Thursday, February 28, 2013

Birthday Confessions

Our birthdays are pretty close together and to celebrate Neo surprised me with a trip to the beach.  We swam in the ocean and in the hotel pool all day and had sex on the couch in our room before our friends showed up.  We swam some more and we all went for dinner and drinks that night.  We sat on an outdoor deck listening to live music and had an amazing time.  In the back of both our minds was the thought that the only thing we would have liked better would have been sharing this day with a swinging couple.  As much as we have talked about swinging and put ourselves out there, it just hasn’t happened yet.  So, this was on our minds that day while we chatted with our vertical friends.

Later that night, after they all went home it was time to get down to birthday business.  There was some kind of party going on in the room next to ours and we spent some time trying to listen to what they were saying.  They laughed a lot and it sent me into my own inebriated giggles.  As we lay snuggled together my dirty thoughts turned to words easily.  It didn’t take long before I started confessing some of my deeper desires.  Something happens when you admit a deep truth to your closest love.  I felt a sense of freedom and acceptance that is hard to explain.  The honesty had me floating on clouds as our hands and mouths moved over each other’s sun kissed skin.   I was embarrassed at some of my confessions, but he said it was ok.  It was all ok.  So, I kept on confessing…

I admitted to both him and myself that Yes, I am attracted to women and if the right one came along I would have sex with her.  Not only do I want to swing with the male of a couple, but the female, too.  I want them both.  I want her and I to share each other and then enjoy our men together. 

I had pushed this side of myself back for so long and for many different reasons, but here I was, truly opening that door inside of myself.  It was Hot….super hot!  Neo and I were overwhelmed with passion for each other as I talked about what I would do to her as he watched.  He couldn’t believe what I was saying.  Something in him recognized the truth of my words and knew that I wasn’t just saying these things in fantasy or just to turn him on.  I really, truly “want” a woman for myself.  We were both completely out of breath at the end of this sexy night. 

Much like the first time I admitted to him I would like to explore the Lifestyle, I feel a new sexual charge taking over me.  It’s a whole new world out there….again!

Now…what to do about not having any luck finding couples who want to play!  I didn’t know it would be such a challenge.  

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