Monday, July 16, 2012

K comes by

After the night of the hottest sex I’ve ever experienced, Neo and I got into some serious discussions about making this a reality.  Our friend, K is a big jokester and flirts just like my husband.  He’s also tall, (huge turn-on for me) cute, and silly just like him.  They could be brothers, they have always said so.  I have not ever (consciously) flirted back with him.  I would joke around, sure…but as far as truly flirting and making a pass…I would never do that to my husband’s friends before.

So Neo called up K to reconnect.  Neo asked him to stop by and hang out and have some beer one night after work.  He also mentioned “Nat, really wants to see you…”  This could be taken any way because of their long time joking around relationship.  He agreed to come by and time passed SO slowly for me.  The Friday night he said he was possibly going to stop by was the girl’s movie night I had planned to go see Magic Mike.  I was caught in a dilemma for days over it.  Would he show up?  Would I miss him and go to the movie instead?  Would I flirt with him if I did see him? How would he take that?

Meanwhile, Neo and I kept having some really hot sex.  Every time I mentioned his name in bed Neo would get firmer and fuck me harder than before.  Every time he said “Do you want K to do this?...” I would go weak and get wetter.  This fantasy has us both on edge.  Neo came home from work one day on his lunch just so we could relieve each other of the constant torment. Each night we discussed him and how we could make this happen.  Just the possibility had me flying high.

On Magic Mike movie night I started getting ready two hours before I was supposed to meet the girls at the bar for our pre-movie-drinking.  It was just about the same time Neo was supposed to hear from K to confirm he was coming.  I got myself dressed sexy not knowing who I was dressing for.  I took my time doing my hair and my makeup.  I shaved in all the right places and put on all the nice lotions and potions.  I think doing all of this kept my mind busy enough to keep my cool.  Neo watched me getting ready and then called me gorgeous when I was done.  That was enough for me, to hear that from my adoring husband.  

At the expected time, I was ready and he hadn’t called.  I said, “Ok honey take me to the bar to my girls.”  I was slightly disappointed, but kept it to myself really well.  The girls and the drinking of strawberry margaritas definitely helped.  One drink into the night I got a text from Neo saying “He called and sounded disappointed you already left.  He got a bow tie and was going to dance for you.”  WHOA!  I was all at once confused and excited and really disappointed.  Meanwhile, the girls around me had no clue at what mischief I was up to.  I thought Neo was joking with me, but he promised me that it was true and K was going to surprise me with a dance because I had been willing to miss the movie to see him.  I didn’t know what to think about all of this, but it sure picked up my spirits.  In hindsight, Neo wished he had come back for me and got me to leave that bar.  But, I did really enjoy the movie with my girls and had a great time. 

K and his wife live in another town and we only see them maybe once a year. The very same weekend he worked Saturday and our schedules didn’t work for him to come over until Sunday with his wife.  I don’t know how to describe my feelings here.  I felt ashamed -I would have to face her with these fantasies in my head.  I felt scared- she would find me out and absolutely hate me and forbid us ever being friends again.  Seeing them I immediately hugged her and we had a nice conversation about mundane things.  Only a quick hug for him as I kept my focus on her.  I kept offering the guys beers as they had some alone time out on our porch.  I was worried and excited that Neo might just tell him what the deal was right away while they were alone.  That didn’t happen.  I got his wife to come join us on the porch and we continued to talk with the four of us.  I was giddy, I think, and looking like a nervous school girl, probably flashing my eyes and twirling my hair or some much too girly for me thing like that.  Neo got up from his seat right next to me and K got up right on que and took his spot and said something about wanting to sit by me.  Every time his beer was empty I got another one.  Neo laughed at me for this and kept calling me cute….I usually do not serve so well.  HEY! I was nervous!!!!  His wife sat on the other side of me and Neo was a little removed from our little seated triangle.  Very odd as I am used to 27 years of Neo as the very CENTER of attention and I now found myself firmly planted there!

Moments I remember from that night:

• K putting his cold hand on my knee and when going to remove it I say you can keep it there a while, I like it.
• K leaving the back door open to my bedroom in a daring invite asking me to come with him to get his beer. (Tempted, but I did not because Neo and I have an agreement to be together)
• K asking his wife to tell me about the time a few years ago she was going to let her friend give him a BJ, but he turned it down.
• Neo telling K that he has his “permission” with his wife.
• K asking his wife to tell me that he bought a bow tie for that night and she knew about it and wanted him to go to the car and get it for the two of us! (he refused, the chicken)
• Neo giving K his cell phone with a ton of our dirty pictures on it and K scrolling through them all quickly saying “wow, whoa, hello!” I told him we don’t let ANYONE see that phone and he should be privileged.
The thrill and embarrassment from him looking at all of those. My beat red face.
• K telling me that I have “really changed a lot”
• K telling his wife to go give Neo a back massage and to show him her talents. Which she did while he sat in a chair and begged for more. “With oil is better”, she said…
• K and his wife complimenting us on our very happy marriage after knowing us all these years.

Well, after this night I had very little doubt left that he was probably into this.  The wife is the one I am not sure about.  She is sweet, smart, and what I would call naturally submissive to him.  But, at this point the question hadn’t been put to them in plain words.---  Do you want to swing?  

And a new revelation...I am okay with his wife and Neo together.  It thrilled me to realize it.  Neo is still skeptical of it, but time has passed and it remains true.  With her, I am excited about it!  

to be continued...


  1. Wow!!! I cannot wait to see where this goes... seriously. How exciting and unnerving.

    1. It has be consuming of the mind... *sigh*

  2. Sounds like there's strong potential there. If you really want it, it sounds like they would at least be willing to discuss it.

    In your shoes I would express the interest, say there's no rush if they don't want to, and leave the ball in their court. Best of luck!

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP