Friday, May 25, 2012

Fantasy for Us to Role Play.

 I knock on your door and you greet me all dressed up in a see through bustier with stockings held up with garter belts. I'm nervous because this is my first time going to a professional for sex.
You comfort me and you start rubbing me and then you start to slowly undress in front of me, almost in a slow dance. You begin to unbutton my dress shirt. Then you start to unbuckle my belt. I get so excited by the time you touch my zipper, I grab you by the arms and pin you to the wall.
 I pull your head back and suck hard on the middle of your neck. I rip what clothing you have left on and throw them to the wood floor beneath us. I put both my hands tightly around your neck and slide my cock between your legs.
 Then with you still pinned to the wall I remove my right hand from your neck and begin smacking your now dripping slit, over and over till you're almost numb. I see rope showing from a cracked open dresser drawer. I remove it and forcefully wrap it around neck. Your eyes light up with excitement never feeling a man take control of you this way. I throw you to the bed. Spreading your legs revealing your swollen labia, so irresistible I take a bite and start licking uncontrollably. The force is so strong you start to squirm, so I wrap the rest of the rope around both of your ankles and secure them to each side of the bed. Your hands are still free and there is no more rope. I rip off my shirt and use it to tie your hands together and around one pole of bed. Now you cannot escape. What I have come here to get done to me has turned into me playing out my own fantasy onto you.
With your legs spread firmly apart I continue licking and biting your swollen cherry pie. I have never tasted a pussy so sweet, so experienced, that I continue licking you up and down applying more and more pressure on your clit. I penetrate you with my middle finger, flicking your spot from the back to the front. You are swollen inside and getting more so by the minute. Your becoming tighter by the second, dripping from the inside you scream, your insides start throbbing uncontrollably. You release for the first time in your life. There is a lot and it’s not stopping, it's gushing out of you. I quickly insert my hard massive cock into your still squeezing pussy, you scream, your head shaking back and forth your orgasm gets more intense. I'm forcing all of me into you. Harder and harder, till the force makes you break the post off the bed as you pull your hands towards me. I pull my dick from deep inside you and cum all over your pussy, ass, and clit.


  1. That is one HOT fantasy! I'm going to tuck that idea away for future role play use of my own. I'd better read this again and again and again so I remember :)

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  3. A very erotic fantasy! When Nastassja mentioned on Twitter that you'd written it, we were excited to read it, and after a very busy evening (it's now 10 to 2:00) we have finally managed to do so. And now we're off to do something about the arousal that you've caused us.

  4. Sweet, it feels so good to get others hot, guess I'm just a giver like that. Lmao