Thursday, August 23, 2012

Potatoh, Potahto

It was a rare occasion when Neo came home to find me sitting in our great room in a recliner, reading and “supervising” dinner.  He plopped down onto the potato next to me and smiled, happy to be home with us.  I was really into my book, an excellent sci-fi written by a close friend.  But, Neo staring at me with that inviting body was all it took to convince me to turn off my kindle and slip in next to him.  It was only my second time getting on the potato.  I worry that it might cause me back pain, so I don’t venture down onto it.  But, snuggled up to my man I was never more comfortable.  The potato is filled with chunks of memory foam and it molded around us like a cocoon.  

The Potato in our living room

I casually put one leg over his middle and found him to quickly grow from chubby to hard…Oh my!  So, I suggested in a whisper that we should bring this thing into our room. The sparks ignited between us and thus commenced lots of whispers and giggles between us as the college and high school kids were coming in from school telling us about their day.  They are getting used to us being the kids in this relationship.

Later we found ourselves in the bedroom showered and horny. I asked him to bring the potato in the room and we giggled some more at the thought of us sneaking this huge piece of furniture into our room.  The kids would surely notice its absence in the morning and that would be something to explain.  It took some work from both of us to get it lifted into the doorway.  It’s very heavy and bulky.  Finally it fell perfectly into place in the open area of our floor.  Neo immediately jumped into it.  This guy wastes NO time when he wants something.  I snapped his picture on my phone.

Tall, sexy man ;)

But, Poor Neo…I asked him to come into bed for foreplay with me first.
What is foreplay for me?  Worshipping the cock, of course.  I rubbed and squeezed over the top of his cotton boxers.  I love the feel of him through the fabric.  I rubbed his chest and kissed his neck, pinching a nipple every so often, but mostly it was about the cock.  I ran my fingers through the edge of his boxers letting my fingers ever so softly touch the head of him.  I flipped my hand from facing his pelvis to facing his cock and grabbing it in my hand.  Sometimes I would squeeze and pull and sometimes I would barely touch and let his dick slide through my hand like expensive silk.  I love the feeling of it before it’s gotten wet by my mouth.  The skin is so delicate in my hands.  Finally, I pulled him out of his pants and traced my lips with his silky smooth head, hoping for a drop of wetness to leak out for me.  I can’t go on like this long; I must have him inside my lips.  This time I really wanted his pre-cum.  I focused on sucking on the tip like it was a fountain that I need only to find the switch for.  I sucked gentle and used the tip of my soft tongue on his tender spots.  I sucked, pulsing quickly on the very tip and when I heard him moan I went all the way down.  My throat was open for him, it even surprised me. I took him down and let him stay there while I ran my tongue down to his balls. He always moans when I do that and grows harder and deeper into my throat.  I pulled up slowly and sucked him with more force.  My hand found the end of him soaking wet from my throat and I used it to glide my fingers over him, around, down, twisting, between the fingers, and back down.  Then, I added my mouth again and in unison with my hand I fucked him with all of my face and mind.  It was perfect.  He was ready for the potato now.  I lay back on the bed with a lazy, satisfied smile on my face.  He wanted me out of my hot pink slinky top and he pulled the straps down my arms, exposing my plump breasts. 

The time for feeling through our clothing was done.  He was hungry for my skin and took me in like a starving man.  The first suck on my nipple shot through me to meet my clit and I involuntarily arched my back up to him.  He pushed his hand over my panties, not yet aware of how wet or swollen I was for him. Sliding my panties to the side, he dipped his thick finger into my wetness and our mouths joined together moaning into each other.  He hungrily pushed his finger into me and gently used his thumb to roll circles over my clit.  He spread my knees and went down on me, kissing and sucking my lips like true lovers.  As he made out with my lower lips he held only one finger in my pussy, not moving it in any way.  It was torture to feel his warmth inside me and not moving. I tried to rock onto his finger to encourage him, but he was content to leave me wanton while he assaulted me everywhere externally. 

