Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wholesome Addiction Podcast - Thank you!

One innocent day I was playing around on my dirty twitter and these guys got into our conversation...something to do with oral fixations and gum loving ladies ;)

Turns out they found me through Red Lion Street, so here's another thanks to Captain Shame for that.

To my surprise and delight the guys added me to their 18th podcast and recommended this hot story.
And they also enjoyed The Hot Garage and others...

Except they enjoyed " I enjoyed sucking on him and watching his eyes glisten with hunger for me.  He really knows how to give me that look.  Then, he got down in the water with me and with the dildo still riding inside I grabbed his cock and used it as another toy to play with myself, pushing it into me, making room.  I came hard with two cocks in me, throwing my head back, splashing water all over, and moaning loudly into the quiet night."

I just wanted to send a BIG Thank You to them and share the podcast with you here.

Wholesome Addiction Cast 18

50:40 starts the bits about us

Wholesome Addiction Archives

And just to show you some more love here's some more candy ass for the guys *wink wink*
If you love these guys like I do, go to their twitter and tell them Nastassja and Neo sent you.


  1. Awesome! We're so far behind in our podcast-listening, owing mostly to the fact that our kid has become a parrot and we're wary of what we listen to in her presence. Now that the weather's nicer I've begun taking more walks with her, and generally listen to podcasts on my earbuds when I do. I'm hoping to be nearly caught up this week - but I'll be listening to this one tomorrow.


    1. Fantastic! Now that I've discovered my phone will download them easily, I've started listening to them.

  2. Couldnt play it unfortunately but I will definitely have a listen. Glad to have you blogging again.

    1. Sorry you couldn't get it to play Dru.
      Thanks for the welcome back ;) I've missed it

  3. I will add the link to their archives and you can find it that way. Podcast 18 or just listen to any of them! :)