Monday, May 14, 2012

My Surprises & a Tata promise

It has been a very busy couple of weeks and I haven't been able to keep up with blogging.  I hope you sweeties out there will hang with me as I'm sure this will happen from time to time.  Rest assured there is still a LOT of sex going on here and many new things we are still trying and want to share.

I seem to recall promising a titty shot...will this one do? Soapy tatas are a lot of fun ;)

I came home from an over 14 hour day exhausted and horny.  Neo had been teasing me on Twitter all day and once he got off work he mentioned that he went shopping for some sexy surprises for me.  I took a shower and got in bed waiting for my surprise.  I asked him if we could turn off the lights and snuggle with just a candle and he said "Candle? Ok."  He lit a new candle I hadn't seen before.  It smelled so good, like a vanilla caramel dessert.  There was a little plastic scoop that was next to the candle and I was full of butterflies anticipating what hot wax would feel like.  He snuggled up next to me and we started making out as his hands lightly trailed up and down my body.  I was sleepy and relished laying there breathing in his neck smells and licking him gently.

Then he pulled out some nipple clamps and waited for my reaction.  I was happy to see them! :)  I had asked him for some a while back because my nipples have been increasingly demanding attention.  These had a little screw on each to adjust the amount of squeeze you want them to have.  Neo was nervous that they would hurt me and was surprised at how tight I wanted them.  The feeling was a sharp pain at first then a deep relaxing feeling that came over me.  My eyes rolled back in my head, so I don't know any other way to express to him how much I was enjoying it.  He kept taking them off and putting them back on, one at a time as I melted into his warm body.  Then we made out some more with them on me.  I loved it.

He removed the clamps and reached over me to scoop up some of the melted wax.  I closed my eyes waiting for it to be very painful.  But, instead I felt a nice warming sensation on each of my nipples.  It was like he drank hot cocoa with is mouth and then sucked each one.  Again, the smell was wonderful and added to my experience.  I definitely want a lot more wax play!

I thought the surprises were over for the night, but next he got up from the bed and came back with a ball gag.  Now, this has always been the one thing that in porn or movies I do not like and Neo KNOWS this.  I said to him I really didn't want to have one.  But, being that he is so good to me and I trust him I decided to go ahead and try it for him.  It was a black plastic ball with holes in it so I could breath easily.  It was difficult for me to keep my jaw open for it and after a short time I asked him to take it off.  I was just too tired for the strain of it.  He liked the look of it and wants us to try again later when we are in that sort of role.  It wasn't the right time for it, but I'm sure on another day it will be exciting for us both...and I will have him take pictures.

It's so wonderful to have a loving, trusting relationship and to be trying new things.  After talking a minute about the day and how much I love my surprises we started making out again and got hot for each other.  In no time he had my legs up over his shoulders and he was pounding into me.  Because we had family staying with us, I pulled a pillow over to bite down on and he shoved a pillow behind the headboard.  We did our best "quiet" fucking.  It was so so good to be fucked hard after a long day's work. He pulled out and came up to let me suck his cum and enjoy his orgasm.  I slept good and hard that night.


  1. Sometimes real life gets in the way. Our own blog was dormant for more than a year. It happens, and your followers will wait patiently for your return.

    We can relate to parental cockblocking. My own parents visit frequently, and when they don't we visit them. We often have to make a point of staying in a sexual mindset when they're around, just so that we don't neglect that side of ourselves.

    The description of the sex you had with Neo was incredible and vivid. We felt like we were there!

    1. "Parental cockblocking" Aaaaaaaaahahahahaha! I'm rolling laughing...that's a good one.

      Neo says to me "What's gotten into you? You're a freak now whenever someone is here..." What can I say? It's fun!

      Thank you for the comment J&J *big smiles*

  2. LOL at the parental cockblocking! What lovely pictures! Hope that you are now better. You still owe us a pic of you in your sexy black underwear *we didnt forget* LOL.

    1. Thank you Dru! Ok, I don't recall the black undies promise, BUT I will do it just for you ;)