Somehow we gained our wits and he said “Fuck me. Now.”  The demand changed my mind frame immediately and made my blood boil hot. He moved onto the potato and I carefully crawled from his feet to his middle to let my hanging tits slide up and down his cock.  Each time my tits went down his shaft, his reward was my mouth taking him in.  I did this a few times before coming up to taste myself on his lips. I’ve come to appreciate how sweet it is.  Nearly as sweet as sliding down onto him......

Oh. Oh…  This was just as comfortable as we expected- this big fluffy cloud.  It was divine.  My knees were cradled in the foam.  My feet tucked neatly under his thighs and ass. I leaned forward over him and my upper arms were held higher above him in the foam. His face was neatly tucked near my breasts.  I rocked my hips up and down and we pushed together testing the depths.  My feet under him pull him up into me. We were both full of “Oooh’s and Wow’s…this is amazing.”  I sat up and leaned back comfortably and rode him.  It was incredible.  I snuggled down onto his dick in a way we’ve rarely experienced in this position. I was lost in sensations and my body took over for both of us.  I moved ever inch of myself over his hardness with an abundance of time and energy.  I put a vibrating egg between us and experience a mind blowing orgasm which I can now say was like the *Egyptian Ankh orgasm. 

It began as warmth filled my lower abdomen and felt like there’s a burning glow outside of myself, then it radiated upwards ever so slowly.  As it rose up it also intensified at each chakra area as it passed up through me... upwards to my chest and finally my neck where it exploded out of me. I focused so intently on it that I felt like I was gathering up the sexual energy as it exited my body and flowed over me and washging back down into the top of my head.  It was incredibly intense (to say the leaste) and I had this outside "observing self" in my head saying, “I can’t believe this is happening, can you?” 

Afterwards, I was breathing deeply and felt full of energy when normally after such an intense orgasm I would collapse on top of him. So, I took advantage of it and kept riding him.  I had a few moments to feel slightly aware of him being there with me, so caught up I was in the wave of pleasure that had such a tight grip on me and would not let go.  I grabbed the Hitachi to see how far I could take this wave.  The vibrations sent me into even more intense pleasures.  I was hanging on the top of orgasm after orgasm.  I did’t know where one began and the next ended.  I didn't even know if orgasms were what I was experiencing? I thought it could be I’m on the edge of a cliff and the pleasure was tormenting me, never actually releasing.  I let it do this.  Over and over.  I don’t know how much time passed.  I didn't noticed I had breathed in and out so deeply my long hair went down my dry mouth and throat and I was gasping for air. 

He lay there looking at me, amazed.  It’s to his credit that he didn’t think I was a complete crazy person with the wildness display and look of me. When I asked, he said he thought that it was HOT and to just ask his insanely hard cock.  When I “come to” pulling the hair out of my mouth and from my face, I also wonder if I’d hurt him.  No, he said…he was ready for more.

Now, I was the one ready to collapse.  He helped me lay onto my back.  The dip our bodies created in the potato was awkward so we moved my hips to become elevated with my head down in the dip.  That worked really well.  I was soaking, I had soaked us both.  He slid into me and I felt cradled again by this big foamy giant and comforted with each thrust.  I was so relaxed. I looked up and saw him there large and powerful.  He owns me in ever beautiful way and he knew it. He’s held this erection for so long I know he needed me to beg for his cum.  I wanted it.  I begged him to give it to me. I had to be more convincing than that, so I pleaded some more.  He can’t resist my gentle whimpers.  I’ve easily gone from powerful woman on top to begging mistress below.  I’d do anything for this man and his hot, hot cum.

……..Neo says, “We need to find a way to pack this thing in the car for road trips.”   

* Egyptian Ankh orgasm – click here to find out more.


  1. You'll have to forgive the obvious joke, but that sounds like a very hot potato.

  2. Wow! What a sexy time you had!!!

  3. Wow is right! That is unbelievably hot! It's amazing how you can make a "potato" so incredibly sexy.