4. In the last week, who have you texted...? (no names, list the relationship or type of person)
That's very simple.  Neo. I text him constantly.  Occasionally, I text my kids to come to my room, go do some laundry, or get something from the store for me.  (Hey, it works!)  And, I have one girlfriend that says hi to me once a week or so. 

5. In the last week, what food have you eaten...?
Peanut butter and Jelly.  I'm on a pb&j kick right now. As a matter of fact, I'll go have one now, I'm starving! Did you know peanut butter has gotten very expensive?

6. Today, which website have you visited...?
TMI Tuesday!

7. When dining out, where have you eaten...?
Sonny's BBQ   Love the corn nuggets and the salad bar.  The baby back ribs are my favorite, too...

8. Which sex toy have you used...?
my little bullet.  It's my go-to toy when I'm on the edge and need a little help, when I'm bored and wanna play, when-ever. 

Bonus: Is there something you'd love to go back and relive in your sexual past?
No.  For me the past is the past and I'd like to keep it there.  Everything I am doing NOW is much mo'bettah.  Thinking back I would like to tell you about my first time with Neo one day.  

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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. We like the fact that your answer to #1 is not a penis-vagina intercourse position but rather a position for oral. And the position itself really speaks to your submissive side. Your enthusiasm for oral is admirable. It's surprising to learn that Neo doesn't like "blowjob". If we're not saying "blowjob" then we're usually saying "sucking cock" or "giving head".

    If we ever get out your way, we're definitely going to Sonny's BBQ.

    1. We pretty much give equal time to all of the other positions, so I had to go with what I do most often.

      Sonny's is our go-to place, especially when we have visitors! It's a deal :)

  2. Wow, blowjob was not an answer I was expecting for #1! Lucky guy he is for having you be so happy to give! So... what does he like to call it? Curious why that term is disliked.

    I went years without eating PB&J and recently rediscovered them. So delicious!

    1. You weren't expecting it from me? Teehee! LOL

      I think I am old school when it comes to this because I still count oral as sex. I think a lot of people don't now. That's amazing to me.

      PB&J is the perfect after sex food!

    2. He would rather I say "Sucking cock/dick" But, it just seems awkward to say that sometimes. If I say would you like a "blowjob" apparently he cringes at the word. Either way, he's gonna get it! LOL

    3. No I agree oral sex is sex, for me at least. I don't know how it isn't for some.