Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Newbies meet

We went to a vanilla party held by some of our friends.  Our friends, I'll call them The Mentors, are in the Lifestyle, but most at the party are unaware of this...a mixed party, if you will.  The mentors told us they had a couple they wanted to set us up with.  They were newbies just like us and they thought we had many things in common and would hit it off. They would be at this party.  

The stage was set for us all to meet, or so I thought.  The couple was pointed out to us by the mentors and we thought they were cute.  As the party progressed I noticed their sense of humor was like ours and as the drinks started to flowe we were the life of the party and they started gravitating toward us…towards me.  Neo was keeping his large personality dimmed a little bit and distanced himself from me somewhat, letting me flirt with them.  And flirt I did….especially with the girl.  She kept commenting on my cleavage, my necklace, looking for excuses to touch me.  At the end of the night the four of us ended up on a large square sectional couch (the mentors have somewhat of a perfect swinger house LOL!!!).  Neo and I drank too much and neither of us could drive home.  I really felt bad about this because that NEVER happens…usually one of us will behave to be the driver!  This made it look like we were being a little pushy (in my mind).  The couple didn’t seem to mind and at one point I thought they would stay there with us as everyone left and maybe we would fool around.  I really hoped! I was sooo attracted to her beautiful smile, her curves, and the sexy comments she kept making about my boobs and boots alike! 

Here’s where it really got interesting…about 3 a.m. a group of people passing by the “couch”on their way out included her closest friends and they commented that we all looked mighty comfortable.  Her best friend planted herself right between us and then convinced them to go home with her!  I was totally just “cock blocked”!  I tell you, looking back the next day, I was never prouder in my life.  Before this year I never would have done something to warrant undue attention to myself, much less get cock blocked!!!  I was high fiving Neo all day long as he laughed and laughed at me, never prouder. 

About 4 am, before letting Neo sleep it off for a couple hours, I gave him a BJ on our friends’ sectional…completely fair play in this situation (if only you knew the things they have done in my hot tub!)  And I do believe that one of their swinger girlfriends watched from around the kitchen corner.   Tsk tsk…!

The next day was a blur…The high I felt after flirting with that couple carried me through pulling the first all-nighter in maybe a decade.  I sent her a message on a social website and reintroduced myself as “sober Nat” and asked her for forgiveness if I was inappropriate.  I assured her that I had never come on to a woman like that before, but I thought she was hot.  Her response was “here’s my number.”  I was on cloud 9!  I cannot even tell you.  We started texting and the flirting continued.  She wondered if I was flirting with her man as well or was it just for her…I said yes, him too.  The two of them weren’t sure and had been discussing it! 

Come to find out our mutual friends did NOT tell them about Neo and I…  I was flabbergasted!  I thought they knew about us, and about being "set up" with us.  I thought all the signs were there at the party.  Turns out I did this all on my own.  So, I just went ahead and told them that we were interested in them as a couple and that we were new.  We had done our “research” but had not gone all the way with anyone yet.  They were in sort of the same boat…with less research and only a few conversations about it.  They were interested in us, too. 

Because I am not comfortable with what I like to call “side” conversations (with my  husband and another woman) and the guy in their couple felt left out of us two girls texting, the four of us got on kik together and the group dating began this way.  We talked daily, nearly every waking hour we could.  We all waited for our phone’s notifications to say there was a message waiting.  We found our music and outdoors interests to be very close and we learned a lot of what each others likes and dislikes were.  We talked about our passions in life, a large part of that being sex. 

Every weekend for the next 6 weeks we found a way to hang out together.  She had a surprise party thrown for her; we showed up and surprised her even more.  We hid our attraction for each other among her drunken young friends (except our mutual friends/mentors who looked on and smiled).  They pulled us into their fold.  As we went along we made small rules, like we were to be strictly friends unless all four were present. We slept on an air mattress in their apartment as they tried to bring the roof down above us; and he made us breakfast in the morning. We spent time with her kids and when they went to sleep we flirted on their couch, exchanging foot rubs.  We didn’t kiss, we were nervous like 12 year olds.  We went to the beach as friends and hid our secret talks on kik as unsuspecting people sat near us in vanilla conversations.  Our relationship began to feel like a relationship…new and exciting for all of us, with no one really putting a name on it.  Issues came up but we all confronted them head on and they would be resolved very quickly.  It was the most honest and open I had been in my life and I know Neo felt the same way.

We had to see where this could really go and the sexual tension had built up to a boiling point. We planned a long weekend together, completely alone, with no pretenses about it…

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