Thursday, March 7, 2013

Going back - The nervous nellies

Planning our weekend together was no easy task on their part, so when she called and said she had a babysitter for the entire weekend I could hardly believe it.  For a little less than two weeks we anticipated the beach getaway.  We’d share a room with a kitchen on the beach, with a private balcony.  It was perfect.  The weekend before we didn’t get to see each other and we blew up kik with all of our nervous energy conversations.  Each of us in turn expressed our uncertainties as they came up and the others would rally to help that person out.  We realized we all had the same worries: Will I be good enough? Will they like me? Will I chicken out?  Who will make the first move? How will it happen?  What will it be like? Looking back, it's amazing we all discussed these things so openly. 

It was a rough week at work for each of us on different days that week and we helped each other through it with the promise of a great getaway to come. We counted down the hours.  We started making nervous jokes on Wednesday before the Friday of our weekend.  We packed and sent pictures and updates on the progress, sharing our excitement.  Neo took the day off work Friday which made it a relaxed morning for us and I was so grateful for the help packing.  The two of them had to work, so would be arriving at the hotel around dinner time.  We planned to get there earlier and check in, but we didn’t want to claim the room with our luggage until they got there.  

The drive over with Neo was so much fun.  We talked and listened to music.  “I can’t believe we are doing this,” we said.  We got to the beach town, checked in, and gave our room a quick look over.  We decided to spend our free time shopping for the drinks and snacks we’d need to stock our mini kitchen.  The shopping trip was even fun and gave whipped cream and other items in the store a new meaning.  We felt like we had such a naughty secret!

Finally, Ryan and Megan arrived.  We all hugged and moved the luggage into the room.  It was obvious we were all nervous. 

I should take a moment to describe them.  Ryan is around 6’ tall, slightly taller than me which is all that really matters to me.  He’s of a medium build, dark hair, smart eyes, and loves to wear hats.  He’s metro and stylish, but still feels manly to me with plenty of hair on his chest. *wink*  His belt and shoes tend to match.  He wears plaid, I like that.  He’s completely opposite from my very tall, smoothly bald, Neo, except they both have a goatee, and I like that, too.  Megan is a cute shortie, about 5’3” or so and a ball of fun.  She has dirty blonde hair, a slim face, and mischievous smile that lights up a room.  Her hips and thighs are beautifully wide compared to her narrow waist and ample breasts.  Her skin is a beautiful cream and soft to the touch.  She looks fairly innocent but when she speaks you know there is a little rebel inside. 

Ryan suggested we find some place to go out, have drinks, and have some fun.  We found a pool hall and he drove us all there.  The place was large with many tables and a medium sized bar.  Two groups of people were playing pool and just one person was sitting at the bar.  We claimed a spot and ordered drinks.  The guys started shooting pool and we easily got comfortable with each other like all of the other times we had hung out together.  Then came the Jello shots… We took turns placing them on each others’ bodies getting more daring with each round: on plump asses, in deep cleavage, and in the guys’ zippers.  We posed for even more daring pictures, putting on quite a show for the other patrons in the place; it wasn’t our town and we definitely left our inhibitions at the door.  The pool game was forgotten as we posed on the table.  I’d never been so daring in public and it was a blast!  By the end of the night there was NO question what was happening when we all got back to our room.  And just in case there was any doubt left, Neo announced it to the entire bar before we all walked out!!!  

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