Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Happily Ever After - Part 1

I was a 10 year old skater boy, with no worries in the world doing my thing skateboarding everyday. I was unhappy that the summer was coming to an end but excited and thrilled to a new start in my life. This year would be the most important year of my life and I had no idea how important it would be. It was my first day at a new school learning where all my classes were in an unfamiliar place. Third period came, band class, there she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Everything about her was just incredible from her hair to her skin, her knock out body, and a smile to die for. Little did I know that I had just met a Princess; it was very hard for me to think that a person like me could ever come close to someone so perfect. My best friend didn’t seem to share the same feeling as me, so to speak. Oh we talked about her, I explained how I felt about her. Then he seemed to make it a competition. He had no problem approaching her and asking her out within the first week of school. I had never felt so hurt in my life thinking it was over for me. He had taken my girl and I was stuck with her best friend. How shitty right? Well it wasn’t all bad; we all got to hang out together and I guess this was a good thing because she got to see how much of a dickhead my best friend was compared to me. After a few weeks my buddy and she broke up. My relationship with her best friend was over pretty quickly.

7th grade
 A few months into school year I gathered up the courage to ask her out. She was hesitant at first and I was scared to death yet some way, some how it happened. That part is really a blur to me; I just remember we started holding hands as we walked out of band class together with the proudest strut I had ever had before. I just wanted the whole school to see what I had accomplished. She was with me and at that moment there was nothing anyone could say or do to change that. We would see each other in the halls between classes but the moment that really sent me over the top was the meeting by the stairs at the end of the school day.

  That was the day we had our first kiss.

 It had to have been one of the scariest moments in my life, the pressure was on, she had already kissed my best friend. I had something to prove. As our lips touched and our mouths started to open I can remember feeling as if I were in heaven, but wait she started twirling her tongue around in circles just like her best friend did when I had kissed her months before. So after we were done I made a little joke about it probably because I was so nervous. Hey do you and your friend practice on each other because you kiss exactly the same which was far from the truth. Our souls met that day and nothing could ever compare to it.

 We became very close during middle school and went our separate ways during the 8th grade. I remember how we broke up telling each other, if it was meant to be we would be together again. I thought of her a lot during this time apart, always knowing she was the one, my true love. I would pass her in the hallways of high school. Seeing that look in her eye, knowing we were meant to be together and yet still living our separate lives. Then as time passed and I no longer got to see her every day, it made me realize exactly how much she meant to me.

 I had my friend give me the phone number to the pay phone in the high school lunch room and made it a point for him to answer the phone and have her there when I called. Yes, the friend that dated her before me; he had to, he owed me and he knew it. I am so thankful she picked up the phone that day. That day I told myself she is the one and I could no longer live without her. She tried to deny her feelings for me, stating that she could not leave the person she was with and said goodbye. Knowing that she was lying to herself I called her the next day. She pulled the player out of me forcing me to talk her into coming over to my house after school. Then she told me she would think about it, "only to talk", she said. My answer was, "of course, nothing more, I just miss you and I want to see you for a little bit and catch up on each other."

  Well, catch up on her because she knew what was up with me. I had dropped out of high school not once, not twice, but this was the third time I had dropped out school, as you can tell by my grammar. I never liked school much; I could never catch on to other people telling me what to do. Big mistake, but fuck it, back to the story. I waited for her to arrive all day looking out the window. Finally I see her car coming down the road and she stops at the stop sign in front of my house. I wait for her to pull into my yard, but she just sits there at the stop sign. I had no idea what she was doing, was she getting ready for me? What could she possibly be doing just sitting there that she couldn’t do in my yard that was right in front of her? So, I head to the front door thinking to myself what is she doing? Well you guessed it she was debating in the car and guess who won?  Not me, she drove off before I could make it outside. Remember, we had no cell phones back then and she lived 20 minutes away from me. So I had to wait for her to get home to call her. I tried to anticipate every stop light every mile of road she had to travel before arriving at her house so the phone would be ringing right after she arrived but not before. She picks up the phone and I ask her why didn’t you pull in and her answer was “why didn’t you come out”? Well, we all know she got cold feet, she was still seeing another person at the time. So I begged her please come back to my house tomorrow, I will be waiting in the driveway for you this time, I swear. This is why I posted my waiting in the driveway picture for you; it’s an ongoing theme for me to be waiting for her in the driveway.
Waiting for her return from Girl's weekend trip

She returned and I was waiting this time. She came over and we hugged. Feeling her in my arms again after being apart for so long was such a wonderful feeling and at that very moment I told myself to never let her slip away again. I don't know if she felt the same, but I had no intenstions of letting her leave me even if I had to steal her from another man, even though we all know she was always mine. We shot some pool, talked about what was going on in our lives, she reminded me of her boyfriend, I just thought to myself "not anymore. I am the only one for you and I'm ready to claim you forever."

Plus I had a pool table, you can't compete with that.

Part 2

coming soon

All about skipping school and the first time we made love and when her boyfriend found out.


  1. We loved this look into your relationship. Sometimes we envy couples that have had long courtships going back to high school or even childhood. We find that kind of thing very sweet.

    1. Thanks J&J. It was a special time and while we weren't together for all of our childhood we always had that electric spark whenever we would see each other in passing. But, really we were just kids. We always knew when the time was right we would be so happened that at 16 that was it. Even that was really young, but it worked out for us.

  2. It was so sweet to read this, Neo. There was a few things I didn't know or hadn't heard about before and a different insight into our childhood.
    I'm a bit nervous about having this all out there...but I love it, so I'll keep it up for now ;)

  3. That is just so lovely!
    ps Didn't see anything wrong with your grammar Neo - maybe I was just so taken up with the story ; )

    1. Thank you :)

      He's worked hard at getting better with it and it shows. Of course, to me his grammar is not as important as the type of man his is.

  4. That was a great read. I had no idea that you had known each other for so long. Mia and I have known each other since elementary school also, but she often makes fun of that fact when people ask how we met. You embrace it and it is beautiful.

    1. I noticed you mentioned that in a TMI Tuesday before. I know it is entirely possible to be this happy without knowing each other that long and now so much time has passed that it is a smaller part of our lives, but it certainly is something to be proud of and cherish!
      Thanks Vincent! Be proud! :)

  5. Thanks for all your comments. I started writing this for myself so when I get older I could always come back and remember just how amazing life works.