Friday, March 8, 2013

Our first time swinging

The anticipation had been building for weeks and here we were; the four of us Neo+Nastassja and Megan+Ryan, in a beachside hotel room.  
The stones of our sexy friendship had been laid carefully and the sexual tension was as tasty as the jello shots we’d sucked off each other’s bodies in the pool hall earlier.  We watched them on the bed next to us for a few minutes that stretched slow as molasses, not sure what to do next. I sat perched on the edge of our bed facing them as my husband, Neo, kissed along my neck and whispered the details happening across the small gulf between our beds.  “They are kissing…he’s touching her,” he said.  My body hummed with anticipation; I could only watch through my peripheral vision, too nervous to stare blatantly as Neo was doing from behind my shoulder.  His whispers sent goose bumps down my neck to my toes.  “Oh! She’s going down on him honey. Get over there! Let’s go!”  And with that comment he gave me a firm push off the edge I was teetering on, literally.  I walked to the end of their bed, remembering the promise I made to myself and them earlier to be brave and crawl in bed with them. Neo walked to the side next to her and watched as I slowly crawled towards them.  Megan sat up and that’s the first time Ryan’s cock appeared before me.  I slowed my movements towards them as Neo climbed into bed behind her…the three of them with their heads at the top of the bed.  Neo and I locked eyes for a moment.  He gave me the yes with his eyes as he asked Megan, “is it ok?”  My face hovered close enough for Ryan to feel the heat from my cheeks and the warmth of my breath. Megan’s voice cracked and as she said yes I instantly took him into my mouth.  There was an audible sigh from all four of us as we moved into a new realm of feeling; hands moved everywhere. I explored his cock with my tongue, the piercings new and interesting.  I felt his enjoyment through his pulse.  I felt hands in my hair. Neo pulled my hair back to watch and let me know how hot it looked to him.  I felt wholly accepted and enjoyed in that moment.  All of the fear and what ifs dissolved away. 

As I was enjoying Ryan’s cock I looked up and saw Neo kissing Megan as his hands moved over her breasts. My mind took a moment to process that it was ok with me as well.  After some time I felt the bed move as Neo went to go down on her.  Ryan had a fistful of my hair and pulled me up to kiss him for the first time.  It was hot and full of passion; there was no way for it not to be. As I hovered my body over his, I moved the top half partly over hers and looked down at them both below me.  They made out beneath my tits, then each of them grabbed one and started to suck.  It was the hottest vision I’d ever seen and I’ve burned it into my memory.  At the same time, Ryan’s hand reached around my right thigh to touch my wet pussy.  I moaned down at them as he pushed a finger into my opening and they continued to suck my nipples.  I watched the pleasure in Megan’s face as my husband ate her pussy and I heard his moans as well as her body rocked beneath him.  I reached down to touch her body and feel his head moving over her.  She moaned and I bent down closer to kiss her.  We made out as Ryan watched us girls, his fingers still working me as my husband pleasured her. 

Ryan pulled me in for a kiss again as I straddled his hips feeling his hardness.  He said it was time for my pussy to get eaten and flipped me onto my back.  The two of us girls were on opposite ends of the bed, head to toe, skin to skin.  As Ryan spread my thighs I relaxed into him going down on me.  I was so nervous for that moment. It was a sea of sensations: touching Megan’s thigh with my hand, moving it to feel the back of Neo’s head moving on her and touching his muscled bicep wrapped around her thigh.  I reached down with my other hand to feel Ryan’s hair as he sucked on my clit relentlessly.  He put two or more fingers in me and teased my g-spot.  I felt my entire body shake as pleasure ripped through me.  Megan and I moaned in unison, building up a crescendo of intense moans, urging the guys to keep going.  The sounds told us all we were both close to orgasm and I could tell the guys were on a mission to push us both over.  I was on the edge of my orgasm and back down again more times than I can remember, my thighs shook uncontrollably.  I heard Megan’s scream as she came next to me and squirted for my husband.  We all collapsed for a moment, high on a cloud from our first experience together as lovers. 

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